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This first fanfiction explores the relationship between Felix King and Izzy Pettibone.

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Izzy Pettibone sat quietly as the rest of the guests at the King/Pike wedding danced happily.Izzy wasn't sure what was bothering her exactly...she just felt dissapointed.She felt dissapointed that Felix had enlisted,she didn't want her best friend to leave.She was sad and angry.She could not fathom why he wouldn't tell her about this.Another one of her good friends spotted her.Cecily King walked over to her good friend to notice her look was not one of happiness.
"Hi Iz,you alright?"
"Fine Cecily.Why?"
"You look upset,almost dissapointed."
"Am I really that transparent?"
"You want to go for a walk and talk about it?"
"I think so."
Izzy and Cecily informed their parents they were going to walk down to the lighthouse a while.They walked along very quitely.Finnaly Cecily could take the silence and her friend's unhappiness no longer.
"Okay Izzy Pettibone,what is it?"
"Well aren't you a little surprised by Felix?Ya know...aren't you a little shocked he would enlist?"
"Not really.I think he should have said something.I wasn't expecting it,but I'm not surprised,He always came up with crazy notions and sprung them on us.Plus I can see why enlisting would appeal to him."
"Yes,but I don't understand why he didn't tell me.We used to be best friends."
"What do you mean USED to be?You still are...aren't you?"
"I don't really know.I feel like every bond we had was broken.I feel like he dosen't trust me to understand.I think if you make a life altering desicion you should at least mention it to those you lo..."
Izzy stopped dead.
"What was that?I didn't seem to catch that last sentence."Cecily asked very exited.
"I would at least tell my friends."
"Is that really what you were going to say?"
"...No."Izzy replied hushed.
"What then?"
"I was about to was really gonna say love."
"Do you think possibly what is bothering you is the fact that you love Felix?"
"Um...yes.I do love Felix.I just don't know how much I love him.I always thought I loved him like a brother."
"What do you think now?"
"I think I need some time to think ...alone.Cess,would you mind if I stayed here a myself?I will come back to the farm latter."
"Ok.See ya then."

Izzy sat down by the sandy shore and watched the waves crash againts the sun lit cliffs.She kept thinknig about how she and Felix bulit the foxfarm together.Then she rememberd the time she hit him in the nose.She recalled the baseball team they had together.Then she rememberd how angry she was and annoyed when Velma Bugle bid on him at the bachlor auction.She thought about how happy she was when she saw his face light up at the site of her own that very night when Alec brought her to the farm.She rememberd PineBend,and their first and only kiss.She thought about the tingles, and how she got light headed when their lips met.She recalled being so happy in his embrace.She then got a horrible prang in her heart as she thought of seeing him in uniform today.She felt so sad.She felt like she was losing the love of her life...and she was.She came to the undoubtable conclusion that she was madly,truely,desperatly in love with Felix King.No ifs ands or buts about it.She allowed a few tears to roll down her cheeks.Then she gatherd composure,stood up tall and walked back to the farm.

Izzy walked back into a a joyus celebration.Felicity had just thrown the boquet.The single women present gatherd round to catch the hurling flowers.They landed straight in the hands of Cecily.Everyone cheered.Izzy didn't care much.She just wanted to go back in time and do something to convince Felix not to leave Avonlea,not to enlist.She wanted to shout from the roof tops that she was in love with him.Then she wanted to hear him say that he loved her,something she knew was impossible.Felix just did not love her like that.Why would he leave without saying something to her if he did?All Izzy wanted to do was go home.After everyone saw Gus and Felicity Pike off to their honeymoon in New York guests started to leave.Izzy walked over to her father to tell him she wanted to leave.
"Well alright Iz.If you want to you can,only Muriel promised to stay and help clean up.It would be nice if you would stay aswell."
Izzy sensed her father wanting her to stay,so she agreed.She and Cecily began to clear dishes away from the tables.
"So Iz,did you come to any conclusions?"
"Conclusions about what?"A familiar voice asked.It was Felix.
"Nothing."Izzy asid coldly and hurt.She could not look him in the eye.
"Oh,must be a girl thing.Anyways I was wondering if you ladies could use some help?"
"Oh,that would be nice Felix,thank..."Cecily was interrupted.
"No thankyou Felix.I think Cecily and I can hold are own."Izzy said harshly.
"Well alright.If thats the way you want it Iz."Felix walked back into the house heartbroken.He really went over there to lure Izzy away on a walk to talk with her.He was certain that his feeling for her were not mutual.
"Izzy?Why did you do that?What conclusions exaclty did you come to?"Cecily asked surprised.
"That I no matter what am in love with your brother."
"So why did you shew him away like that?"
"Because it pains me to see him."

"Pains you?"
"I can't look him in the eye.I hate the fact that he is leaving.I really wish he loved me back."
"Cecily,Felix dosen't love me.He may have had a crush on me.I tried so hard to get him to realize I was grown up,and in love with him.Only I was always dismissed as one of his pals.He dosen't love me."
"Iz,he took you to Pine Bend."
"Thats doesen't mean he loves me.That means he had a crush on me.Who else would he take?Who else would look out for him and bail him out of his crazy schemes?"
"Thats just it!He does love you.I know it."
"Why would he leave?Why?Cecily would you leave the one you loved behind to enlist?"
"It's more than that.He wants to see the world.He wants to be an honorable man and fight.He didn't tell us,and I know he loves us.Izzy do you think you loved Felix when you wanted to move to Boston with your aunt?"
"Yes.I think I was always in love with Felix."
"Well,you would have had to leave Avonlea and Felix behind to do it,infact wasn't that your intent?"
"Well you wanted a whole new you and he wants to fight and have some adventure.But Iz,wasn't Felix the one who begged you to stay in Avonlea and with him?"
"Yes,he even told me how perfect I was."
"Ya see,he loves you Izzy ,you must know that he does?
I know it.Izzy he just wants to get away a while."

" But if he wanted to see the world,did he have to go about it in such a dangerous way?I hear my father talk.He predicits war.Cess.I love him...but he wants to leave.He didn't tell me he wanted to go,at least as his best friend he should have said some something.Lets face it he dosen't give to hoots about me!"
"That is not true.I see the way he looks at you.He loves you.How come you can't see it Izzy?I can!"
"Do you really think so?"
"Yes,I have eyes!It's so obvious you two are sweet on eachother."
"Well what do I do now?"
"I don't know,but he leaves in two months and I would not him leave without telling him that his eyes are like stars..."She began with dramatics much like Sara would do..."Tell him his smile makes you melt,and his strong arms around you make you quiver."Cecily busted out into laughter at the look on Izzy's face.
"When did you turn into Sara?"
"I don't really know, but what do you think?You really ought to tell him you love him."
"Ok,I will try."

Izzy knew she had to tell Felix.Her time was running out.He left in two weeks.She got up one morning and walked to Kingfarm.She knocked on the door.
"Izzy,hi!"Cecily said happy to see her.
"Hi,is Felix around?I need to talk with him."
"He is feeding the horses.Go on out to the barn."
"Thanks." She headed for the barn.The door was open so she walked in.Her heart jumped into her throat at the site of him.She tentivly spoke..."Exuse me Felix."
He stopped and turned from Prince.His mind wanderd to the subject of her beauty.
"Hi,I wanted to ask you somthing."
"Well scince your going to be leaving,we thought it would be nice to have you over for dinner tonight,seeing as how your my best friend and all.That is if you want to come."
Was she crazy?Of course he did.He loved her so much,but was so afraid to say so.
"Sounds great."
"Ok,sevenish then?"
"Seven is perfect."
He wanted so much just to sweep her off her feet right then and there.Only he couldn't.
"Ok.Well I should go.See you tonight."
"Bye."He watched her leave thne drifted to his thoughts."Why can't I tell her?I am such an idiot.I love her so much,but I leave here in a couple of weeks and she has yet to know I love her.I am sooo stupid.Why can't I just say...I love you?"
"Who ya talkin bout Felix?"Gus asked.
"Izzy right?"
"What about her?"
"Yer in love with her aintcha?Only yer afraid to tell her."
"Yeah,why is that?"
"Yer afraid because what if she don't love ya back?"
"I ask myself that all the time."
"Ofcourse you do.Everyone does.But yer gonna leave here in a few weeks,she really outta know by then that yer mad in love with her."
"Gus,how did you know I am in love with her?"
"Well besides yer talkin to yerself in the barn here,I can tell.We all can.Yer voice drops everytime you say her name.You light up like a Christmas tree at the sound of her voice.If she says jump,you say how high?And theres only one thing that will do all that to a man...the woman he is in love with.Thats how I know."
"Oh,Gus you didn't come in here to talk about Izzy did you?"
"No,lunch is ready."
"Well lets go."


That night Izzy went into a freenzy ensuring everythings being perfect.Mureil came down at sixth thirty to inform her she and Clive were haivng dinner at the hotel.Little did she know that they were discussing their move to Halifax.All she knew was this fit her plan perfectly.She was going to serve dinner and make an exuse to take a walk then pour her heart out to him.Clive and Muriel left.Izzy took off her aproun and washed her hands.Felix approched the door and brushed his fingers through his hair for the millionth time all evening.He knocked on the door.Izzy opend it to see him in a stricking blue shirt that really brought out his eyes.They actually almost did look like stars,to her anyway.He was stunned at her apperance.He looked at her with such longing.She was absolutly radiant.She was dressed in a seafoom green dress with white lace.She really was like and ocean breeze.She smiled and asked him in. "Would you mind it to much if it was just us for dinner?Mureil and my Father made seperate plans and I didn't know about them."
"Well,I'm sorry they can't join us,but it dosen't exactly bother me."He didn't care if they weren't there.He was happy to have alone time with Izzy.He was glad they were gone.
"Good.Sit down.Dinner is ready."
"It smells great."She showed him a seat.
She served dinner which was mostly silent.They were both so nervous the could have given one another a heart attack each time they spoke.Once dinner had ended Izzy began to think up ways to bring up going for a walk.Only Felix too had the idea.
"Iz,it is a little stuffy in here.Would you like to get some fresh air?"
"Sounds wonderful!!!!I mean,sure."
They walked along to the lighthouse.They stayed there in silence just gazing at the bright stars.The night was warm and a cool breeze billowed,blowing Izzy's soft stray hairs around.She was so sweet standing there.She looked so beautiful.Felix looked at her with such a longing in his eyes.He wanted to tell her how he felt and find out how she he could take it no longer.
"Izzy,can I talk to you?"
"Iz,I enlisted.I shocked everyone,but I had good reason.I want to fight for my country.Like Aunt Hetty is my duty.And this way I can see the world too.I didn't want anyone talking me out of it.Iz,I leave soon,but before I go I have to tell you something."
She looked at him praying he would say those three little words...and he was going to.But the thought of her refusing him entered his mind.The idea of destroyinh the freindship aswell crossed him.So he looked her straight in the eye and said..."Izzy Pettibone,you are the best freind a guy could have."Izzy was hurt,angry,dissapointed and heart broken.
"Felix King...I think you are the lowest thing to step foot on Prince Edward Island!I wish I never met you,or became freinds with you!I wish I never helped you with that blasted foxfarm!I wish you weren't my best friend.I wish I never saw you.And most of all...I wish I never let myself FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felix stopped.Did she just say she loved him?She did say she was in love with him.It was loud enough the whole island probaly heard it.She was angry.Her eyes red form crying,her forehead glossy,and she ws pale as ever,but she was the most preciously beautiful thing he had ever known.She loved him,nothing else was important at the moment.
"Your in love with me?"
"Yes!Ya happy?You made me fall in love with you!Satisfied?Now I am a mess!Now get away.I never want to see you again!"
"Izzy,you don't go around tellimg the man you love you never want ot see him again."
"What!?Oh,just go home.Or must you make a bigger fool of me then I already am?"
"No,I think this is the part where I am supposed to take you in my arms,hold you close,tell you I love you and that your like the sweetest ocean breeze,then I
bring you even closer and kiss you with all the passion I have."
"What are you babbling abo..."
Before she could finnsh he did just that.He took her in his arms and then he brought her close and kissed her with a soft,light brush.Then he pulled her even closer and gave her a long,deep,heartfelt,warm,loving kiss.Then before she could reply in anyway he brought her closer,whisperd in her ear that he loved her and then captured her lips again. He stopped long enough to smile at her.He looked at her and said"Ilove you with everybone in my body Izzy."He began to kiss the nape of her neck.
"You love me?"She asked.In between kisses on her neck he manged to squeeze out a yes.
"I love you Felix,but why didn't you ever tell me?"
He looked up at her.
"Because,what if you didn't love me back?How does a man deal with being rejected by the love of his life?"
"I don't know,but thank God I don't have to be rejected by mine."She buried her head to his chest.She stroked his hair as he nuzzled her neck tenderly.
"I love you Iz,I always have."He said as he kissed her forehead."Glad to hear it.I love you Felix,I don't know but somewhere in all your wild schemes and idiotic notions I had to beleive in you.Somehow I just had to fall in love with you."She said sarcastically as if it were a ridduculous
thing to have happen.She smiled."I'm only teasing,Felix.Felix King Ilove you.I don't know how,but I fell in love with you and your crazy ideas and your sweetness and your imagination and..."She was cut off by his lips."I am so happy to hear you say that Izzy.I think I fell in love with you the day you hit me in the face."
"Yeah,I think thats when I first knew."
"Thats is impossible.You don't fall in love with someone because they hit you,besides,we were so young."
"I'm telling you thats when I relaized you weer different.I may not have known you were the love of my life,but I knew something."
"ThatI was a tomboy maybe."
"Izzy,lets not fight about it."
"But Felix,have you forgotten?Fighting is what we do best?"
"Yes,but with a little practice I think kissing could become what we do best."
"Felix King what an absolutly improper thing to say."She teased before kissing his cheek.She wrapped her arms around his waist and just stayed in his embrace.He smelled of the farm.It was a smell of horses and leather and homemade muffins from the kitchen.It was a plain smell,but one that could make her head reel.She smelled of appleblossom perfume.Felix was in Heaven with her attatched to his waist."Izzy,it is very late.We ought to go.If you don't get home,your father is liable to have my head."
"But Felix can't we stay this way for a few more minutes?If it is late now,how much more affect will a few more moments have?"
"Ok"He placed his lips to hers very softly.Izzy however caused the kiss to intensify.She kissed him hard and long.When they parted they were both dizzy from it."Come on lets get you home."
They walked along hand in hand.They reached the Pettibone's home when it was time to say goodnight."Goodnight Iz."
"Felix,I don't want to go in."
"Well I would much rather hold you in my arms,but you have to go in sooner or latter."
"So lets make it latter.If you wanna hold me then hold me."She thrust herself to him.
"Izzy Pettibone,this is unproper behavior."
"So what.This whole night has been a little off,but we didn't do anything wrong,we're just young and in love thats all."
"Yes,but I doubt that your father will veiw it like that.Iz,what if he sees us out here?"
"So?Izzy he will rip my head off and I will never see you again."
"No,it's fine."
"But Iz.."
"Felix,shut up and kiss me already."
He was surprized she said it,but that was probaly the best orders he was ever given.So he kissed her one final kiss goodnight.They agreed to meet eachother for lunch at the hotel tomorrow.She kissed the nape of his neck,and ran her fingers through his hair.Then she whisperd
"Goodnight my love."Into his ear.
He did the same and slowly began walking home.

