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Our Pony Express Riders

The Kid- The express rider known as Kid grew up in Virgina.He experienced a trying childhood and set out to join the express.He had troubles with his father and his brother,Jed.We got to know Jed better and found out he was an outlaw who Jimmy killed at the end of the episode in order to protect Kid.Througout the show Kid fell in love with the female rider,Lou.Lou and Kid experienced troubles and fought alot.They did however work through their problems and finnaly married in the final episode.

James Butler Hickcock(Jimmy)- Jimmy is more of the rough type.His first instinct is to use his gun.That is not to say Jimmy dosen't have a soft spot,he certainly does,he just has a funny way of showing it.Jimmy is more the type to keep to himself.Like Kid,Jimmy also found himself having more than sisterly'brotherly feelings toward Lou. This often put Jimmy and Kid at odds with eachother and left Lou in the middle.Throughout it all Jimmy and Kid remained family and good friends to eachoher. To make Jimmy's life more intersting a novelist came to town and used Jimmy as a model character,Wild Bill Hickcock.That reputation left Jimmy with the occasional troubles.

William F.Cody-Or more commonly called by the other as simply Cody.Cody is the prankster in the bunch.He's always making witty remarks on the situation at hand,eighther that or feeding his face.Cody always has a sarcastic outlook on life,which isn't all bad,ofcourse it wasn't always appricated by the other eighter.Cody is the more self- involved type of person with a rather present ego.But we all love him anyways.

Ike McSwain-Ike was a mute man,who relied on his ears and sigh language.Ike was a sweet person with a very big heart.His best friend was fellow rider,Buck Cross.Ike however was shot and killed off the series(much to my dismay.) Anyways,Ike was an awesome express rider who had an interesting life.

Buck Cross-Buck is half white,half Kiowa Indian.
Buck always had a good outlook on things and a big heart.He always took good care of his best friend Ike.Buck struggled with his heritage as it posed problems in his life between choosing a white,or Indian life style.However,through strong will and great friends Buck always managed to stay true to himself.

Noah Dixon- Noah was sort of Ike's replacement.Noah was very kind and fit in pretty well amoung the others.He was also a free African American. Noah grew to be a part of the express family quite well.

Louise(Lou) McCloud-Lou lived through a tramatic childhood. Her mother dies when she was young.She was left with her brother(Jerimiah) and sister(Theresa) and had to take care of them.She spent time in an orphanage then left to get a job and support them.This is how she became an express rider.She disguised herself as a young man and was given the job.Kid found out very quickly Lou was Louise when he tended to a wound she had.However by the time everyone else found out she was alreasy part of the family.Lou's father was not a nice man.He kidnapped his children from the orphanage and Lou came to their rescue.Lou was always very stubborn and remained so up to the end when she finnaly married Kid.