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A very upset Isolde Pettibone sat feeling very lonely as the rest of the guests of the Pike/King wedding danced marrily.Izzy was shocked at seeing Felix King in a naval uniform,along with the rest of the King Family.She was smiling on the outside,but dying on the inside.Her best friend was leaving her behind to enlist.This meant that if war broke out he would have to fight.Izzy was angry that Felix had not talked to her about his enlisting before...but she felt more of a disapointment cross her heart at the moment more than anything else.Izzy wasn't sure exactly why she felt the way she did,but she felt something and it was not going to go away.She spotted another one of her dear freinds across the room,Cecily King.
Cecily was in a very cheery mood and saw that the look on Izzy's face was not one of happiness.Cecily walked over to where Izzy sat.
"You alright Izzy?"
"You look unhappy.Almost disapointed."
"Am I really that transparent?"
"Well whats wrong Izzy?Do you wanna go for a walk and talk about it?"
"I...think so." Izzy said quietly.She walked over to Mureil and told her that she and Cecily were going to take a walk down to the lighthouse.Mureil could also see the annoyance on Izzy's face. Cecily and Izzy walked until the reached the lighthouse.Most of the walk was kept in a steady silence.
"Okay Izzy Pettibone,what is it?"
"Cecily aren't you surprized by Felix?"
"Well if you mean the fact that he inlisted,no.If you mean the fact that he didn't tell anyone yeah,a little."
"I cannot beleive he did not tell me!He tells me,well I thought he could...tell me anything.I cannot actually beleive he is doing this.I knew he wanted to see the world,but to inlist!He was my best friend."
"What do you mean WAS?He still is ...isn't he?"
"I don't know.Nothing seems right.I feel as though him not telling me about all this has ruined our bond.I feel like I was betrayed.After all,he begged me to stay...and now he up and enlists!It dosen't make any scence.If I were going to make some life altering disition,I would certainly consult the person I lo"
Izzy stopped dead.
"What was that?I didn't seem to get the end of that." Cecily said somewhat exited and surprized.
"Nothing..I mean I would be sure to tell my friends."
"Was that actually what you were going to say?" Cecily asked.
"No I guess not.I suppose I was going to that what is really bothering me?Is it possible that I really love Felix?Am I really truley in love with Felix King?"
"Izzy...weren't you always in love with him?"
"I don't rightfully know.I know he was always important to me.I know that...Cecily if you wouldn't mind I think I would like to think awhile,ya know alone.I think I have to think some things over."
"Oh,alright. just be sure not to take to long.See you back at KingFarm?"


Izzy sat thinking about how she felt about Felix King.
She remenberd when the built the foxfarm and how much she wanted to spend time with him.She then rememberd how annoyed she was when Velma Bugle bid on him at the bachlor auction.Then she remenberd Pine Bend,and then their first kiss.She recalled feeling light and tingly.She remenberd being so content and so happy in his embrace.Then she realized how everytime he flashed on of his lopsided smiles at her, how weak she got.The fact was without a doubt,no other explanation could be made...Isolde Pettibone most certainly loved Felix King.Only trouble was she relized that Felix King was not in love with her.If he was why would he want to leave Avonlea and her behind?If he did why was she the last to know?If he did...then why wouldn't he come out and say so?Simple answer was...he flat out did not care for her in that way.She was a whom he may have had a small crush on,but did not love.Izzy slumped down and allowed a few small tears to drip down her face.Then she gatherd herself up and walked back to KingFarm.