Izzy walked into the house incredibly content.She was almost in a dream.She found it impossible to think of anything but Felix.She walked along to go upstairs when she found Clive and Muriel waiting for her in the parlor.
"Izzy,do you have any idea what time it is?"Clive asked.
"No."She replied simply.
"It is after eleven.Where were you?"
"Felix and I went for a walk,we must have lost track of time."
"Must have been some walk Iz,what were you doing?"
"You know,talking ,reminising..."
"And kissing".Muriel thought to herself.The look on Izzy's face said it all.
"Well,it is awful late Izzy."
"I'm sorry."
"Well go on up to bed.Tomorrow is going to be a long day.We have to start packing?"
"Packing?"Izzy asked confused.
"I took a job in Halifax,we leave in six days."
"Six Days!!Nobody asked me!"
"Well I know it's a fast move,but we can do it."
"Maybe you can but I won't."
"No!I refuse to go!I cannot leave Avonlea and Fel..."
"What was that?"Clive asked.
"I cannot leave Avonlea."
"No,after that?"
"My freinds.I can't just leave all my freinds.Avonlea means so much to me my whole life is here."
"Well it's only Halifax,you'll see them again."
"Damn straight,because I'm not leaving!"
"Isolde Jessica!How dare you speak to me like that?!?"
"It's very simple.I just open my mouth and the words come out."
"Izzy you WILL go!"
"When pigs kearn to fly I will!"
"Izzy!Listen to me.We are ALL going.We will be closer to Arthur that way as well."
"Look.If you want to go fine,but I will NOT."
"Izzy!You will march up those stairs this minute.And come tomorrow YOU WILL PACK!And if you EVER speak to me like that again so help me I wil...I-I will disown you!"
"Fine!Do as you wish,but any which way you do it,I will not go to Halifax!!!!!!!!!!!!Infact I refuse to spend another minute in this house of tyrany!I'm getting out of here."
Izzy stormed out the door before anyone could do anything.Clive was furious and hurt.Muriel was horrified.Izzy raced towards the Kingfarm.


Izzy caught up to Felix as he was about to go inside.SHe was out of breath.
"Izzy?What are you doing here?"
"I had to get out of that dreaded house?"
"Yes,and away from that horrible man."
"Who?Your father?"
"Yes!That blasted tyrant!"
"Iz,what happend?"
"Can I please stay here tonight?"
"Izzy,what happend?"
"Can we talk about it inside?"
They walked through the kitchen where Cecily sat with a plate of cookies.
"Hi Cecily."
"Izzy what are you doing here so late?Whats wrong?"
Her usually cheery face was now etched with worry.
"Well...I had to get away from that tyrant."
"Your father?"
"Yes,Cess.He is impossible."
"Why,what happend?"
"Well as soon as I got home he began intarragating me.Then he orderd me to bed so I could get up early and pack."
"Pack?"Felix asked hesitantly.
"He took a job in Halifax and they leave in six days."
"Six days!"Felix gasped annoyed.
"What do you mean THEY leave?"Cecily asked her.
"Thats just it!I refuse to leave.I will not leave my Avonlea.Everything is here,everything I want is here."She looked over at Felix.
"Izzy,Felix will be leaving here in a few weeks whether your in Avonlea or Halifax."
"I know,but it isn't just Felix.It's Everything!I want to stay and run the store.I know I can take care of myself.He just wants to run my life."
"Izzy,Halifax isn't far...nobody said you'd leave forever."
"Whose side are you on Cecily?"Felix blurted out angerly.
"Izzy is one of my best freinds.I just don't want her to cause a rift between her and her father that she'll come to regret.I'd much rather you stay here Iz,but really must talk to him tomorrow.Maybe things will have cooled off."
"Well talking about it now isn't going to solve anything."
"Yeah,I don't want to discuss it much now."
"Alright Iz,you can bunk with me.I'll go make you a cot.Meanwhile have some cookies and milk and calm down."
Cecily ran upstairs and Felix poured her a glass of milk.
"Felix,I don't ever want to leave Avonlea.I love it here."
"Me too.Izzy this will all work out on the end.If Iv'e learned anything about you it's your just as stobborn as your father.Remember you can't give up.Buck up Izzy."
"Felix,thats sound similar to the speech I gave you when you lost those foxes."
"Well,good advice comes back in to use alot."
"Felix,I love you.I only hope that my father calmes down.But I will not leave,thats the end of that!"
Felix put his arm around her.She let a sniffel out and looked up at him.He leaned down into her and gave her a kiss.Then they walked upstairs hand in hand.

Izzy walked along to her house to confront her father.
She walked into the kitchen where a troubled Clive sat with his eggs.
"Where were you?!"
"Izzy,what has gotten in to you."He said a little more softly.He was still confused at her actions.
"I will not leave!I can't!Not now!"
"Iz,what is so important to you that is here?"Izzy knew her answer would only upset him more.She knew in her heart what was so important,and the major reason she didn't want to leave.Muriel knew too.She could see it in Izzy's eyes.
"Clive,would you mind if I talked that over with Izzy?"
"Well I don't see the difference if I talk or you talk?"
"Women are better about these things."
"What things?"Clive was completely lost.
"Oh, can he be so blind?"She thought to herself.
"Iz,would you like to go up and have a talk."
"I think so."They headed up stairs to Izzy's room.
"Okay Iz...the reason you don't want to leave is Felix,am I right?"
"Yeah,how'd you know?"
"I have eyes Izzy.I have known for along time you're in love with him.My question is how does he feel?
"The same."
"I thought so...I could tell."
"Thats how we lost track of time.We were telling eachother all about our feelings.Muriel, I don't want to leave,but it's more that that...Avonlea is so wonderful.Everything I want is here.I don't see why we can't just keep the house and I can run the store."
"I don't eigther.I will try to talk to your father.He needs to understand.I will try as hard as I can."Muriel walked down to try to make Clive see that Izzy should stay.A dificult task for anyone.


"Clive would it be so awful if Izzy did stay and run the store?"
"Muriel are you daft?Shes only a child."
"Clive,she is 16 years old.Eighther you give in or your going to lose her completely,she is as stubborn as you are.She will not leave Avonlea.You know that."
"Yeah,I suppose.Izzy!Come down here I need to talk to you."He yelled.

The days flew by.The Pettibones had been packing up boxes for hours.Clive decided to let Izzy stay.The next morning Clive and Muriel ate a quick breakfast and headed to the train station.Izzy saw them off.She would surely miss them,but was sort of looking foward to having the house to herself.

Days passed.Felix would be leaving the following morning.That night Felix had planned on a romantic evening with Izzy.He picked her up and took her to the shore.He found a spot to sit.He sat her down.He made her a picnic dinner.She sat there looking up at the stars in the sky and at the waves crashing in the moonlight.She was so happy just to sit next to him.Soon they had finnished eating.She let out a sigh.
"Whats wrong?"He asked her.
"Well,I just can't beleive you leave tomorrow."
"I know."
"I really am gonna miss you."
"I'll miss you too."
She let out another sigh.
"What now?"
"Well,this is our last night together in a long while and you have yet to give me a kiss all night."
"Well I apologize."He lifted her from the ground and placed his hands around her.Then gave her a sweet kiss.
"Izzy,can I ask you a question?"
"You just did.Go ahead.."
"Izzy,you love me right?"
"Ofcourse,what a stupid thing to ask."
"Well,I just wonderd...does that mean that you',uh--ah,w-wait...for me?"
"Ofcourse I will,I love you Felix King.What kinda fool would I be if I did'nt wait for the man I love?"
"Well I just don't want you to be unhappy.I just wanted to know if you intended to wait for me."
"Well,you want me to wait for you,right?"
"Very much."

The next morning came.Janet sobbed as she made eggs.
"I'm fine,just eat your eggs,Felix."
Latter that day they all gatherd to see his train off.
"Felix remember,this is your duty,and we are all proud of you."Hetty said.
Felicity burst through.
"Felix,becareful,and what ever you do,don't be yourself."She teased as she hugged him.
"I'm going to miss you."Cecily cried.
"It's okay Cess."He reassured her as he hugged her.
Jasper and Olivia had left on a prior train for England.Gus shook his hand and told him to be careful.Alec came through the mob.
"Becareful.We love you."
"I love you all too."
Janet sobbed as she watched her first born son hug his father."Mother please don't cry."
"Felix,besure to eat right,get enough sleep and change your underware regularly."
"I will."She kissed his cheek.
He had to say goodbye to Izzy,but she was nowhere to be found.Soon he saw her running towards him.She ran right into open arms.
"I'm sorry I got here so late."
"Thats okay.I'm just glad your here."He had to kiss her goodbye,but with his mother standing right there?
He decided he didn't really care she was there.He gave her a freindly hug and then swooped her up in his arms and gave her a kiss that could only be described as electric.When they parted he whisperd very softly in her ear"I love you.I promise I will come home to you."Then there was nothing left to do but board the train.As the train pulled away she let a single tear escape.
Little did any of them know what was in store.

Christmas was approching.Izzy went to Halifax for the holidays with the news that Felix was missing in action.She was heartbroken,along with the entire King family.Janet spent much of her time moping around the house.Felix loved Christmas.Izzy kept thinking he would surely turn up for the holidays.The harsh reality was he was missing and noone could do a thing about it.Izzy feared everytime the phone rang that it was Cecily or Felicity saying her had been killed.She sat praying to God for his safe return.Little did she know he was arriving in Avonlea at the moment.He was going to make it home for Christmas Eve dinner.He walked in to the house and shocked his family.Everyone was exited and happy.Also Gus would be returning that night form his job.And Jasper was going to be able to get another boat over after all.The whole family would be together,exept Sara.After dinner Felix asked Cecily where Izzy was."She is in Halifax for the holidays."
"How is she?"
"Physically,fine.She is emotionally distraught though.She cries alot more than before. Ever scince she heard you were M.I.A."
Felix felt bad that he had caused so much heartache for all the people he loved.
"And before you ask...she is just as crazy about you as ever."Felix smiled as Cecily told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

A few days had passed.Felix could not wait to see Izzy again.Cecily had been running the store well she was gone.One saturday mornig there was a knock on the door.Cecily answerd.
"Hi Cess."
"Come on in."Cecily said very eagerly.
"I can't.I came to get the key to the store.Iv'e been back for about an hour.But don't I get a hug?"
Cecily and Izzy hugged.
"Well I have they key upstairs.But please do come in."
"Yeah Iz,what could it hurt?"Felix said as he rose so she could see him.
"Felix King!? What..I-thought-but I--"She couldn't talk so she stopped and stared.
"Well are you going to stand there all say or come in from the cold?"He teased her.He opened his arms out to her.The one was in a sling,but she ran in to them anyway.She caused a little discomfort to it,but he didn't care.Each moment he held her he was happier.Her perfume was possibly the sweetest smell ever.She could hear his heart beating and she knew she wasn't imagining him.The spectators didn't speak for the fear of breaking the moment.Finnaly Digger broke them apart by tramping through the kitchen.Izzy forgot all about the store and helped Felix with his barn chores.When they were through they sat on a bail of hay."Izzy,It's been two years scince Iv'e seen you."
"I know.I am so glad your back.Everytime the phone rang I feared it was Cecily saying you were killed."
"Izzy,do you me?"
"With all my heart I do."
"I never stopped thinking about you while I was gone.All the horrible things I were what kept me sane."
"Felix,what happend to your arm?"
"I was shot."
"I really hated that you were involved in a war.What if that hadn't been your arm?What if I were never to see you again?What if that had killed you?"Izzy was upset.He put his good arm around her and she leaned into his chest."Iz,I promised I would come home,and here I am.I know I caused everyone pain.If I had it to do again,I wouldn't.I love you and I just want to forget about that sensless war."
"Me too."She replied.She noticed his shoulders were very tense.
"Felix,your so stiff.You okay."
"Yeah,the nurse said I should massage it when it gets like that."
"Well here,I'll do it."
"Okay,you should start with the shoulders and rub in tiny circles.Then move down the arm and put some pressure on the neck,but be gentle,or it will hurt."
"They said it's the best treatment I can use on it."
She began to rub his shoulders.She moved gently down his shoulders and then to his arm.She rubbed sofly as he grimmaced with pain.She then moved back to the neck,she could feel all the tention he had.His neck was tight and stiff.As she rubbed he put his head down.She rubbed harder,then she softly began to kiss the nape of his neck.He laughed and looked up.
"Miss Pettibone,that is not part of the treatment."
"Okay,well so much for that then."
"Oh,I didn't say I minded,I just said that wasn't originaly part of the plan." She laughed and placed her hand on his shoulder.He took her hand and brought her around to him.Then he sat her down on his lap and kissed her softly.He knew that one day he was going to marry Izzy,and that day wouldn't be to far away if he could help it.

