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......THE LETTER......

It was a scorching hot summer day.Kid was on a two day ride.Everyone else was cleaning and doing repairs.
Jimmy and Lou had been working on repairing the fence while the others cleaned out the barn and bathed the horses.It had been a long time scince Jimmy and Lou had shared their first and only kiss.Jimmy thought about that night often.It renderd him without sleep many a night.He'd just stare,awake and remember how soft Lou's lips were.He would then imagine Lou being his girl instead of Kid's.He always wished he could find away to tell Lou,and show her how much he really did love her.Trouble was Kid.Kid was always around and he loved Lou too.Everyone did,but Kid loved Lou the way Jimmy loved her.It confused him.He always wonderd if she knew would she still stay with Kid,or maybe should give him a chance?It was a risky proposition.He couldn't bear rejection and Kid was his best friend,he didn't want to start any conflict between them.Jimmy looked at Lou as she sat to take a break.He decided to join her.
"I bet it's close to lunch time."Lou stated as her stomach growled.
"Let's hope."He replied.
Jimmy just looked at her with loving eyes.He wished he could tell her how he felt.Kid was due to be back sometime tomorrow.Jimmy didn't really want to think about witnessing his reunion with Lou.He didn't like to see them embrace.It made his stomach knot up,though he never wanted to admit that.Lou was right.Rachel yelled for everyone to wash up and come eat. Throughout lunch Jimmy kept imagining the different ways Lou might react if he told her how he felt.He played several encountwers in his mind.For example he imagined telling her after lunch when they went back to chores.
"Yes Jimmy?"
"It's a beautiful day out today."
"Yes,It is."
"Lou,there is something I need to tell ya."
"Lou,I'm in love with you.I know you and Kid are a couple,but Lou,i love ya too.More than imaginable." Then she would confess her true feeling for him.
"Jimmy Hickcock,Iv'e been waitin' to hear you say such those words for so long.Sure I'm with Kid,but I thought you didn't like me like that.Jimmy,I love you.More than I ever have anyone else,including Kid.Jimmy,kiss me." Then he would.
That seemed a bad way to tell Lou.Even though his imagination gave him a pleasant daydream,it wasn't a very romantic way to tell her.
He thought about luring her on a picnic what she might say:
"Jimmy,this is a delicious meal."
"Made it just for you,with Rachel's help ofcourse."
"Well it's wonderful."
"No what was it you asked me here to tell me about?"
(That was Lou,not beating around the bush.)
"Well you see,I have these sort of feelings."
"What sort of feelings?"
"The kind where butterflies float in your stomach.You see there is this woman."
"Tell me about her." (That would be perfect.He couuld tell her before she knew he meant her.)
"Well,she's very pretty.And smart.Very sweet.She has a strong will about her.She has kind eyes that make me knees weak.She is beautiful and I can't get her out of my mind."
"Do I know her?"
"Well actaully Lou,she's"
"Why Jimmy.I never knew.Oh,Jimmy those are the nicest things anybody has ever said to me." Then she would shower him with kisses and her lips would taste of the choclate frosting of the cake he made her. Jimmy began invisoning another way to tell her when he rememberd something else.Any way he told her there was always the outcome of rejection.As sweet as his ending were,and equally bitter outcome lurked there too.He was then snapped from his daydreams by Kid asking him to pass the potatoes.He was growing sick of accomadating to Kid.He let Kid take Lou,now he wanted his potatoes too?What nerve.
"Here,I see there is only enough left for one more helping.Ofcourse you want it.How do you know I didn't want them?! You don't really care what anyone else wants do you?You think everything around here is meant for you dontcha?Well here take the potatoes from me,what next will you want my gun too?!"Jimmy said as he stood up to leave.
"Geez,if ya want em' so damn bad have em'."Kid replied.
"No thats okay.I don't want yer handouts.I can get along without yer charity,Kid!" And he left.
"My Lord,I don't want em' that bad."Kid said confused by Jimmy's outburst,as was everyone else.Everyone stopped talking and eating when Jimmy left. Then Cody spoke...
"Well If he don't want em' and you don't want em' I'll eat em'.They're real good."
Jimmy went and sat in the barn.He knew he was wrong.He didn't care about the food and he made an ass out of himself.He was just frustrated that Kid always got what he wanted.Or at least it seemed that way.Kid had Lou's heart.Something Jimmy wished and prayed for everynight.He had to tell her.The question was how.maybe a letter.If her wrote her a letter the rejection would be miniamal.He cold tell her,maybe write her a poem,and then slip it under her pillow.He'd sign it to see to it she knew who it was from,then if she wanted to reply she could,if she didn't it would be kept secret.She'd know how he felt and maybe she'd write back. It was his best shot. He went into the empty bunkhouse and began to write.When he was done he placed it under her pillow and went to apologize to Kid.He had written it so sweetly that she'd have to fall in love with him.
"Kid,everyone.I'd like to say I'm sorry.I had no call actin' like I did.I guess,I was just havin' a bad day,Iv'e had alot on my mind and I took out on you over somethin' as stupid as food."
"There aint nothin'stupid about food."Cody added.
"Well anyways,I'm real sorry."
"It's alright.Cody lucked out and got his extra helpin' cuz of it,I'm sure he's grateful."Kid joked."Everything okay,though?Nothin' you wanna talk about?"
"Na,I worked it out."

The next morning Lou woke up and felt the paper under her pillow. She opened it and it read:
My dearest Louise,
Lou,I love you.You haven't a clue how much you mean to me. Your touch,your smile,you eyes,they make my heart melt and my head reel.i love being with you,I hope you know that.You are the most intelligent,and attractive woman I know,and I am honored to know you.You are very sweet and you have a large heart.I hope you realize how special you you,as I do.I think you are perfect sweet Louise.I hope you know that too.Lou,you enchant me and I will always want to protect you,even though I am sorry for the days when I smotherd you,when we all smotherd you.We only do it because we love you.I love you Lou.I always have and I always will.
Yours Truely,

Lou couldn't beleive it.It was the sweetest thing ever.She was certain that Kid couldn't get more perfect(though she'd never admit it out loud.) Be here he had gone and wrote her a love letter.

Jimmy was certain that she'd know who wrote it.If it came from Kid he'd have written love,Kid.And who else but him could write such sweet things.
As the others began to stir Lou hopped down from her bunck clutching the note.She sat next to Kid as he sat up and began showering him with kisses.
"Ilove you so much.You are the sweetest man ever! Oh,I love you Kid!"She yelled as she continued to kiss him.Everyone else was lost at the display and Jimmy heartbroken.He figured that Lou thought it was from Kid because she wanted it to be from him.He slowly and painfully began to see that they were meant for eachother and that he was never going to hold the key to her heart,Kid had that.It wasn't meant to be,he knew it.It hurt him but he knew it.Kid had no idea why she was so enthused,but he went along for the ride.
"Oh,please! I can't take this lovey-dovey stuff so early."
Cody whinned.
"Oh,leave em' be.They love eachother."Jimmy said and rolled over.His heart aching,but he knew he had to let go of his love fantasy of Lou.She was family and they loved eachother,but not like that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~

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