Izzy arrived as Felicity was throwing her boquet.As luch would have it Cecily caught the hurling flowers in midair.Izzy cared little about it.All she wanted to do was go home.After the family saw Gus and Felicity off on their way to a honeymoon in New York and the quests left Izzy told her father she wanted to leave.
"Well alright Iz,but Mureil and I have offerd to help the King's clean up.It really would be nice if you stayed." Scencing her father wanting her to stay she agreed.She and Cecily began to clear away dishes.
"So did you come up with any conclusions?"Cecily asked.
"Conclusions about what?" A familiar voice asked.It was Felix coming to give them a hand.
"Oh,nothing." Izzy said almost coldly and hurt.
"I see,it must be a girl thing.Well anyways Would you ladies like some help?"
"That would be nice Felix,thank..." Cecily was inturrupted.
"No thankyou Felix.I think Cess and I can do just fine on our own."
"Well alright.If thats the way you want it Iz."He turned and headed into the house.
"What was that about?What conclusion did you come to?"
"That I without a doubt am madly in love with Felix King."
"Then why did you shoo him away like that?"
"Because,I don't want to face him."
"Why ever not?"
"Because Cess,it hurts."
"Yes.He doesen't love me back,and looking at him pains me."
"Why do you think he dosen't love you?"
"Because if he did why would he leave.Wouldn't you want to stay with the one you love?"
"Izzy,would you say that you were in love with Felix when you wrote your aunt?"
"I think I was always in love with Felix."
"Well weren't you the one who wanted to leave Avonlea to go to Boston?"
"Well...That would have meant leaving Avonlea and Felix behind.Infact wasn't that your intent?"
"Well yes.But is is not the same."
"Yes it is.You wanted to get away and so does Felix.He wants to see the world.You wanted a whole new you.Only wasn't it Felix that begged you not to leave,but to stay here in Avonlea,with him?"
"Yes.He even compared me to an ocean breeze...with out the smell of fish." A small smile began to grow on Izzy's face.
"Well you see.Sounds to me like Felix may love you after all."
"I don't think so Cess.I think Felix may have been a bit annoyed at losing his best friend.Who else would look after him?"
"Izzy,don't you see it?The way he looks at you?The way he cares about you?He loves you.I can see it.Why can't you?"
"You really think so?"
"Well so now what do I do?How do I go about this?"
"Well... I-I don't know.But if I were you I would not let him leave Avonlea without knowing how you feel."
And with that said Izzy was completely at a loss on how to pursue this.


Izzy knew Cecily was right.She had to tell Felix that she was in love with him.If nothing else she had to find out exactly how he felt about her.She was not sure how to tell him but she had to.She made up her mind to invite him over to dinner.Then she would get him to go for a walk and she would pour her heart out to him.It was the only thing she could think to do.And time was running shorter and shorter.Felix would leave in two weeks.That afternoon she walked to KingFarm and knocked on the door.
"Cecily,hello! Um...Cess,is Felix home?I wanted to talk to him."
"He is out in the barn feeding the horses.Go on out and she him."
Izzy walked out to the barn.The door was open so she walked in.Her heart lept into her throat as she spotted Felix.
"Exuse me Felix."
Felix quickly turned from the Prince.As soon as he spotted her his thought drifted to how lovely she looked.And how lovely she was at the wedding.
"Hi.I wanted to ask you something."
"Oh,well scince you will be leaving soon I thought it would be nice if we had you over for dinner.That is if you want to."
Was she crazy!Ofcourse he wanted to!He was positive that he loved her.If only he could tell her.
"Oh, okay,well how about aroung sevenish?"
"Sounds good."
"Well I have to go."
"Bye." As soon as she left he began to grin."Why can't I come right out and tell her how I feel?I wish she knew.I am so stupid.I have loved her for so long and yet here I am about to leave and she has yet to know I love her."
"Who ya talkin' bout Felix?" Gus asked.
"Izzy right?"
"What about her?"
"Your in love with her."
"What makes you say that?"
"Felix we all know that you love her.We hear the way you talk about her.It is a clear cut case of love.Only you are to scared to tell her."
"Yeah,why is that?"
"Because your afraid of rejection.You love her and yet...what if she dosen't love you back?"
"I ask myself that all the time."
"Ofcourse you do.We all do.But if I were you Iwould just tell her.Your gonna leave here in two weeks... you really ought to tell her by then."
"Well she invited me to dinner tonight,do you think maybe I should her then?"
"Well...why not?"
"Okay...tonight then.Say Gus,you didn't come out here to talk about Izzy did you?"
"No I came out here cause your ma asked me to tell you lunch is ready."
"Oh,well lets go then."