New Years flew by.Valentines day was approching and The White Sands was holding a dance.Felix found he could think of nothing but Izzy.His arm had healed pretty well very rapidly.It was stiff,but he didn't need a cast or sling anymore.He had gotten a job at the hotel again.He was the new assistant manager,and he was officially let go from the Navy on honorable discharge.He decided that he had to ask Izzy to be his bride, was to go about such bussiness?He thought he would talk to Gus about it.
"Gus,I have a question to ask you."
"Well,how do you ask a woman to marry you?"
"What?Are you going to propose to Izzy?"
"Tonight at the dance."
"Um-uh,well,ask your father about this one." Felix found Alec and sat him down at the kitchen table.
"What is this all about?"
"Well I have a question."
"Does this have something to do with Izzy?"
"Felix,if your going to ask me how do you know when your in love then..."
"No,not that.I know I am in love with doubt about that.What I want to know is, how do you propse to a woman?"
"Pardon me?"
"How do you ask someone to be your bride?"
",uh...lets see...the important thing is not to make some big romantic scene out of it.What you want to do is tell her how you feel and ask her.If she says no,then you hold your head up high and tell her you love her.If she says yes,well...then you celebrate.But son,have you talked to Clive and asked for Izzy's hand yet.You know we all love Iz,but how will Clive feel?"
"How can I ask him?He's in Halifax.I know he won't like the idea and we will have to do some convincing.But I don't want to start a war if Izzy plans to say no.I only hope she gives me something to fight for."
"Well,okay.Good luck."
Felix got dressed for the dance.He checked his tie a dozen times to see it was straight.Izzy sat upstairs primping for the evening.She had a royal blue dress that she planned to wear.Her aunt Lillian sent it to her and she was waiting for a special occasion to wear it.Little did she know how special the night would be.Felix arrived at six to pick her up.She had her coat on and was already to go when he came to the door.He smiled as he escorted her to the cutter.The whole way she sat smiling at him.When they arrived guests were entering in couples.Everyone danced and ate and exchanged loving glances to eachother.A few hours passed and Felix asked Izzy out to the viranda.
"What did you want to talk about Felix?"
"Well...ya see,I-um...well for one thing...I love you Izzy."
"I love you too."
"Thing is,I can't think about anything but you.I want to spend all day with you,and all night too.I love you.Well,what I wanted to say was...I wanted to ask you to make me ,well...I want to make you...I mean...Izzy Pettibone,will you marry me?"Izzy was shocked.She waited so long to hear those words.So long that she could barely beleive he finnaly said them.She looked down at him.He was on one knee with her hand clutched in his own,and she began to cry."Yes,yes,yes,Felix,yes a thousand times yes!"He looked up at her.He stood."Izzy,I plan to talk to your father,get his permission,then we will go and get you a ring.And Iz,I promise to take good care of you."
"We'll take good care of eachother."She informed him.He looked at her and smiled.Then he sweetly kissed her.It was a very happy Valentines day for Felix and Izzy.


The next day came.Felix and Izzy were busting with exitment.They couldn't wait to tell the King family that night at dinner.Felix had invited her to eat with them so they could share the news.Felix went to pick Izzy up at six.She was all ready,but nervous.As they rode along in the cutter she twidled her thumbs nervously.
"Felix,do you think everyone will like the idea?"
"Well,my father knows I planned to propose,and he said everyone would love to have you as a member of the family."
"Well I know Cess won't mind...but what about your mother?"
"Well lets put it this way,I'd be a lot more concerned about your father versus my mother."
"Yes.Which reminds me...I got a letter today.Muriel and my father will be visiting me all next week.I guess thats when we have to tell them."
Felix turned a little green at the prospect of asking Clive Pettibone for Izzy's hand in marriage.But he knew he had to do it when he asked her to marry him.They approched the farm."Iz,I think we should wait until after dinner to tell everyone.Everyone will be more relaxed and all together.Felicity and Gus and my aunt Hetty are coming aswell.Every once in a while we have huge family dinners.I wish Sara and Aunt Olivia were going to be there.I want to get it over with all at once."
"What do you mean get it over with?"
"You know,tell everyone all at one time.That way you hear all the screaming and hugging in one setting."
"Ok.So your confident this is going to work out okay?"
"Izzy...I wouldn't worry so much."
"Okay,I won't."
They enterd the house.Izzy latched onto Felix's hand the whole way to the parlor."Hi Iz."Cecily said.
"Hi Cess,everyone."
"Hello."was a common response.
Latter on they all sat to eat.The table filled with idle chit chat of the days events.Dinner conclued and pie was served. Izzy grew nervous.She barely touched her pie.
"Whats the matter Izzy?Isn't the pie good?"Janet asked. "Yes,Mrs.King,the pie is wonderful.I just a feel a little dizzy." Felix escorted her out for a little air.
"Iz,you alright?"
"I just have this feeling someone is going to be angry and say we are to young to get married."
"Izzy,my father never said anything like that when I told him I wanted to make you my bride.He and Cecily will back us up.And no one is going to talk me out of marrying you,not even your father."
"I love you Felix.I just want to make sure that everyone is okay with this and we don't cause any family rifts."
"I'm sure it will be alright."
"Well lets go tell them."

They marched into the house.
"Would everyone please go into the parlor?Izzy and I have something to discuss with you."
Alec and Gus knew what it was they planned to say.Everybody else was confused. Felicity and Gus were the first to arrive into the parlor.So on people followed.Everyone took seats.Everyone exept Izzy and Felix.
"What is this all about Felix?"Janet asked.
"Well as you know,Izzy and I have been friends for sometime now.We have gone through alot together.We started out as friends,then became best friends and..."
"Felix,do you plan to ramble all day?Out with it."Hetty told.
"Well,Izzy and I we desided to,um-uh,well,we,"
"Want to get married!"Izzy blurted out quickly.The room grew silent.
"Exuse me?What?"Janet asked.
"You mean Izzy,your going to be my sister-in-law?!"Cecily said incredibly happy.
"Thats right Cess,You and Izzy really will be sisters."Felix informed her.
Cecily ran into her arms and screamed with happiness.
"That is wonderful news."Felcity stated .
"Well congratulations."Alec said kissing the cheek of his future daughter-in-law.Hetty smiled with approval.
"Hold it!"Janet said."Stop right there all of you.Are you saying that my nineteen year old son wants to get married?"
"Yes,Mother."He said worried.Izzy's face etched to worry and fear.
"Well I am stunned.My oldest daughter is pregnant,and my oldest son wants to get married.I don't beleive it.Oh,Felix...I am happy for you and Izzy,but are you sure marriage is right?I mean right now?"
"Mother,I know I haven't been back long,but I have a good job,and I love Izzy.Plus the wedding wouldn't be for awhile yet."
"Well if your both sure,than congratulations."Izzy smiled with releif.Felix too,only his mother had latched on to him.Then she hugged Izzy.Cecily immediatly began talking about the wedding,she was thrilled Izzy was going to be part of the King family.Latter that night Felix drove Izzy home.He escorted her to the porch."Well,that went well."
"You were right,no need to worry."
"I told you that everyone loved you."
"Well your mother had me about ready to faint for a minute.Well thankyou for the ride home."
"Well ofcourse my love."
Felix started to kiss her neck.
"Felix,what are you doing?"
"Kissing you.What does it look like?"
"It's freezing out here."
"So?Felix don't you want to get home inside your warm house?"
"No,I'm good.Are you cold?"
"Yes,it's terrribly cold."
"Well lets see if I can warm you up a bit." He tightend his grip around her and kissed her lips.She shiverd in his embrace,but decided it was well worth it.She smiled at him.
"Any better?"
"No,I'm still freezing,but I don't care."
She kissed his forehead.He kissed her again and said goodnight.


Monday arrived.The Pettibones,including Arthur and Morgan returned to visit.Izzy greeted them at the station.Hugging went on for a while.Then they all went home.
"So,Izzy how is Avonlea?"Muriel asked.
"Wonderful.I wrote you telling you that Felix was alive and well."
"Yes,was he let go on honorable discharge?"Muriel asked.
"Yes.Infact,I invited him to dinner tomorrow night.He wanted to speak with you Father."
"Whatever for?"Clive asked.
"Well,I guess you'll have to find out tomorrow."She replied.
"Isn't the annual skating party saturday?"Muriel asked.
"Yes it is."Izzy told.
The morning flew by.Izzy was a little nervous to hear what Clive would say.But she figured between she and Muriel they could win him over.That night arrived.Felix showed up promptly at six.Izzy let him in.They managed to steal a kiss in private at the door.Felix was green most of the meal.He shutterd at the thought of all the yelling Clive would more than likely do.After dinner Felix looked at Izzy and smiled.Almost as if to say"here goes".He cleared his throat and stood.
"Mr.Pettibone,sir,would it be alright if I speak with you in private please."
"Alright."Clive led him to his den.
Muriel started cleaning up and Arthur,Morgan and Izzy got up to listen at the door.Mureil told them to sit in the parlor.The boys did.Izzy remained.
"Izzy that means you aswell."
"But Muriel."
"Izzy,I know whats going on,but really leave them alone."
"Alright." She sat with her brothers in suspense.
"So,Iz,what is Felix talking to Father about?"Arthur asked.
"I don't know."She lied.
Meanwhile..."Well Felix,what can I do for you?"
"Well sir,as you know Izzy and I have been good friends for a long time."
"Well over the years she changed from a tomboy into a lovely young women and..."
"Felix,are you here to ask me for permission to court my daughter?"
"Well not exactly..I'm here to ask permisson to marry your daughter sir."
Clive's eyes widend.He looked at Felix shocked.He wasn't even planning on letting them court,let alone get married.
"What was that Felix King?Did you just ask me to give you my daughther's hand in marriage?"
"Yes sir."
"Why the hell would I do a thing like that!??!"Clive shouted.Izzy shutterd at the yell.Arthur and Morgan slowly caught on to what was happening.
"Sir,Ilove Izzy."
"Shut your mouth right now.I don't want to hear it!!!!You listen to me boy,I wouldn't let you court my daughther,let alone marry her!!!!!!"
The whole house seemed to shake.Muriel walked into the parlor to find Izzy crying into Arthur's shirt.He was trying to comfort her,but little helped.Morgan shrugged as Muriel walked in.Every word Clive said could be heard.
"Felix King,I never liked you.You were a schemer,and a lazy boy who never had a sense for any responsability exept that hotel.You couldn't even handel the Navy.You Felix,are not a man worthy of Isolde.You better never come near my daughther again or will have your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you understand me Felix King?!
"Sir I love her,I always have,please just listen to me.I..."
"You better get out of this house before I do something I will regret."Clive looked over at his shotgun that lie on his cabinet."Felx get out now!!!!!!!!"Felix rose and walked out of the den.Izzy ran towards him as he headed through the parlor to the front door.Tears streamed down her pretty face."Felix!"She ran into his arms.
"Izzy,I think I ought to get out of here."
"No!Felix,you said no one could talk you out of marrying me."
"Now is not a good time."Clive came out holding his shotgun.
"Felix King!Get your hands off my daughter and get out of my house.NOW!!!!" Felix pulled Izzy's hands from his body and left.
Izzy started to follow.Clive grabbed her and slammed the door.
"Let me go!!!!!!!!!"She wailed.
"Is he the reason you wouldn't leave?"
"One of them,now let me go you bastard!"
"Isolde Jessica Pettibone!!!!!!!Get upstairs!!!!!!Now!!Before I really get angry!!!!!!"
"As soon as he released her she turned towards the stairs,then she jetted out to the back door and ran from the house.Clive followed screaming her name.Izzy took a short cut which helped get Clive and Muriel off her trail.She ran to Kingfarm,but knew they would go there aswell.She caught up to Felix at the porch."Izzy!GoHome!Your going to get me killed."
"Felix lets get away from here.Lets go to the lighthouse.They won't think to go there,but they will come here.They were right behind me."They went to the lighthouse.Felix made her a place up top to sit.She was balling in his arms.
Meanwhile Clive raced to the farm.He pounded on the door.
"Clive Pettibone,how could you react that way?"
"Muriel I will not have my daughther in cahoots with that Felix King.All they ever did was get in trouble."Clive banged on the door,shot gun still at hand.Alec answerd the door.
"What is it man?"
"Alec King where is my daughther?"
"At your house."
"No!!!!!!!I know she followed that son of yours here.Where are they?!"
"Clive,they are not here,what is this about."
"That son of yours wants to marry my daughter.I said no and he left.Then she followed."
"Why did you say no?"
"Because your son is worthy enough to lick my daughther's boots!"
"Now wait just a minute,my son is an honorable man,one with values and morals."
"And hairbrained ideas!!!"
"Your daughter is lucky to have such a man considering what a spoiled little tomboy she was!"
"Your son is a liar.He had the whole town thinking my Izzy was a fluzzey!He almost drove her away to Boston!!!!!!!"
"STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Muriel yelled."Has it occured to you that if they aren't here,then well...they could be anywhere?If you keep fighting,they are liable to hop a train and elope.They are of a legal age."
Clive,Alec and Muriel went searching.

"Izzy,calm down."
"Felix,I can't beleive the things he said to you.I love you soooo much,how could he do that?!!!"
"He never liked me,Iknew that.I never knew he hated me."
"Well I hate him."
"No you don't Izzy,you know that is not true."
"Felix...I love you.I will become Mrs.Felix King.I don't care what we wants.I only know what I want.Thats what matters.I want you Felix,no one else.I don't want some military man,thats who he always had in mind for me...but Iv'e had you in mind for years.An hour passed.Clive and Alec thought to check the lighthouse.They found them.Izzy was clinging to Felix."We found you."Clive said as he approched them from behind."I love him father,no matter what!"She lunged in and gave him a passion filled kiss that made Clive cringe."Kindly call you son of my daughther."Clive told Alec."Your daughther is the one kissing my son!""Alright fine."Clive cocked his gun.
"Muriel took it away from him."Clive Pettibone,If you dare harm him I will never speak to you again!"
"Can't you see that they are in love.Look at her.She is happy with Felix.If you dare destroy there relationship then you deserve to get shot."
"Izzy were going home!"Clive stated and tried to pull her from Felix.They stayed in an embrace.Clive was fighting them both.Clive finally pulled her from Felix.Izzy got lose from Clive,yelled "I love you Felix"And tore down the lighthouse steps in tears.No one could find her the rest of the night.She had run away and no one knew where to.

Clive,Muriel,Morgan and Arthur stayed out thw whole night searching for Izzy.They could not find her.Felix stayed awake all night worrying over the entire days events.Alec calmed himself down and tried to sleep,but he was so worried for Felix and Izzy he found it a difficult task.Izzy finnaly returned home early afternoon the next day.

"Izzy!Thank God!"Muriel stated as she hunkerd through the door.
"Izzy Pettibone,where were you?We looked everywhere for you?"Arthur said.
"We were getting ready to go looking for you again."Morgan informed her.
"I walked around all over the island so you wouldn't find me.I slept outside the school house."
"Izzy,that was a dumb thing to do.You could have frozen to death."Muriel scolded.
"Well,where did you expect me to go?I can't stay here.He hates me.All he cares about are rules and military lifestyles.He dosen't love me.Arhtur has been right all along,the military is nothing more than power trips,and bloody war.It serves no purpose and turns people bitter."
"Izzy,your father loves you.He is just concerned for you."
"No he isn't Muriel.He loves his power trips more than my happiness.If thats how he wants to be fine.I will marry Felix with or without his permission."
"Izzy,I'm sure things will calm down,don't do anything drastic."Muriel tried to calm her,but little helped.
"Where is he anyway?"Izzy asked.
"Out looking for you."Arthur explained.
"Well,I'm going to gather some clothes."
"What for?"Morgan inquired
"I got a room at the hotel,I will stay there until you all leave."
"Iz,now don't be riddiculous."
"Muriel...I will not let him do this to me.I am of a legal age."
"Izzy,if you do this you are turning your back on everything everyone has taught you.You haven't exactly been respectful of your father lately."
"Respectful?You want to talk about respect?Alright,how about respect for my wishes and feelings?Dosen't that matter to any of you?Your all on his side.I don't beleive this!" She ran up to her room and slammed the door.Soon after Clive came in.
"Clive,Izzy is home."
"Thank God.Where is she now?"
"In her room."
"Exuse me I have some things to take care up with my daughter."
Clive raced up the stairs and barged into Izzy's room.
"Don't you knock any more!?"
"Listen to me young lady!I have had enough of your disrespect to me.I see what kind of woman you have become.Ever scince we left you in Avonlea alone you have become a very improper little snot and I will not allow it!You are returning to Halifax with us next week and I am selling the house and the store."
"I will not go.I am of legal age now remember!"
"Well Izzy,if you do stay.where you going to live?What kind of sorce of money will you receive?You can't do much but run the store and I have already decided not to keep it.You don't have any furthur schooling?Whats going to happen to ya Iz?Answer me that!"Izzy was completely silent.She had no answers.She knew she would have to go to Halifax.She was not left with very many options.
"Well Izzy?!"
"I don't have an answer!I don't know!"
"I thought so!"Alright Izzy,now that we have established you have no choice here,here is the situation:
We are leaving for Halifax as soon as I can sell the house and store.In the meantime you and Muriel will run the store.After that we will enroll you into Kingsport Ladies College.You will bored there.In the meantime,while in Avonlea you are to have no,NONE,no contact with Felix King.Is that understood?"
"Why can't you see?!!!!!!!!I love him.I really do!And he loves me.Why don't you understand?"
"All I understand is I have a duty to look out for you.You will not see Felix!He is bad news."
"What do you have against him!?"
"He is lazy,irresponsible,blowhard!"
"How can you say that?"
"Izzy,he is a schemer.He can't commit to anything.What makes you think he can commit to you?!"
"He loves me.And he is not lazy!"
"Izzy,I know he works at the hotel,but think about it...he goes from one stupid wimm to another.He quit the hotel to join the navy,then he quit that too."
"Thats it!He is no longer a military man.Thats what it is!First of all he was let go on honorable discharge!"
"Izzy,he sufferd a bad arm!I fought with much worse than that."
"I'm so sorry that I didn't fall in love with a military man.I fell in love with a sweet,loving,gentle,intelligent one.One who wants to spend the rest of his life by my side instead of on a battle field!Or would you rather me marry a man who is constantly at battle,one I don't love,one that leaves all the time...perhaps his children,and then what...?I die like Mother!I die calling out for a man I don't love with children to raise!" Clive was furious.He could not beleive what he had just heard.He was angry that she was blaming him for her mother's death.He was angry because he felt guilty for behaving the way he was.He was only trying to protect her.He wanted to see she had a man who could pamper her,someone who loved her.Someone strong and honorable.The fact was Clive was the angriest he had been in all of Izzy's life time. He turned to her and slapped her in the face.Izzy faught the tears off.It stang,but she would not give him the satisfaction of knowing it.
"How dare you say that!It was not my fault she died."
"No,but you should have been there.And maybe she would have lasted longer.You left a sick wife with a two toddlers and an infant!"
"Izzy,you will not see Felix."
"It's a small island."
"Yes,well if you do run into him you ignore him."
"How would you know if I did or didn't?"
"Isolde Jessica Pettibone!!!!!You are to obey me!If you do leave this house you will have someone with you."
"You are going to chaperone me?!"
"Yes!No you are to stay in this room until someone tells you otherwise!"Clive stormed out of the room and slammed the door.Izzy picked up her water basin and flung it fearcely at the door.It smashed into a thousand tiny peices.She burried her head in her pillow.Then she flung it too.She layed there crying and desperatly trying to think up ways to get around this,but there wasn't one.She felt miserable.The fact stood that she may never see Felix again.She was so devestated and hurt.She was helpless.She lost to her father.She was stubborn,but he was even more stubborn...there was nothing she could do.


Clive Pettibone sat at the kitchen table alone.He was reading a military book that he went to when he was upset.Muriel came down to tell him she was retiering for the night.
"Clive,we are all going to bed now.Clive,are you crying?"
"Yes,I guess I am.Muriel,today I slapped my own daughter.I have never once hit one of my children like that.I have used force with a spanking once or twice.I know I lose my temper,but I have never until today hit one of my children.I love her so much.She dosen't realize I have to protect her.I don't want her to met a similar fate to Jessica's.I need to make sure that the man she marries dose know how to raise children,and someone who can protect Izzy.Someone who can love her and pamper her.She deserves everything."
"Clive,what makes you think Felix can't?"
"Muriel,he has no sense of resposibility.He is a slacker and he can't commit,he is not good for Izzy.All they ever did was cause trouble.How can they survive a life together,they are just babies.Little children,who have yet to find out who they are and what they want."
"Clive,you are remembering the little tomboy and schemer who went around trying to get rich and become famous.The fact is,they are grown up.They ARE in love.They want to take care of eachother and grow old together.They want to be together.Clive I know that this is a wake up call for you,but...lets face the fact that Izzy is no longer a little tomboy who enjoys slideing in mud,playing baseball,and hockey.She is a young woman.One who is strong willed,opionated,and capable.Clive Felix and the King family are very nice people.They are a respected,well to do family.I still don't understand your reaction to this.I'm sorry,but I cannot agree with you on this." Clive was feeling very guilty about hitting Izzy and about not being there when Jessica died.He fell to sleep and tossed and turned all night.


Days passed.Izzy spent most of them in her room reading.She ate very little.Much of the time she didn't even change from her nightgown.The weeekend arrived.Clive still felt bad about hitting Izzy.He told her she could attend the skating party.However Arthur and Morgan were to go aswell to keep on eye on her.Clive and Muriel would be in Carmody speaking with potential buyers for the house.Clive and Muriel left late morining.Early afternoon arrived and Arthur,Morgan and a distraught Izzy left for the party.They arrived.
"Well I think I will go say hi to Cecily."
"Izzy,you can't Father said you we were are to make sure you avoid the Kings."
"Morgan Pettibone...You actually are siding with him?"
"No,but I don't want to get in trouble.You know it will get back to him.Mrs.Potts will surely inform the town,and you know Velma Bugle will tell.It's so obvious she wants you out of town to move in on Felix."
"Izzy...I think you should say hi to Cecily.And While you're at it...find Felix too."
"Arthur!Father will have our heads."
"Morgan,he left us in charge.I am the oldest...therefore I have more seniority than you.She has every right and reason to be with Felix.Izzy,just don't ket anyone see.The whole town will be all over it."
"Arthur you are the best brother there is!"She threw her arms around his neck.She then stuck her toung out at Morgan and went to Cecily who sat alone on a bench.
"Arthur,you made me look like the bad guy."
"Morgan...she hasen't done anything wrong."

"Hi Cess."
"Why aren't you skating?"
"Oh,I was,I just wanted to take a break.Izzy,we all miss you."
"I miss you too."They hugged.
"Izzy,I'm really glad you're here."
"Yeah.Cess,where is your brother?"
"Felix?Home.He dosen't go out much scince you had to stop seeing him.He mostly sits in his room and mopes."He barely eats anymore."
"Same here."
"Anyways...I'm going to go find him.Arthur is letting me.My Father and Muriel are gone for the day.Tell everyone I said hi."

She went go to tell Arthur she was going to Kingfarm and that she would be home before Clive got home latter in the day.Arthur made her promise not to elope.He was more or less teasing,but she had to admit,the thought had crossed her mind at times. She raced to Kingfarm.She pounded on the door.After several moments...Felix answerd.He was dressed,but didn't seem to care.His shirt was untucked.He opend the door with a half smile.He was obviously meloncholy.Izzy smiled at seeing him.He looked surprised to see her.
"Felix!"She said lunging into his arms.
"What are you doing here?I--I-..."
"It's okay.My father and Muriel are gone for the day.Arthur said it was okay.Don't worry."
"Iz,I missed you so much.I was so miserable.I know that he is going to make you move to Halifax.Cecily told me.She heard Muriel at the store.Iz you can't leave.I will miss you too mu..."Before he could finnish she had her arms wrapped around his neck and had his lips pressed to hers.She kissed him long and hard.Once the managed to pull away he pulled her to her chest and stroked her hair.
"Izzy I love you so much."
"I love you too.I have to convince him that we are meant to be.I cannot and will not let him rip us apart.I just don't now how to prevent it.I may have to go to Halifax for awhile.You just have to remember I love you.You just have to make sure not to get all cozy with Velma Bugle in the meanwhile."
"Come know she can't wait to get rid of me."
"Izzy,I assure you that Velma is hardly a concern of yours." It finally dawned on them that they were still standing in the door way with cold air blowing in.Felix shut the door and guided Izzy to the parlor.
"Izzy I am so glad you're here."
"Me too."
"I missed you sooo much."
"I know Felix.I don't want to think about it.I just want to enjoy what time we do have together."She began to kiss him again.He slowly began to kiss her neck.She just put her arms aroud his neck.He looked up at her and smiled.
"Would you like to take a walk?"
"Love to."Izzy replied.


Izzy took Felix's hand.
"Iz,I'm just going to put a sweater on.I'll be right down."
"Okay."She waited at the bottom of the stairs.Soon he came down dressed for outdoors.He grabbed his coat,gloves ,scarf,and hat.Then he took Izzy's small hand and they walked to the lighthouse.They got there.They stood watching the ocean crash.It was cold,but they really didn't care.
"Felix,what are we gonna do?"
"I don't know."
"Felix,I know my father will make me go.I have no options.I can't stay here.I have no where to stay and no money to stay with."
"I know.I wish I could just ...I don't know,just never have..."
"Been foolish enough to fall in love with a girl with such a stupid father?"
"No,Izzy!No,Iz,I love you and I'm glad I love you.Izzy,please don't think like that.This not your fault.I know this causes you pain aswell.Izzy,I love you...don't be riddiculous."
"I'm sorry.I just worry.Cecily says you don't eat anymore."
"Not as much.I can't.I feel sick all the time."
" Me too.Felix,we have to do something.But what!?
I know we have no alternatives,but to...well part ways.Felix...maybe it's Providence trying to tell us something.Maybe,we aren't meant to be.This looks like we have no other way of doing things.Felix,maybe...just maybe I have to leave because I'm not your soul mate.As much as we wish it to be...maybe we are not meant to go through life as anyting but friends." Felix stared at Izzy.
"Izzy!How can you say that?!"
"Felix.I love you.Look at you.Because of me,you're miserable.I love you to much to let you waste away.Felix,sometimes when you love something enough,you can't be selfish.You have to let them go."
"Izzy!Then I guess I don't love enough,because I choose to be selfish!I want you with me.Izzy,I will not let you go,please,I know you're worried,so am I.You can't do this.We will win!!!!"
Izzy's eyes filled with tears.
"Felix,no...we can't win.It's over.My father would kill you if he could.I can't put you through all of his nonsense."
"NO,but you are willing to put me through the pain of watching you walk out of my life!?"
"Felix,I love you.I will never love anyone like I love you.But maybe this is not what God has in mind for us.Felix I am so sorry."
He advanced to kiss her.
"No.It would be easier if we didn't go through any long,heartwrenching goodbyes."
"Dammit!Izzy!I love you.Please,don't walk away from me!!!!!!!!!!"He was now crying.Izzy leaned to kiss his cheek.After she had done so he thrust her to him and strted kissing her,hoping she would stay.
"Felix,please...your'e making it impossible to leave.Please!"
"Izzy,I will not let you leave me.I need you."
"I'm sorry." She turned and started to run.
"Izzy!!!!!!!!!!"He raced after her.
"I love you!"He yelled.
She was balling.She fell to the frozen ground in a heap and started to cry.Felix haulted and slumped next to her.He put his arms around her shaking body.