That night Izzy double checked every last detail.When Muriel came down.
"Izzy would you mind very much if your father and I were to attend a private dinner together at the hotel?He thought it would be nice to get away." Izzy thought for a moment.Then relized how well this fit into her plan.
"Oh,well no.It sounds like you want some time alone.Go ahead,enjoy yourselves." What Izzy didn't know is that Clive and Muriel were planning to discuss their move to Halifax. Around seven Clive and Muriel left.For the millionth time Felix brushed through his hair.Izzy had everything set.Then there was a knock at the door.Izzy breathed with a heavy sigh."Well,here goes nothing."
She said right before she opend the door.
"Hi Iz." He could not beleive how beautiful she looked.She was wearing a lightblue dress and her hair was bundled up with a few curls framing her face.
"I hope you don't mind,but it seems Father and Muriel have made plans of their own.So I guess we are going to be alone for supper."
Felix smiled at the realization he was going to have some time alone with Izzy.
"Oh,thats to bad they couldn't join us,but I can't say that I exactly mind.It smells wonderful."
"Oh,thankyou.Here come sit down,it's ready." She showed him a place to sit.He smiled at her as he sat."This looks great."
He said staring at the food before him.
Most of the meal was silent.And what talk there was was idle chat that came from two very nervous people.After dinner was done Izzy began trying to figure out how to bring up going for a walk.Then Felix divised a plan of his own.
"Boy,it seems a little stuffy in here.What do you think about getting some fresh air?"
"Sounds wonderful!"
She was so releived that she no longer had to plan it.
The began walking down towards the lighthouse.Again a strange,tense silence broke out among them.Both rackning their brains to find a way to express themselves.They reached the water.They stood silent for a long time,just staring at the stars.Felix glanced over at Izzy.He could not help but think how beautiful she was gazing out at the sea.
"Can I talk to you?"
"Well as you know I have enlisted.I know everyone was shocked.I only wanted to say I did have my reasons for not saying anything to any one.I was worried that people would try to talk me out of it.I only want to help my country.And this way I get to do that and see the world all at the same time.I look around and cannot beleive I am going to leave here in two weeks.It's just that before I go,there is something I have to say to you."
Izzy looked into his eyes hoping,wishing,that he would say those three little words.And he was going to,only as he met her gaze the fear of facing the fact she may not love him enterd his mind.The fear of destroying their freindship crossed his thoughts so instead he looked her straight in the eyes and said..."Isolde Pettibone,you are the best freind a guy could have." Izzy was so devastated.She now knew exactly how Felix King felt about her.Her heart was broken.She felt her eyes begin to fill with tears.
"Felix King!I never want to see you again!I wish I never knew you!I wish I never became friends with you!I wish I never helped you bulid that blasted fox farm,or that stupid baseball team!I wish I never was your best freind.And most of all I wish I never let myself fall in love with you!!!!!!!!!"
Felix's heart stopped.He could not have heard her just say that she had fallen in love with him.But she did say it,and he definatly heard it.It was load enough all of P.E.I. probaly heard it.He looked at her.Her face was red.He eyes filled with tears.Her forehead was glossy and never in his life had Felix King seen anyone so beautiful.She said that she loved him and that was all that matterd.
"Izzy did you just say you loved me?"
"Yes! Are you happy?You forced me to fall in love with you,and now my heart is broken!Are you satisfied?Now please get out of my site.I never want to see you again."
She had begun to cry uncontrolably.
"Izzy you do not tell the person you love that you never want to see them again."
"What in the name of Providence are you talking about?Oh,what does it matter!?! Get away from me!"
"I cannot do that."
"Why not?!Must you hummiliate me more?!"
"No,I have to tell you I love you,take you in my arms,and than kiss you with all the passion I have."
"What are you talking abo..."
Before she could finnish he had done exactly that.He swooped her into his arms.Then with all the passion he could gather he gave her a deep,long,heartfelt,loving kiss.Than after he managed to stop long enough he whisperd ever so softly into her ear"I love you Izzy Pettibone,with all my heart I love you." Then before she could responed he had his lips pressed once again against hers. Felix began to kiss the nape of her neck."You love me?"
"Izzy I love you with everybone in my body."
"Oh,I love you,but why didn't you say so?"
"Because what if you didn't love me?How does a man deal with being rejected by the love of his life?"
"I don't know ,but thank God I don't have to face being rejected by mine."
She rested her head on his shoulder.
"Izzy,you were the most radiant,loving,wonderful woman I ever met.I could not have bared to hear you say you didn't love me back.You still are the most amazing creature I know.I love you so much."
"Felix I adore you.I always have."
"You have know idea how happy I am to hear you say that."
She stroked his hair as he nuzzled her neck.
"Izzy,it is really late.We ought to go."
As they approched the Pettibone farm.Felix swung Izzy around and captured her into another kiss.
"I really do not want to go inside yet."
"Well I would much rather hold you then have you go inside,but it is so late.Tell you what.Tomorrow is my last day at work,why don't you drop by and have lunch with me around noon?"
"Okay...I loveyou."
"And I love you."
He again gave her a passionate kiss and slowly headed home.As she enterd the parlor she found clive and Muriel waiting.