"I love you."He said quietly.
"I can't do it.I can't walk away from you.As much as I should,I can't.I guess I'm selfish too."
"No,you're not selfish,a little crazy maybe.Iz,I never want you to give up on us again.Izzy,you mean so much to me.Please,don't you ever scare me like that again!"
"I'm sorry!I'm just trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do!"
"I know,me too.Iz,running from me is not the answer.Izzy,we have to have faith.In God,in ourselves and in eachother.If we don't have faith,how will your father have any?"
"I don't know."
"Izzy,no matter what we will work this out.I promise you,one way or another we will get married."
"Okay,so no more crazy talk?"
"No,no more crazy talk."Felix lightly kissed her lips.Then he helped her to her feet.
"Izzy,why don't we go to my house and talk?My family should be home.Maybe they could help?Unless you have to get home because of your father?"
"No,they should be awhile.Plus I could always lie."
"Come on,I'll race ya back."Felix said trying to get her to stop crying.
"You're on!" He raced off leaving Izzy behind him.A moment latter he heard a yell,then a thud.He turned back to see Izzy had fallen on ice.He ran to her.
"Izzy!?Iz,wake up!"He shook her motionless body
"Izzy!Please open your eyes!"

Felix gatherd her lifeless form into his arms and ran home.He arrived.Janet was making dinner.Felix thrust open the door.And yelled for help.The whole family came.
"Oh,dear God!"Janet said.
"What happend,son!?"Alec gasped.
"Oh,my Lord!"Cecily said in awe.
"Get her on the couch."Felicity instructed.Gus just stood there hoping she would be alright.
"I'll go get the docter."Cecily told.
"Arthur.Get Arthur."Felix said.Cecily ran to the Pettibone's.Felix moved Izzy to the couch.
"Oh,my God.Oh,I can't beleive this!She can't die on me!"Felix said horrified as he looked at her motionless body,so helplessly lying on the sofa.
"Felix.How come Izzy was with you?"Alec asked.

"Clive and Muriel went to Carmody for the day.Arthur said she should come see me.We went for a walk.We went racing back,she tripped on ice and knocked herself out.Oh,it's all my fault.If I had suggested we race she would'nt be like this!"
Cecily ran up the porch.She banged on the door.Clive,who had moments latter answerd it.
"Mr.Pettibone!Wheres Arthur?!"
"Inside.What is it?!"
"Arthur!"She yelled apoun spoting him."Come quick.Izzy has been in an accident.You have to come now!"
"What!?Where is she?!"Clive yelled.
"At KingFarm."Arthur said grabbing his stuff.
"Not now!Lets go!" Cecily ,Clive,Arthur,Muriel and Morgan all headed to the farm.
"Arthur,how could you let her see Felix?!"Clive demanded.
"I felt she had a right.Now is not the time!"They approched the house.Clive flung open the door.
"Where is she!!!!!!!!!??????????" Felix heard him in the other room.
"Oh NO!!!!He is back.Oh,God,please don't let this me judgement day!!!!"He thought to himself?"
Arthur raced to the sofa.Clive right behind,as Cecily lead them.
"Oh,my..."Arthur insisted everyone let him examine her alone.But first Felix had to explain.
"So it's your fault my daughter is on her death bed!!!!!That figures!"Clive screamed at Felix.
"Clive,calm yourself!"Janet yelled coming to her son's defense.
Clive was annoyed.Hours passed.Arthur knew he should not move Izzy.She and everyone else would stay the night.Clive was in a frenzy.Felix would not move from Izzy's side.Clive eighther.Felixgot up to get some milk.Clive followed him in the kitchen.Arthur went to inspect again.Morgan followed."Felix King.This exactly why I didn't want you with Izzy."
"Clive."Muriel scolded.
"Muriel,it's because of him...she is like that.It is his fault."Felix started to cry.
"Well,the whole ordeal never would have happend if you wouldn't have been just a fool and let us be together!!!!!!!!!"
"Felix!It is incidents like that...why I will not allow this marriage!And firthur more who do you think you are?!Raising your voice to me!Felix King,you are low,and disrespectful.I wish we never moved to Avonlea.Then this whole thing never would have happend!"
"No,but then we never would have met!Clive I can't listen to this any more!!!"Muriel exused her self in tears and walked out for air.
"I can't believe you are more worried about this than you are your own daughter."Gus said exiting with Felicity.Janet,Alec,and Cecily followed them to check on Izzy.Clive stared at Felix.
"Felix King!I am going to have your head on day!!!!!"
"Whatever!!!!!!!I don't care what you do to me.I love her!!!!!!!!No matter what you do...I am always going to love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I always have,I am not going to suddenly stop because of you!"
"Felix!You are no good for her!"
"Why?Tell me what it is you want me to do!Whatever Clive,What do you want?I will do it!If you want me to quite my job at the hotel and move to Halifax ,so you can see her all the time,FINE!Thats what we will do!If you want me to get down on ,y hands and knees and beg you..I will!If you want me to join the Military again...Okay,thats what I will do.Whatever you want Clive!The only thing I won't do is give up Izzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Felix!I just want a man to love Izzy and take care of her!"
"So,problem solved.Thats what I want to do!!!!!!!I LOVE HER!!!!!I WANT TO BE THERE TO TAKE CARE OF HER!!!!!!!!"
"STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Father,stop!!!!!!"Morgan yelled.
"I can't stand it!Father,why are you doign this?Izzy and Felix want to be together.They will be.You can't control it forever.They will elope,and you know it.Izzy is stubborn,you know she will do it.You are going to lose her.Only it won't be to Felix,it will be to your own stupidity,arrogance,stubborness and power trips!!!If you don't stop this then we all may never see her again.You know it!If you want to be a part of her life,then you better GROW UP A LITTLE!!!!!!!" Clive was so shocked.He was used to this behavior with Izzy and Arthur,but Morgan?He knew he was right.He was so angry he stormed outside.Muriel sat on the porch.The whole house had heard.
"He is right ya know?"
"I know.I guess it dosen't matter who it is.No one will ever live up to the idea I have of the perfect husband for her."
"Yes,but your idea is not the one that counts.Izzy's is.She loves him Clive."
"I know.Muriel,my baby,my little girl wants to get married.I just want the tomboy back."
"Clive,she couldn't stay that way forever.You had to see along time ago they were falling in love."
"I never thought they were serious.I suppose I should give them my blessing?"
"Along with a huge apology.We all need one of those."
"Muriel I am sorry.I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings."
"I know.Go tell everyone else your'e sorry.We can talk latter." Clive and Muriel enterd the house.


Clive humbled himself.He blurted out an apology and asked to speak with Felix alone.He and Felix walked outside.
"Felix.I ..."
"Look!Before you go crazy again I..."
"Hold It!Before you get defensive listen.I'm... so..r-ry.I really am.I see now how stupid I was.I know that no matter what Isolde will do what she wants.No matter who it is,I will never want to let her go,only thing is,if I don't let her go,I WILL lose her.I don't want that.You are an honorable man.You have good morals and a respected family.And if you have made anything clear it is that you love her.Felix,I give you Isolde's hand in marriage."
"I said...I give you my blessing Felix."
"Is this some joke?"
"No.You have my permission."
"Thankyou sir..."Felix was in utter shock.He staggerd into the house.
"It's over ! The fighting is done!!!!!!!!"
"What?"Alec asked.
"Clive Pettibone just gave me his blessing to marry Izzy!"


The next morning arrived.Izzy was still unconsious.Felix refused to leave her side.Hours into the morning a soft murmur came from Izzy's pale,dry lips.
"Arthur!Shes waking up!"Felix yelled.The whole house gatherd to her side.She slowly began opening her eyes.Arthur checked her,she did not show signs of a concusion.She looked up at Felix...
"Arthur?"She whisperd.
"No,Izzy,it's Felix."

"Felix.Come on Izzy,stop kidding."
"Whos Izzy?"
"You are."
"Oh," She looked at Arthur and mummbled something about the name Morgan.
Izzy has no idea who anyone was.

"Izzy,stop playing."
"Felix,she isn't.She really dosen't know who we are,or where she is.She is sufering form Amnesia.It is very common after blows to the head.It is usually temporary."
"What do you mean...usually.You mean she may never remember?"
"Well,lets not think negitively."
"Isn't there anything we can do to help her get her memory back?"Cecily asked.
"We can show her old photos,tell her stories of her history.Do things like that,and it might help.She may be fine in the morning.I suggest we take things slow at first."A few days went by.Izzy knew no one,she didn't know anything.She knew what they all told her,but she could not actually remember it.Felix tried desperatly to get her to remember him.He told her about their first kiss,the first time they admitted their love.Nothing helped her.He was a complete stranger to her.He tried to kiss her and hoped she would remember.She did not like it when he touched her.He was so scared.He had just gotten Clive's approval,and she couldn't remember his name. A month went by,everyone tried desperatly to make her know.She rememberd the stories,and believed them to be true,but could not remember them.She walked about town with Felix,only she really was incomfortable.He thought he was going to have to start all over,but if his Izzy came back to him...he would start from scratch.

One afternoon,Felix and Izzy were walking along the shore line.He looked at her.She was empty.Just a shell of his once beuatiful Izzy.She stared at the water.He started to tell her about Pine Bend.She looked up.
"You're perfect the way you are,honest,Iz.Your like an ocean breeze."He said.
"With out the smell of fish."Izzy finnished.
Felix stopped cold.She rememberd.She looked up at him.For the first time she looked into his eyes and saw Felix,her Felix.Not just some man that she heard stories about.He looked at her and for the first time saw Izzy,not the shell of Izzy,but he really saw the woman he loved so dearly.
"Felix King.I remember!I remember our first kiss.I remember hitting you and calling you my best friend.I remember PineBend and Donny Lester...I remember you and convincing me not to go to Boston.I remember my mother.I remember my father and how he refused to let us be together.I recall the fall,and...Felix?My father?"
"He knows about us and the fall and he knows we are out together."
"I forgot...Izzy,Morgan told him to grow up.Then he came to us all and apologized.Then he gave me his blessing to marry you."
"He did?!!!!!!!"
"Felix,I'm sorry I couldn't remember.I wish I could have.I love you soooooooooo much."
"Izzy,don't worry.The important thing is,we are together.And that you remember now.Izzy I love you."He put his arms around her and kissed her lips.Then her forehead and her neck.He procceded to her nose and her eyes and her hair and then her cheecks.He kissed her hands and all her fingers.She leaned into his chest.
"Please hold me.Please don't stop loving me."
"I will always love you Izzy...we can fiannly get married.You are really going to be my wife!"He kissed her again,and again,and again. ...
Felix and Izzy ran to the Pettibone's.Izzy flung open the door.
"Father,Muriel!!!!!!!!!!!"She yelled.They came running.Arthur and Morgan went jetting into the kitchen as well.Izzy flung her arms around her father.
"I remember!I remember everything!The first time I wore a dress,all of you,EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!"
They embraced in a long family group hug,Felix included.Latter that day Clive insisted on taking the whole family and all the King's to dinner at the White Sands.Felix ran home to tell everyone to get ready.The Pettibones also got ready.


That night the two families met completely inthralled that Izzy was able to remember them all,for the first time in what seemed like forever.The whole dinner Felix and Izzy kept exchanging glances.It was apparent they wanted some alone time together.Everyone was so busy talking to eachother that they hadn't really thought about how they may want to spend some time together.Fact was everyone wanted to be with Izzy.Finnaly Cecily noticed one of the glances and whispred to Felicity.Felicity laughed causing the table,exept Felix and Izzy, to look at her.She just nodded in their direction.They were making eyes at eachother and didn't notice.Muriel burst into laughter.They looked up.
"Whats so funny?"Izzy asked
"You are."Muriel answerd.
"The looks you tow were giving eachother..."Alec chuckled
"You should have seen yourselves!"Felicity added.
"My word,very improper for such a place as this to be making eyes like that to eachother."Hetty explained.Janet laughed.
"Should we take this a sign that you two want to be alone?"Janet asked.
"Well,um...I..."Izzy stammerd.Muriel smiled at Clive,who seemed a bit disapointed that Izzy would like to lerave the family at such a moment.He just got his daughter back!He thought.Clive looked at the two of them.It was so clear they wanted to be alone.
"Alright....go on.Just don't stay out to late."Clive sighed.He still was getting used to this whole romance in it's self.Izzy kissed his cheek and she and Felix exused themselves.He walked with her out in the garden.He wrapped his arms around her.
"I'm glad we got away.I know it's being a bit selfish,but I would much rather have you to myself right now."Felix told her.
"Yeah,I'm just glad I remember everything.It was so hard knowing that all of you loved me,and yet I didn't know why.I could not love you back,because...I wasn't sure I was supposed to.I know it hurt everybody.I just feel so bad."
"Well,I always felt responsible.If I hadn't suggested that we race,if I would have escorted you like I should have you never would have fallen."
"Perhaps not,but you were only trying to help lighten the mood.Plus,everything happens for a reason,right?Well...if I hadn't fallen...maybe my father never would have gone off on everyone like he did...and Morgan wouldn't havfe confronted him.Then were would we be?I would most likely be in Halifax,seperated from you...maybe forever."
"Well I suppose.All I know is we can forget the whole thing.We can just start enjoying life again and begin to plan our wedding."
"I like that idea."She said as she nudged his neck with her nose.She kissed it ever so gently.She let out a sigh.
"Whatcha thinking about?"Felix asked her.
"Hmm?"She murmured softly.
"You let out a sigh.You only do that when you're angry,or deep in thought.I can usually tell when you are mad,this is isn't one of those times,therefor...what is it?"
"Oh,I was just thinking that things are finally starting to work out the way I always wanted them to.I finally know that my father supports me.I actually remember...I will finally be able to become your wife..."
"Oh,so you have been thinking about that too?"
"Yep.Before the accident that was all I ever thought about.I would be so lost in thinknig about waking up next to you every day,and making breakfast for you.I would imagine what it would be like to really be able to be with you all day long and not worry about answering to any parents,or anything like that.It would make me so happy to think of you."
"Well,I know I'm always happy when I think of you aswell."They were about to share a kiss.When a loud BANG of thunder was heard.Izzy jumped a mile.Rain began pouring on them.
"We better get out of her."Felix said.
"But I want more alone time with you."Izzy explained as he took her hand and started to lead her inside the hotel.
"Lets run to your house,Felix.It's closer than mine is."
"Well alright."They ran in the rain all the way to KingFarm.Felix slipped in mud on the way.The only part of the ground A mixture of snow and rain left a great slushy muck behind.Izzy's feet were coverd in slush and mud.They ran to thec porch drenced.Felix opend the door and they went in.
"I'll get you a towel Iz,hold on."
"Felix,should I take my shoes off?I don't want to leave tracks as I go."
"Not a bad Idea."Felix said while peeling of his shoes.They disguarded their coats and Felix gatherd a towel for Izzy.
"I'm going to go put some dry clothes on.Wait in the parlor if you like."Felix told her.Izzy took a seat on the sofa and waited for Felix.Moments latter he came down in dry clothes.
"Iz,I left an old hand me down of Felicity's on Cecily's bed.Cess,dosen't wear it anymore,and it looked like it would fit.Your welcome to change if you wish."
"Thankyou Felix."Izzy ran upstairs and put the dress on.She felt much better in dry clothes.She came back down in the little blue dress.
"Perfect fit."Felix said deciding she looked pretty good in the dress,but it matterd little what she wore...she always looked good where he was conserned.
"It's a pretty good fit."She said in return.
"June?"Izzy said.
"How do you feel about June?"
"It's a nice month,what about it?"
"For our wedding?"
"Oh!Yeah.I like it.I wanted it during the warmer weather."
"Good.So this June then."
"This June?Isn't that a little sudden?"
"Not really.It's going to be March soon.Thats a good three months."
"Yes,but do you think we can get it all taken care of and planned by then?"
"Why not?With everyone's help?I know your mother,Cecily,your aunt,Felicity and Muriel are surely going to want to help.We can be set by then."
"I suppose.You know I want to marry you as soon as possible."
"You do?"She said shyly,and coyly.
"Uh huh."Felix said as he wrapped her up in his arms.He began to kiss her lightly on the lips.He started to pull away.
"Why did you stop?"
"I just wanted to look at you thats all."
"I just wanted to look at your pretty face a moment."
"Oh."She said as she blushed.After all they had gone through Felix could still make Izzy blush. Izzy leaned her self upagainst Felix's strong form.He then kissed her head,even though it was a little wet.
"I love you."She whisperd.As he was about to reply they heard the door open.Janet and Alec ,Cecily,Felicity,Gus, and Daniel walked into the parlor.
"Hello."Janet said."Izzy,your father said that if we saw you we should send you on home.It's getting dark and the storm had let up."
"Okay,thankyou Mrs.King."
"Whats with this Mrs.King bussiness?Iz,you're going to be family.You more or less have been family for the last two years."
"Sorry."Izzy smiled.
"Hey,Cess.Isn't that dress one I gave you?"
"Yeah,but I don't wear it anymore.It looks nice on ya Iz,keep it."
"Thanks,but I was just borrowing it scince my things were wet."
"Take it.It looks good on you.Better than it ever did on me."
"Well I suppose I should walk you home,Iz?"Felix said.
"Oh,yes.I should go.Well see you all latter."
"Bye."Alec called as the grabbed their coats and headed out the door.Felix escorted Izzy home.


The Pettibones felt they should go back to Halifax now that Izzy was alright.In a week they would leave.Felix and Izzy announced their wedding for the end of June.Felix also wrote the Dales in England and Sara in Paris to tell them the news.The replies were ones of great joy.Two days latter the Pettibones gathered at the train station with Felix and Izzy.They were going to see their train off and help with luggadge.
"Now,Felix.I am trusting you to look out for my daughter."Clive told him.
"I will be sure to take very good care of and watch out for Izzy."
"Yes well,you need not take to good care of her."Clive said.
"Goodbye dear."Muriel said as she hugged them both.Clive shook his hand and kissed Izzy's cheek goodbye.Morgan and Arthur,both being big brothers made sure to give Felix a good talking to about watching out for their babysister.Morgan was moslty joking about it.Arthur was a little more protective.Even though he liked Felix and in away always knew they would get together.They finnished their farewells and boarded the train.Once it was out of site Felix went to go to work at the hotel and Izzy to the store.But not without a kiss first.


A week went by.Felix was on his way to see Izzy and go to lunch.They often went to lunch together during the week.Felix was on his break and headed for the general store to met Izzy.As we was walking up to it a pretty young woman with dark blonde hair spoke.
"Felix King?Is that you?"
Felix looked hard at the woman trying to see who it was.
"A-Adeline Hodgson?"
"You remember me?"
"Adeline.What are you doing here?It's good to see you again."
"Oh,well actually I moved her yesterday."
Felix did not remember Adeline looking so beautiful before.But then she had grown up.Just then Izzy came out of the store.
"Felix."She ran up to him.
"Oh,hello.Felix aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"
"Uh-Oh.Sure."Izzy had taken notice that this stranger was quite pretty.
"Adeline,this is my freind...."
Not only did he not say fiance,or love.or anything like that...he didn't even say best friend.Just simply friend.If that wasn't enough to annoy Izzy.This was worse.He could not think of her name.It just would not come to him.He loved her so much,and yet he could not tell you her name if his life depended on it.
"IZZY,Pettibone."Izzy said annoyed.
"Adeline Hodgson."The pretty newcomer said cheerfully.
"Well it was nice meeting you Miss Pettibone,and it was nice running into you again Felix.But I should be going.Hope to see you soon."Felix and Izzy nodded.As soon as Adeline was out of site Izzy's phony smile faded.She turned and started walking to the hotel for lunch.
"Iz.I am sooo sorry.You're mad aren't you."
"No.I'm not mad why should I be angry?I'm fine."
"No you're not.I know when you are angry,and this is most certainly anger."
"Lets just go eat."
"Iz,I'm sorry my mind went blank.I haven't seen,or heard form Adeline in years.She shocked me thats all."
"Felix,drop it."
"Felix,how do you know her?"
"Well,she came to Avonlea a while back...we became freinds.Look it was nothing.Listen I mind went dead."
"Did you convinently forget we were engadged?"
"Yes Felix.The second a pretty woman enters your life you start introducing me as your friend!Not even best freind ...just friend.Felix,hello!!!Are you listening?The second a pretty face comes waltzing by we are just freinds again?It makes me wonder how serious you really are about us."
"Iz,look...Adeline was my first crush.It lasted all of a few days.She was a theif.Nothing ever came of it.She means about as much to me as Velma Bugle!Now look...Izzy thats the whole story.She startled me alright.Now if you want to stand there and tell me how horrible I am and question my feelings for you...go ahead!If you don't know how I feel by now then,I don't know what I can do to make you see.So the question is how serious are you?!" Izzy looked a little surprized.She realized how riddiculous she was being.
"I'm sorry Felix.You're right.I just got a little jealous.She is so beautiful,and I just got a little conserned."
"Izzy,you have no reason to be jealous of any woman.You are as beautiful as they come.I love you.You must know that.Izzy,nobody will ever mean more to me than you.I love you sooo much I can't see straight.But it is nice to know that you get jealous when other women pay attention to me."
"Felix King..."Before she could say anything else he had his lips firmly against hers.She did not protest at all.


A few days went by.The family had recived word from Andrew that he would be coming in on tomorrow's train to visit.Everyone was exited to see him.They made a spot for him to sleep in Felix and Daniel's room.The next day Felix had to work,but Cecily met Andrew's train.
"Andrew!!!"She yelled as she spotted him.
"Cecily!"They hugged.
"Cess,this place looks the same."
"Belive me,things have changed.Maybe not Avonlea ,but we all are different."
"I can see that,you are so big."
"Talk about big,you should see Felicity,she is about eight months pregnant."
"You have to be kidding me."
"Nope."They walked along.Cecily showed him everything.He recognized some people,but not all.
"Who is that?"He asked as he spotted a young woman stepping into the general store after lunch.
"That is Izzy Pettibone..."Before she could tell him that was Felix's fiance Andrew had already begun questioing Cecily.
"How long has she lived here?"
"A while now.She is a good friend of mine.And she and Fel..."
"She is absolutly gorgeous!I have got to meet her!!Cecily introduce me."
"Alright,but I think you ought to know that..."
"I have never in all my life seen a more beautiful woman.Infact,Cess.I will introduce myself.I will find an exuse.Cess,do you belive in love at first sight?"He walked towards the store before she could answer.

"Oh,boy!"Cecily said to herself.

Andrew walked into the store and began browsing.He was the only one there.He picked up a book and pretended to thumb through it.He desided he would buy it.
"Good afternoon."Izzy said cheerfully.Her smile dazzled Andrew.
"Good afternoon."
"Will this be all?"
"Yes miss...?"
"Pettibone,but do call me Izzy."
"That will be one dollar."
Andrew plunked down his money.
"You're new in town."
"Avonlea never changes.Everyone knows everything about everyone else."Andrew commented.
She looked at his surprized.
"I lived her awhile back.I'm here visitng my family."
"Oh.I see. Mr.?"Before he could answer Cecily came bolting through the door.She had decided he could not let him suffer the humiliation of advancing towards Izzy and being shot down on the fact she as engadged to his cousin.
"Andrew!We had better go."
"But Cess,I..."
"NOW!Bye Iz!"She said as she drug him out of the store.
"What was that for!?"
"Andrew...that woman is not the woman you want to fall for."
"Why not?"
"You just don't."
"Give me one good reason why not."
"Because she is engadged."
"...To Felix."
"Felix?!That pretty,sweet,adorable woman is engadged to Felix?!"
"Felix King?!"
"Oh,dear God."
"I thought you should know."
"Thankyou Cess,but I still think she is the most becoming creature I have ever come to know."
"So does Felix."
"Felix?I can't beleive it."
"Don't worry,there alot of pretty faces in Avonlea.You'll meet someone else."
They walked home.
"Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!"Janet called kissing his cheek.
"Welcome back to the island."Alec said.
Felicity came waddling down the steps.
" Lord."
"Andrew,I know I'm a cow,but do close your mouth." She hugged him.
"Felix should be home near dinner time.He is bringing a guest.You'll love her Andrew.His fiance is such a sweetheart."Janet said.The irony was to much.If only they knew how much he would love her.Daniel showed Andrew to his room.This way he could get settled and they could get to know eachother.
That night Felix came home.Izzy followed him in to the house. Felix spotted Andrew.
"Felix!" They shook hands.
"Andrew I would like you to meet the love of my life,and soon to be bride,Izzy Pettibone."
"Hello again."He said shaking her hand.
"Again?"Felix asked.
"We met at the store today.So this is the family you were coming to stay with?"
"I guess so."
With that said Janet annonced that it was time to eat.
The whole meal Andrew found it impossible to take his eyes off Izzy.He knew he had to,but he couldn't.He was falling for her,and hard...not to mention fast.After dinner concluded Felix and Izzy exused themselves and went to be alone in the parlor awhile.They were always sneaking off to makeout.The table filled with idle chitchat.All Andrew could think about was Izzy.He decided he had enough idle talk.He went to strike up a conversation with Felix.When he walked into the parlor he found Felix and Izzy necking.
Andrew was very displeased by this.He cleared his throat to get their attention.They looked up.
"Oh,Andrew,didn't know you were here.Sorry."Felix said.
"Oh,no.I'm the one who interuppted.I just thought we could start up a conversation."
"Oh,I like that idea.I'm interested in hearing some stories."Izzy said.Andrew began telling about his traveling.Some stories from when he lived on Kingfarm and others.He told some jokes and found that he and Izzy got along great.He knew he had a problem on his hands.He was desperatly falling in love with his cousin's fiance.


Four days had passed.Andrew was sure he was in love with Izzy.She was so kind,warm,loving,cheerful and stunning.He was desperatly in love with her.He had to tell her.He was sure she could love him as well.She had to see that he was her soul mate,not Felix.He had to tell her how he felt.As luck would have it there was a knock at the door.Andrew answerd.
"Hi Andrew!"Izzy said cheerfully.
"Is Cess around.I want to show her these dress patterns?"
"No,she isn't.But Izzy can I tell you something?"
"Sure." Just then Felix enterd the kitchen.
"Hi,Felix."He walked over to her and kissed her.
"Felix,Andrew is standing right there."
"So?If he had a fiance as pretty as you,he would want to kiss her as often as possible.Wouldn't you Andrew?"
"I guess."If only Felix knew how badly he wanted to kiss Izzy, Andrew thought.
"What did you want to tell me?"Izzy asked.
"Oh,never mind."Andrew walked out of the room.
He was sure she was the love of his life.It was no longer just infatuation,he really loved her.He realized,Felix or no Felix,he had to win Izzy's heart.