Izzy walked into the parlor dreamliy as she found it impossible to take her mind of Felix.
"Izzy do you have any idea what time it is?"
"No Father."
"It is after eleven.Where were you?"
"Felix and I went for a walk."
"It is awful late Izzy."
"We lost track of time."
"Well what were you doing that caused you to lose trsck of time?"
"And kissing."Muriel thought to herself.The look on Izzy's face said it all.
"Well what could you find to talk about that you got so far off track?"
"Nothing really,I'm sorry."
"Yes well you had better get up to bed.tomorrow is going to be a busy day,with all the packing and all."
"Yes.I have taken a job in Halifax.We leave in six days."
"Six days?!? Nobody asked me!"
"Well it is fast but we can manage."
"No!I refuse!Icannot leave Avonlea!Icannot leave Fel..."
"What was that?"
"I cannot leave Avonlea."
"No after that?"
"My freinds."
"Well Iz,It is only Halifax you'll see them again."
"Damn straight!I am not going!!"
"Isolde Jessica how dare you speak to me like that?!?"
"It is very simple.I open my mouth and the words come out.Now I refuse to go.YOU can but I won't!"
"Izzy you will go!Now march up those staris and get ready for bed!Tomorrow YOU will start packing!"
"When pigs fly I will!"
"Isolde Jessica Pettibone you WILL obey me and so help me God if you EVER speak to me like that again I will-I-I- will disown you!"
"Fine!Do as you wish,but anywhivh you you do it...I will not leave!" Izzy was not going to let anyone keep her from her Felix anylonger than possible.
"Infact,Iam getting out of here.I refuse to spend another moment in this house run by a tyrant!"
Izzy raced out the door before anyone could react.Clive was horrified and furious.Mureil was horrified and worried.Izzy was on her way to KingFarm.


Izzy raced down the road as fast as she could.She arrived at the farm just as Felix was about to go inside.
"Izzy?What are you doing here?"
"I had to get out of that dreaded house!"
"Please can I stay here tonight?"
"Izzy what happend?"
"Look,I cannot stay at that awful house anylonger with that horrible man."
"Who?Your father?"
"Yes!That blasted tyrant!"
"Iz,What happend?"
"Can we go inside and talk about it?"
They enterd and proceeded to the kitchen where Cecily sat at the table.

"Hi Cecily."
"Izzy what are you doing here so late?Whats the matter?"
A worried look etched itself onto Cecily's usually cheery face.
"I had to get away from the tyrant!"
"Your father?"
"Yes Cess,he is impossible!"
"Well what happend?"
"Well when I got home he was waiting for me.He began interigating me.Then he orderd me to bed so I could get up early and pack."
"Pack?"Felix asked.
"He accepted a job in Halifax.They leave in six days."
"Six days?"Felix gasped with a bit of pain in his voice.
"What do you mean they?"Cecily asked.
"Thats just it!I refuse to leave Avonlea.Noboby consulted me.And I will NOT leave my Avonlea."
"Izzy Halifax is not that far away.Why wouldn't you want to leave?"
"My whole life is here.Everything I want is here.I don't want to leave,not now,not ever."
She looked over at Felix.
"Izzy,Felix will be leaving whether your in Avonlea or not."
"I know that.Cecily...everything,not just Felix,but everything I want is here.I cannot leave.I want to stay and run the store.I can handle myself.Women my age get married for Heaven's sake.I think I can look out for myself.
"Yes,but Iz are you sure it is worth causing a rift between you an your father?Noone said you had to leave forever."
"Whose side are you on Cess?"Felix blurted out.
"Izzy is one of my best freinds,but I would hate to see her cause her self more trouble than she needs.Iz,please confront him tomorrow.Maybe everything will have cooled of a bit."
"Well talking any more about it won't do any good now."
"He's right Cess."
"I suppose we should all get some sleep.Come on you can bunk with me."
Cecily made her a cot to sleep on.Before they retired for the night,Felix made sure to give Izzy a goodnight kiss.One to ensure her it would all work out in the end.