Latter that day Andrew went to the store to talk to Izzy.No one was in the store so he knew it was a good time.
"Hi."Izzy said.
"Hi.Izzy there is something I have got to say to you.Now please here me out."
"Go ahead."
"Okay.Izzy Pettibone.I think you are very sweet.You have a big heart,a kind soul,and you are probaly the prettiest woman I have ever known.I am madly in love with you,and I know you could love me too if you gave it half a chance.I know you are engadged,but it's a mistake,I should be the one to love you.Let me be the one to kiss your hair and hold you.Please Izzy,give it a try.I know you will love me."He moved behind the counter swept her up into his arms and starting wildly,passionalty kissing her.Little did he know that Clara Potts saw the whole confrentation.She quickly began passing the word to everyone. Meanwhile Izzy was shocked.She quickly pulled away.
"Don't pull away ,please."Andrew pleaded.
"What are you doing!!!!!!!?"
"Don't you understand I love you."He advanced towards her again.She pushed him back.
"Look,Andrew...I guess I'm flatterd,but I love Felix.He is the only man for me.I love him so much it hurts and no matter what...I will never love anyone else like that.You are a very nice man,you are good looking.You'll meet her someday,but I am not your soulmate!"Izzy closed up shop early and went home.Andrew returned to Kingfarm around dinner time.By now the whole town had heard about what he did,including Felix.Andrew got home and Felix was ready and waiting for him.


"I have some questions for you Andrew King."Felix said.
"Look,I know what you tried to pull at the store today,the whole town is talking about it.Clara Potts saw the whole incident.Now,I want answers!What were you doing kissing my fiance?"
"I'm in love with her."Janet,Alec,Cecily,Daniel,Felicity and Gus were speechless.They sat at the kitchen table in awe.
"What did you say?"
"I said I am in love with Izzy.She dosen't belong with you.I am her true soulmate."
"I think you are highly mistaking!"
"No,I am the better man here.I am a lawyer,not some hotel assistant.I don't constantly come up with wild schemes to get rich,but of course I am.She needs a real man,and quite frankly I don't think you're up to the job.You can't support her.She should be pamperd and spoiled,and we all know you are in no postion to do that.Lets face it,she is far to good for you."Felix drew back and slugged Andrew in the jaw.
"Look,Izzy is my girl!Not you or anybody else is gonna take her away from me!You just keep your hands to your self and stay away from her!"
"The hell I will!"Andrew stood up and hit Felix in the eye.They began beating the living tar out of eachother.Finally Felicity yelled"EXUSE ME BUT MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!!!!!!!" "Now?!"Gus yelled.
"Oh,good Lord.Cecily upstairs with me.Alec break them up,Daniel go sit in the parlor.Now!"They halled Felicity upstairs as Alec and Gus tried to pull Felix and Andrew apart.
When they managed to pull them off eachother,they were both bloody.Felix's lip and nose was bleading.Andrew's mouth was bleeding as well.
"Thats enough!!!!!!!!!"Alec yelled.
"Calm down,both of you."
"He has no bussiness advancing at Izzy!"
"Felix,calm yourself!Now is a bad time to settle this.Your sister is upstairs giving birth.There will be no fighting in this house until she finnishes.That could be awhile so cool off."
"I can't wait that long,Andrew,care to step outside?"
"Love to!" They marched outside .
"It's better to let them get it out of their system."Gus told Alec.
"I know how he feels.Thats how I felt about Arthur.Only this is a little more serious."

Hours passed.Felix and Andrew were still screaming at eachother outside and taking the occasional swing.Felicity too was screaming as she was bringing her first born into the world. Soon Izzy came by to find Felix.She saw Andrew and Felix fighting.
"Whats going on?"
"Yes,keep out of it sweetheart."Andrew said.
"She is not your sweetheart!She is MINE!!!!!!!"
"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Izzy yelled.
"Now,I will not tolerate this.Andrew I have told you before...I love FELIX!!!!!!!And Felix King,why are you doing this?You don't have to fight."
"I am defending you,and us."
"But you don't have to.I love you and you know it.Thats all that matters.Now lets go get you cleaned up,you're bleeding."Felix and Izzy walked in the kitchen,Andrew followed.Gus,Daniel and Alec sat in the parlor.Izzy grabbed a washcloth and started cleaning the blood of of Felix's face.
"I know it stings,but I am almost done.There much better."
"Thanks."He said tenderly.
Izzy wrapped his arms around her waist and starting kissing his neck.This was more than Andrew could bare.He went to sit in the parlor.
"Izzy,I love you."
"I love you too."
"Andrew is right about one thing.You do deserve to be spoiled and pamperd."
"Well,so do you my love."She said while nuzzling him.


Felicity pushed and pushed for all she was worth.Screaming was heard throughout the house.Gus stiffened with every noise.It was apparent he was nervous.Alec laughed at his constant pacing,He tried to clam him,but little helped.Alec started sharing stories about how nervous he was when Felicity was born.Gus didn't find much comfort in them.His sight was much better,but not perfect and for some reason that worried him.He kept thinking it was going to make less of a father or something.Felicity let out yet another horrifying yelp.Izzy and Felix joined the rest of the family in the parlor.Felicity's screaming made Izzy wonder just how much pain child birth was.Cecily continuesly told her mother she was never going to have children.The yelling was to much.It was obviously painful,and Cecily was certain she would crack under the pressure.
"One more push!"Janet begged Felicity.
"I can't!!!!!!!!!"
"Yes you can,you HAVE TO!"
"No I don't!"
"Yes dear,I'm afraid you do!"
She screamed and yelled,and she pushed.
"One more!!!"
"I thought that was it?"
"Well,I thought maybe it was,but keep pushing."
Felicity obeyed.She let out the loudest,longest,most awful scream.The whole house crinnged at it's echo.Then another sound was heard.A cry was heard.It rang throughout the house.Everybody looked up.Gus was frozen.He couldn't bring himself to move,talk anything.He was simply still.Moments latter Cecily came downstairs.She smiled.
"Gus,I think you should go upstairs and see your new daughter now." Gus slowly walked up the stairs.His heart was racing.He tenativly enterd the room.He saw Felcity with tears in her eyes as she held her baby.Janet too was crying.
Gus walked over to his wife.Janet left the room to let them be alone awhile.Felicity handed her to Gus.He was sp afraid he would drop her.
"Go on,hold her."Gus held her protectivly in his arms.
"She looks so much like you."He said softly. "She is so beautiful,Felicity."
"I know she is.What do you think we should name her?"
"I don't know.Do you have anything in mind?"
"Actually I was thinking we ought to name her Eliza.I was thinking Eliza Jane would fit her well."
"Eliza Jane Pike?I it."
"Good,so do I."
A while latter Felicity and Gus took Eliza down stairs.Everyone wanted to hold her.Nobody could get so much attention as little baby could.She was so adorable.She feel asleep in her grandfather's arms.The only one who didn't want to hold her was Andrew.He liked her and all,but he was in a bad mood.He was still certain that Izzy and he were made for eachother.


The next day the members of the King household were awaken by the sound of a baby's cry.Felix overslept and ran to the hotel.Andrew moped all morning over Izzy,Daniel left for school and more chaos occured.The hussle and bussle of a monday morning was one that consumed the farmhouse. Felix was still very angry and Andrew.Andrew was still bound and determined to win Izzy's affections from Felix.That was an impossible task if ever there was one.Andrew desided he would go to the store and talk to Izzy.On his way he bumped into a pretty young woman with light brown hair,and this very pretty brown eyes.It was Adeline.He felt the same way he did when he first saw Izzy,only it was stronger.
"Exuse me miss..."
"Adeline Hodgson."
"Andrew King."He said shaking her hand.
"King?Any relation to Felix King?"
Andrew began wondering howcome all the pretty girls liked Felix.She didn't ask any relation to the Kings or to Cecily King...she asked if he knew Felix.
"Yes,we are cousins."
"Oh,well I'm an old friend of Felix's.It's nice to meet you Mr.King."
"Nice meeting you,and please call me Andrew."
"Well,it was wonderful getting to know you Andrew,I hope to see more of you."Andrew nodded as she walked down the road.He was quite taken with Adeline,suddenly he forgot all about Izzy.

Andrew realized how stupid he had been.He had completely jeoprodized his realtionship with his family over a girl that he didn't REALLY love.He was a bit sweet on her maybe.Who would'nt love Izzy?Only he wasn't IN love with her.She was sweet,charming,and had a big heart.He had to go apologize.He walked into the store.Izzy was reading a book at the counter,obviously a slow day.
"Hi"He said slowly,and slurred on the account of his swollen jaw(something he hoped Adeline would over look).
"Hi."Izzy said back to be polite.She was very angry that he would compermise her the way he did.
"Izzy,may I please talk to you?"
"Look.Andrew,what do I have to do to get you to understand that..."

"Wait!I came to apologize.I realize that my feelings for you were those of infatuation.You are very sweet,charming,intelligent,kindhearted and very friendly.I was wrong.I never should have behaved the way I did.I am not usually so bold with people.I don't rightfully know what came over me.I guess you were just the first woman to really take the time to want to get to know me in a long while.I misunderstood your being kind,as a sign of a true love.I am sorry.I jeopardized my relationship with my family and with a potential friend.I really would like to be your friend Izzy.I just want to start with a clean slate.Please forgive me Izzy?"


"Yes.I will forgive you.I would like to become friends.
The one you really havev to talk to is Felix.He was so looking foward to getting to know you again.He really wanted to be friends with you.You really hurt him,not to mention my reputation.Go talk to him."Andrew walked to the hotel.He enterd to find Felix giving Simon Tremayne the details on the incident.Everyone knew about it,but Felix was venting to Simon,who had more or less become family.Felix was sort of like the son Simon never had.
Felix spotted Andrew.He grew angry.His face became tight and annoyed.
"Well,I think I shall exuse myself."Simon said not wanting to be involved in the on coming fued.

"What are you doing here?!"Felix said irratated Andrew even had the adasaty to come within two inches of him. "I came to talk to you."
"I don't want to talk Andrew.You completely disregarded me and went after what was mine."
"If you would listen a minute..."
"No.You listen!Andrew,you tried to take my best friend and love of my life away from me.You tried to rip her away from me!I have lost Izzy over and over.Once to the lies that this town spread.Again to the war.Then I almost lost her to her father,and then to her Amnesia.I am not about to lose her to you!I don't care if you are family...I never want to see you again!You had no right.I was really looking foward to you coming here.Now I wish you would leave.I won't lose her,not again!"
It dawned on Andrew how worried and insecure Felix was when it came to Izzy.There was no doubt she loved him...but that hadn't always matterd.He still almost lost her.Andrew knew this wasn't going to be easy.He realized this was about more than just his advancing at Izzy.

"Felix!I came to apologize.I am very sorry.I realize that I don't love Izzy,not really.I confused infatuation with love.Anyone can see you two are meant for eachother.It's wriiten all over your faces.I really was happy to be coming back here.I really wanted to be friends with you and I know I messed it up.I never wanted to become so taken with Izzy.I met her before I even knew about the two of you.I am sorry.Please forgive me."
Felix really wanted to be frineds with Andrew.He decided to give him another chance.

"Alright Andrew.You are forgiven.Besides,you may be right."
"What about?"
"Me and Iz.I may not be the man to take care of her.I love her so much...but everyone seems to doubt.And I am starting to wonder if it's really fair if I marry her.I can support her I guess,but not like someone like you could."

"Your'e right.Noone like me could support Izzy like you.You can provide her with more than just money and shelter and so forth.You back her emotionally aswell.No one could love Izzy like you do.No one would sacrifice for her like you...they may,but they would certainly be more resentful.You are willing to do everything for her and think nothing of it.You love her Felix.Thats what counts.Felix,you are a wonderful man.You are honest,hard working and love with her.Thats what I always wanted,true love.I got jealous and thought that Izzy may love me back.So I was willing to fight.But ya know something...I really am sorry.Felix don't have doubts,she loves you.Believe me she made that incredibly clear to me.You really don't have to worry when it comes to Izzy.She is desperatly in love you.So don't worry."
"Thankyou Andrew.I just wonder sometimes what exactly she sees in me.I can't figure it out.I know she loves me...I just don't know why."
"Maybe you should ask her."
"Well,I just know I somehow got lucky."


Felix sat across form Izzy at the table.She made him dinner at the house.It was quiet at the Pettibone's.Felix couldn't take his eyes off of Izzy.She smiled his way.
"More soup?"She asked him
"No thankyou.It's delicious but I'm stuffed,I couldn't eat another bite."
Izzy laughed.
"Words I never thought I would hear you say."
"Yes was your day?"
"Fine.Andrew apologized and I forgave him.Did he go see you?"
"Yes.I also forgave him.But it made me wonder..."
"Wonder what?"
"How come you wouldn't want to be with someone like Andrew?"
"What?I'm confused."
"Well I mean...Andrew,he is rich and has a great house in Montreal,and everything.I guess I just wonder,how come I got so lucky.How come I was the one you picked?You could have almost anyone Iz."
"Well,I don't want anyone...I want you.And the reason being is I fell in love with you."
"Yeah,but why?"
"Why?Why you ask?Well alright come I love you?" She walked over to where he sat .She plopped herself down on his lap.
"Lets see,what do I love about you?Well for starters,I fell in love with your big heart,loving soul,kindness,your crazy schemes,and well ya are adorable.In have the softest hair."She said as she ran her fingers through it.
"You have the most wonderful forehead.The prettiest blue eyes,which by the way make my knees weak whenever I look into them.You have the most kissable nose."She said as she gave it a peck.
"Plus the most kissable neck."She said while working her way along the nape of his neck.
"Not to mention the most loving arms."She said as she wrapped his arms around her.
"And you have the most loveable hands too."
She said while kissing the tops of his hands.
"And you know what else I love...I love resting my head apoun your shoulders and chest.I love you .I love everything about you.I love your precious smile that can make me faint.I love to be with you.I love the way you laugh and everything else.I love to kiss you,to make dinner for you.I love just simply being around you Felix."
She then kissed his lips.Forcing him to break into one of his lopsided smiles that Izzy loved so much.She smiled back.
Felix simply replied with..."I'm glad."