The next day Izzy walked home to confront her father.She walked into the kitchen where a troubled Clive sat with his eggs.
"Where were you?"
"Izzy what has gotten into you?"
"I do not want to leave.I cannot leave.Not now!"
"Izzy what is so important here that you can't do in Halifax?"
Izzy knew that her answer would do nothing more than anger Clive.Izzy knew in her heart she never wanted to leave Avonlea.Mureil saw it in her eyes.
"Clive?Would you mind terribly if I talked it over with Izzy?"
"Well I don't see why it should matter if I talk or you talk."
"Clive,women are better about these things."
"What things?"
"Oh,really..."How can he be so blind?She thought to herself?
"Iz,lets go upstairs and talk."
"Izzy...sit down.Now the reason you don't want to leave is Felix.Am I right?"
"How did you know?"
"I have eyes Izzy.It is obvious your in love with him.Iv'e known for along time."
"Yes.Now my question is,how does Felix feel?"
"The same."
"Yes,I always thought so."
"Thats what we were discussing last night.He was telling me how much he loved me.And I told him how I felt.Mureil,my whole life is here.Not just Felix,everything I want in my life is here.I don't see why I can't run the store and stay."
"Neighther do I.I understand.Now we have to make your father understand.I will talk to him Iz.I shall try my best."

"Clive?Would it be so awful if Izzy did stay here and run the store?"
"Mureil?Are you daft?Shes just a child."
"Clive,she is sixteen years old.I hate to tell you this but no matter how you go about this...she will not move.You can eighther give in.Or you can run the risk of loosing her completely."
"Yeah,I know.But I just don't want to leave her here all alone."
"Don't worry so much."

"Izzy!Come down here I want to talk to you!" Clive yelled.

The days flew by as the Pettibones packed for Halifax.Izzy helped them prepare.Clive had desided to let her stay.They moved boxes around all day.They were leaving early the next morning.Izzy was in away looking foward to the house to herself.But she would surely miss them.The next morning Clive and Mureil zipped through a quick breakfast.Then they headed towards the train station.Izzy saw them off and then went to visit Cecily.


The next nine days flew by.Felix was leaving in the morning and he and Izzy were planning a romantic dinner for that night.Izzy must have checked her hair a billion times before he arived to pick her up.When he got there She was ready to go.He helped her into the buggy.They road along to the shore.The sun was setting.The waves crashed against the sand.He had made her a picnic dinner.This way it really would be just the two of them. They found a spot on the beach.He sat her down.He began to take out the sandwhiches he made for them.Izzy was delighted to be spending the time with him.She cared little about eating,but as long as she could sit with him she was content.They ate happily.Afterwards they began to gaze up at the sky. The stars were bright and seemed to shine only for Izzy andFelix.They sat there moment after moment.The stars glisted and reflected off the water.Izzy let out a sigh.
"Whats the matter?"
"Oh,nothing.I was just thinking I can't beleive you leave tomorrow.I wish you could stay with me longer."
"I know Iz,me too."
"I am really going to miss you."
"I'll miss you too.Izzy can I ask you a question?"
"Ya just did.Go ahead."
"Izzy you love me right?"
"Ofcourse,what a stupid thing to ask."
"Does that mean that you',uh- ...wait for me?"
"Ofcourse I will.How could I not?I love you Felix King.What kind of fool wouuld I be if I didn't wait for the man that I love?"
"Oh,well it's just I don't want you to be unhappy.I just wonderd if you planned to wait for me."
"You want me to wait for you don't you?"
"Ofcourse I do.I love you Iz."
"Good.Does that mean you'll write me?"
"Ofcourse,will I receive any replies?"
"I will write you each and everyday."
Izzy again sighed.
"Whats wrong this time?"
"Oh,it's just that tonight is our last night together for awhile and well,you have yet to kiss me once all evening."
He lifted her to her feet and wrapped his arms securley around her waist.He lifted her chin so their eyes met.Then he gently placed his lips to hers.Soon enough the kiss began to intensify.Then it turned into a magical,electric display of love and passion.

The next morning Felix rose to eat breakfast.Janet had been in tears all morning.
"Mother please..."
"I'm fine.Just eat your eggs."
Latter on they all went to see him off at the train yards.Soon it was time for him to board.Izzy came running up to the group.Olivia and jasper would also be leaving for England that day on a latter train.Felix turned to hisaunt Hetty.
"Remember this is your duty Felix King and we are all very proud of you."
Then Felicity came through.
"Felix,be careful.Eat well,and whatever you do...don't be yourself." She teased as a tear welled in her eye.They hugged.
Cecily burst into his arms.
"Becareful.I will miss you."
"Okay,love you Cess."
He hugged his sobbing sister.
"Take care of your self Felix."
Gus said shaking his hand.Then Jasper and Olivia said goodbye.He turned to his father.
"Look out for yourself son.We love you."

"I love you all too."
"Felix King you make sure to eat right,change your underware and be good."
Janet sobbed as he hugged her.
"I will."
He turned to Izzy.He had to kiss her goodbye,but in front of his mother?Should he do it.Yes he thought. He gave a her a friendly hug,then swooped her in the air,much to her surprize.Then he twirled her in his arms.Then with all the passion he could he kissed her.The kiss lingerd and left Izzy speechless,and dizzy."I love you."He whisperd.
"I love you too,always and forever."She replied.
Then there was nothing left to do but board the train.So he did.They train rode away and a single tear escaped from Izzy's eye."Come home soon." She mummbled to herself as the train was now out of veiw.

Little did anyone know what awaited them next.


Izzy had gone to Halifax for the holidays with the news Felix was missing in action.She was heartbroken along with the entire King family.She almost didn't want to go at such a time.She kept waiting to see him pop from behind every corner as Felix loved Christmas and she felt he would come home for it.But the harsh reality of it was he was missing and nobody could do a thing about it.The Kings were also very melonchloy,particularly Janet.She moped much of the time.Christmas drew closer.The family and Izzy slipped deeper in to deprestion.Izzy began to feel like she may never see her Felix again.For everytime the phone rang or she got a letter she feared it would be Cecily or Felicity saying he turned up K.I.A. The war was taking its toll on everyone.Izzy was now eighteen years old.She was begining to wonder what to do with herself.All she knew is she had to keep faith for Felix and for her own sanity...
Christmas Eve had arrived.Izzy did not speak much.She moslty sat praying to God for Felix's safe return.Little did she know at that exact moment Felix was arriving in Avonlea.When he enterd the farmhouse they were all amazed and thankful as ever.After dinner Felix asked Cecily about Izzy.It had been almost two years scince he had seen her.
"Cess,wheres Izzy?"
"She is in Halifax Felix,for the holiday.She should be back in a few days."
"Oh.How is she Cecily?"
"Well pysically,fine.She has been awful worried about you though.Just like the rest of us.Don't worry Felix,before you even ask she is still as crazy aobut you as she was when you left."
Felix felt a smile come to his lips as Cecily told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

A few days passed.Felix could not wait for Izzy to come home.Cecily had been working the store with her.Izzy arrived and went to ask Cecily if she could help out tomorrow.She knocked on the door to KingFarm.Cecil answerd.It was lunch time and the whole family was sitting at the table.
"Hello Izzy,won't you come in?"

Cecily said very happy to see her.
"Dosen't your best freind get a hug first?"
Cecily and Izzy shared a big hug at the door.
"Actually Cess,I can't really stay.I have to get to the store.I was actually wondering if you could help out tomorrow?"
"Sure,but really.You should come in a minute."
Just then Felix stood up so she could see him.
"Ya Iz,what could it hurt?" He said happy to see her again.
"Felix King?!When did-what-I thought..."
She stopped,her words would not form.
"Well are you going to stand there or are you going to come in out of the cold?" He teased.
She ran into his open arms.Then she began to cry.Right there in front of the entire King family,and the Pikes ofcourse.Felix could smell her perfume.It was possibly the sweetest scent in the whole world at the moment.H held her close to him but neighther one spoke.Despite the slight discomfort it brought to his arm,which he felt it was well worth,every second he held her became more plesant.Izzy was in a dream.Every second she could hear his heart beat she felt happier and whole again.It was the happiest eighther had been in a long time.The spectaters sat in scilence not wanting to break the moment.Finally Digger broke them apart by trampling through the kitchen.When they realized who all had seen they both blushed.But overall they really didn't care.Izzy totally forgot about the store.She went with Felix while he attended his barn chores.
"So Iz,it's been two years scince Iv'e seen you."
"I know."
"Izzy,lets talk.First of all I am so happy to see you again.You have no idea how much I have missed you.Second of well-I-I...have never seen you look more beautiful in all my life."
She mearly blushed.
"Izzy,do-you still..."
"What Felix?"
"Still love me?Want me?"
"Felix King.That is the dumbest thing you have ever said.Ofcourse I do.Felix I love you.I never stopped loving you and I never will."
Izzy waited for him to say the same.Felix knew she was waiting.He stared at her.
"What Iz?Whats with the look?"
"Felix King I ought to..."
He pulled her into the deepest kiss anyone could give another.It was a moving embrace that caused every bone in Izzy's body to weaken.He kissed her hair." must know that no matter what,YOU and YOU alone will always be the love of my life."Those words made Izzy smile.
"I love you Felix."
"Thats good because I am madly in love with you." He kissed her forehead.As Felix looked into her eyes he realized one day he would marry Isolde Pettibone.And that day would not be to far away if he had any say in the matter.


New Years flew by.Felix was officially let go on honorable discharge.Everyone was incrediably releived.Valentines Day was approching and The White Sands was holding a dance.Felix found it impossible to think of anything other than Izzy.All he wanted was to spend time with her.He decided it was time to consider popping the question.And what time would be better than at the dance?Only thing left was to talk to Gus.
"Gus,can we talk?"
"Sure Felix.Whats on yer mind?"
"What else?Okay,level with me,whats yer question?"
"How do you propse to a woman?"
"How do you ask someone to be your wife?"
"Well,uh-hmmm-I ,Felix why not try your father on this one?"
Felix decided to talk to Alec.
"Father,can we talk?"
"Ofcourse son,sit down."
"Well,I was sorta wondering something?"
"Well go ahead..."
"Alright.Well it's about Izzy."
"I figured that much.Felix if your trying to ask how do you know when your in love then..."
"No.It isn't that.I know I am in love with Izzy.No doubt in my mind about that.What I wanna know is,how do you propse to a woman?
"Pardon me?"
"I want to know how you propse.I love her.I want to make her my wife,but I am so afraid to propose.What if she says no?What if I mess it up.What if I make a complete ass of myself as usual.I have to be with Izzy.I love her."
"Well,uh-son...okay.First of all,all men go through the what if stage.If she says no,then you move on.Or if you know shes the one,then you wait till she is ready.I mean look at Gus and Felicity.They knew they were in love but weren't always ready."
"Father I can think of anything other than how perfect she is when she is with me.And then when she isn't with me all I can think about is wanting her with me."
"Okay.I understand.I know what thats like.Felix when you propse the most important thing is not a big impressive scence.The idea is to be truthfulTell her how you feel and ask her to marry you.But son have you asked Clive for her hand yet?"
"How can I,he is still in Halifax.Plus I know he would never give me his blessing to marry Izzy."
"Don't worry I full intend to ask Clive for her hand,but if she says no then I won't have to.If she says yes,than I will.I don't want to cause a huge war if I don't have to.All though in this case I hope she gives me something to fight about."
The day of the dance Felix went into Carmody to buy a ring.
He then arrived home.His arm was now healed.He drove the cutter home.A few hours latter aton of guests arrived at the hotel.Among them was Izzy,wearing a long beautiful royal blue gown that left Felix speechless.Hours passed and couples danced.It was nearing midnight.
"Would you like to go out to the veranda?"Felix asked.
They stood on the veranda .Feliz wrapped his arms around Izzy's tiny waist.
"Iz,I have something I want to ask you.Izzy I love you.I can't think of anyting but you all day long.I have loved yo for years and Izzy,I am about to ask you to make me the happiest man to set foot on P.E.I."
He got down on one knee,pulled the velvet box from his pocket.
"Isolde Pettibone,would you marry me?"
He showed her the ring.Her eyes filled with tears.
She looked at him and smiled.
"Yes Felix Alexander King!Yes,Yes,Yes!I will marry you!"
He placed the ring on her finger and rose to his feet.Then he pulled her into the most romantic kiss one had seen.

...To Be Continued

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