The next day Izzy and Felix were walking down the road to the White Sands.They were on their way to lunch.Felix had they day off and the desided to go eat.On their way they spotted Velma Bugle.She waved at Felix.Felix gave a half smile.Izzy gave a scowl.Izzy did not trust Velma.She was desperate for Felix's affections.She constantly tried to bust them up.Well at least came up with plots to split them apart.It was obvious by the look in Velma's eye she was plotting,planning,and schemeing something up. Izzy and Felix just kept walking.Izzy was certain Velma would be all over Felix when she left for Halifax.Izzy would leave in the morning to go and spend two weeks with her family.Then she would be bringing them back her so they could help plan the wedding. Felix and Izzy arriived at the hotel they orderd soup.
"Well I guess I will meet you at the station around nine."Felix said.
"That would be wonderful."
"Infact,why don't I just pick you up a little before nine?Then after I can just drive to work."
"Okay.Thats a good idea."
"Do you really have to go for two weeks?Couldn't you stay for one?"
"Well,Morgan won't be there until the second week.He went on a trip to NewYork.He went to check into schooling there.I really ought to stay two weeks."
"Okay.But I'm going to miss you something terrible."
"Well it's only two weeks.I think we can handle it.Afterall you left for two YEARS.We survived."
"This is true."
"But,I know I'm going to miss you too.I wish you could come with me.I know you have to work though.Anyways...the time will go fast.I will be visiting with my family,and I know Muriel is going to want to discuss the wedding.You'll be busy at work.Cecily will be running the store,so that will help me pass the time.If I left it with just anyone I would worry to much.Atleast I will be able to enjoy this trip."
"Well whatever you do...don't let your father talk you out of marrying me."
"Well,for one thing...Muriel and I wouldn't let him.Besides,what makes you think he would want to?"
"Well the wedding is approching in a few months and I know he is still touchy about you and I being together.I know he still dosen't like it.He may have accepted it,but he dosen't like it."
"Don't worry.He likes you.He just dosen't like me growing up.That is something he,nor anyone else can prevent from happening."

March 1st arrived.Izzy and Felix awoke early.She gatherd her bags.There was a knock on the door.Izzy jetted down the steps.She pulled open the door.Felix smiled at her.
"Come in.I'm running a little late.Make yourself comfortable.I will be right down."She ran up stairs and zipped back down with her last bag.
"Oh!I almost forgot!"She zoomed back upstairs.Then she flew back down with her shoes in hand.
"Can't go without these.Sorry about this.I woke up early...but I am very disorganized today."She finnished putting on her shoes and grabbed her hat and coat.Felix carried her bags out to the cutter.Felix and Izzy headed to the station.She was running very late to her train.She boarded her bags then went to say goodbye to Felix.
"I'm gonna miss you Iz."
"I'll miss you too."
"I love you Izzy."
"I love you too.Very,very much Felix."
Felix gave her a very tender,loving kiss.She stroked his cheek with her hand and boarded the train.She arrived safely in Halifax.Meanwhile Velma began to put her plan in affect once she learned that Izzy was out of town.Velma had to make Felix see Izzy was no good.She was certain the only reason Izzy liked Felix was because he was a King.Velma did not want Felix to suffer any humiliation due to Izzy,or any heart ache because she was using him.Velma had to protect him,even if it meant lying.And she began to unload the rumors. Velma enterd the General Store were Cecily was standing at the counter talking to Jane Spry and Sally Potts.
"Hello ladies."Velma said as if she had some gossip.
"Hello Velma."They replied.
"What can I get for Velma?"Cecily asked.
"Well I just came in for some green tea."
"Fine."Cecily handed her some tea.
"So,Velma...any gossip?!"Sally asked exited.
"Actually I heard a few things,but I don't know how truthful they are."
"Well let us be the judges of that!Go on spill it!"Jane coaxed.
"Well I heard that Izzy Pettibone really went to Halifax to see a beau."
"What!?Thats riddiculous.Izzy is engadged to Felix."Cecily said in utter disgust at Velma's remark.
"Yes.I know.Thats why I doubt it."
Velma knew that the other girls would want to throw their two cents in.She knew theyv would pretend they knew more than she did.They had to look good.And so on the tale grew...
"Well I heard something of the same."Jane started.
"I heard that Izzy met a man over the holidays.He is a military man that wanted to court her.Ofcourse Clive Pettibone agreed.So she is now stuck between this man and Felix."
"Yes.I heard that she had thougt Felix to be as good as dead,so she planned to rebuild her life with a new man.I believe his name was Jacob Carmichael.Yes.I heard that she was about to exept his marriage purposal when she returned to Avonlea to find Felix alive."
"That is impossible.Izzy never had a beau named Jacob Carmichael.Infact the only beau Izzy ever had was Felix.She has always been in love with Felix."Cecily protested."I know Izzy better than anybody.I know all her iner most secrets.If there was another man she would have said something."
"Well,you may not know everything about Izzy.Maybe she was keeping it from you so Felix wouldn't find out."Sally said.
"Yes.I heard that she was going to Halifan to break it off with Mr.Carmichael."
"Oh,really ?I heard that she was going to accept.I heard she is having trouble choosing between them."Velma said trying to over play Jane's last remark.
"That is a bold face lie!After all Izzy and Felix went through to get Clive's permission!?!It's impossible!!!!!!!!!Noone in the Pettibone family ever brought up a Jacob Carmichael!Never once!Izzy is bringing her family back with her to plan the wedding.You are highly mistaking.No one loves Izzy like Felix.And Izzy loves him more that you could imagine!"
"Well maybe she is using him.Prehaps she only wants him because he is a King.I heard that she was going to marry Felix for his money and all his inheritance.Than I heard she was going to run off and marry this Jacob fellow."Velma lied.
"Velma Bugle that is a lie!!!!!!!!I know what your'e up to!You have always liked Felix.Perhaps it's you that wants to come in to the King's inheritance!!!!!Velma this little stunt of yours is dispicable!!!!!!!!The fact is Felix and Izzy are in love and you can't stand that he loves her and not you!Well ya know what get over it!!!!!!And stop spreading rumors about my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Gee,Cecily.I'm sorry if I offened you.But if I am making this up how come Sally and Jane have heard it too?"
"Velma Bugle!Oh!I...I can't listen to this anymore...please ladies make your purchases and leave."
"Gladly!"They said in unison.In a huff the three left to pass on and discuss the new juicy gossip.
Soon enough the town was abuzz with scandlizing gossip.

Lies were passes throughout the town at rapid speed.The story grew more and more as each citizen heard it and retold it.It eventually came to it's nast peak at word of Izzy leaving Jacob Carmichael at the alter when learning of Felix's return.Many townsfolk belivied the story true.Others did not.Most all the town had heard the tall tale of Izzy and Jacob,eveyone seemed to know but Felix.On his way home from the hotel he was approched.
"Oh Felix King,you poor dear!"Mrs.Potts began.
"Pardon me?"Felix replied completely at aloss as to what Mrs.Potts meant.
"Oh,I can't imagine what it must be like to learn yourv finace is off involved with another man."
"Neither can I.Mrs.Potts,you'll have to exuse me...but I really haven't a clue as to what you mean?"
"You mean you don't know?Oh,gracious me.I never should have said anything.Oh,exuse me."Mrs.Potts dismissed herself and left.Several others who passed Felix made comments he could not understand.

He got home and began to ask questions.
"Hello Felix."
"Hi.Cess?What is wrong with this town?People keep asking me odd questions and keep telling me how awful I must feel.Did anyone say anything odd at the store?"
"Felix,I'm glad you're home."Janet said evtering the kitchen. "I'm about to make dinner.Oh,and don't you beleive a word those gossips say.Izzy loves you I know it!"
"What?!What is this all about?Why do people keep saying things like that to me!?!"
Janet and Cecily explained everything to him.
"Exactly."Cecily said.
"Where would they hear that !!!!!!!!!?????????"
"Thats just it.I never heard anything like that until Velma brought it up today.Funny,how this sufaces through Velma and just as Izzy leaves."
"I can't believe it!"
"Thats because there isn't an ounce of truth to it."Cecily said.
"Why would anyone say such a thing?"
"Because they are cantankerous gossips who have nothing else to do,and then they raise their children to follow."Janet explained.
"I want to know where they all heard this to begin with.It seems a little odd to me that they all suddenly rememberd at the same time.Plus I know they would continue to make such lies up to make thmeselves more informed.I know this is a lie to make Velma somehow become more appealing to you.I know it!I know Izzy!She tells me everything."
"So people think this is true.They all think Izzy is playing me like a fool?!"
"Oh,I can't beleive this!"Cecily stammerd.
"My best freinds name is being dragged into the mud!!!!!!!!"She finnished.
"I have to clear this little misunderstanding up.I can't allow my fiance's name to be tarnished."Felix said angerly.

Felix tried to make people to see this was a falsehood.Only Izzy hadn't wriiten in awhile.He could not help but wonder if maybe Izzy had courted.He wouldn't have blammed her.He was a fool to have left her in the first place.He was should have at least married her before he left.That way she would be his,to have and to hold...forever!Thats what he really wanted!He was angry with himself.He certainly could not have blammed this Jacob Carmichael(the name that left a prang in his heart each time it was utterd.)Any man in his right mind would want Izzy.He was stupid enough to let her go to fight in a stupid war...well than what should he expect?!He was the fool!!!!!!He was so angry with himself.He felt like crying.But instead he wrote a letter.He had to know the truth. THE LETTER READ:
Dearest Izzy,
I love you.I miss you.I need you.Izzy I have to know the truth...did you ever go courting with a Jacob Carmichael?If so I understand.The town assures me he is well to do,and that he is very much in love with you.I know what thats like.Izzy I need you to do whats in your heart.I heard you are having troubles deciding.Iz,listen to your heart.I can only pray that it leads you back to me.Izzy I know I never should have left with out making you my wife.I never should have left at all.And if I could do it over,I wouldn't have gone.Izzy...please do what you must.But tell me the truth.And remember...always...that I love you with every breath in my body.
Love Always,
It was a heartfelt letter from a distressed young man in fear of losing his true love.He couldn't bring himself to mail the letter.How could he doubt her?She would never be able to simply forget that he doubted her.He desperatly hoped he was wrong.He would surely be at a loss without his precious Izzy.He could'nt bare to think of life with out her in it.He tore the letter in to a thousand peices.Then he cried,hoping Izzy still loved him and that Velma was just toying with his mind. The next day a very troubled Felix rode off to work in his cutter.He walked to the front dest to recieve any mail.Sadly none from Izzy.Sometimes she would send stuff there instead of Kingfarm.Every once in awhile she would send him a love letter there.He loved it when she did stuff like that.Izzy hadn't sent word in days.The first week was almost over.Felix missed her terribly.He was even more anxious to see her now that these rumors were being passed throughout all of Avonlea.Felix had to do something.He decided that he would finnaly go and buy her an engadgment ring.This way he could surprize her with it when she got back.Prehaps now she would really know how serious he was about her.Felix drove to Carmody the next day and bought a small golden ring with a small,but noticable diamond.He spent much of his recent earnings on the ring,but he didn't much care about that.He still had money,he just wanted to make sure he still had Izzy.


It was now mid March.Izzy would be ruturning along with her family the next morning.Felix would pick them up at the train station.The next day Felix sat at the breakfast table with Andrew who was trying to convince him that he had nothing to worry about.
"So Felix,making any plans for you and Izzy?"
"Well Simon gave me the day off so I could spend it with her.He says no matter what anyone says he is certain Izzy loves me."
"As am I.Felix,nobody got the message louder than I did.The things she said about you,Felix...I'm telling you,you have no reason to worry.Izzy Pettibone loves you more than imaginable."Felix was very exited that Izzy was returning.He missed her so much and he wanted desperatly to give her the ring.He drove to the station in his cutter and waited.Her train was late.He turned around to reherse finding a way to get Izzy alone and give her the ring.All of a sudden he felt two arms wrapped around him.Izzy had dropped her bags and ran to him.She turned him around so they were facing oneanother.Before anyone could say anything or do anything Izzy had pressed her lips firmy against his.She gave him a long,loving,passionate,hard,warm,longing kiss.Right in front of her family.Muriel laughed as Clive gave an annoyed look.He was still getting used to Izzy being grown up and in love.Arthur and Morgan both felt a bit of that big brother instict run through them.For a moment Arthur felt like punching Felix out for kissing his baby sister like that.But he quickly rememberd how in love they were.He cooled off.Felix soon relaxed.All the worry and doubts he had flutterd away from his head.He soon placed his arms around Izzy's waist.He kissed her hard and slow.Neither one could bring themselves to let go.Izzy started running her fingers through his hair.Felix slowly worked his lips down her neck.
"Iv'e had enough of this."Clive said very annoyed.Muriel just smiled.
"Are they gonna stay like that all day?"Morgan asked.
"No."Clive said as he went to break them up.
"Muriel that is just down right improper behavior.The whole town dose not want to see Felix King and my daughter stand there kissing eachother.Especially me!"
Clive walked over to them.
"Exuse me you two."Felix quickley let go of Izzy.He hadn't even noticed the rest of the Pettibone family.Felix turned bright red.
"Sir...I-I didn't see you there.I-um,I..."
"I hadn't figured you did.Come on you two.I would like to get home and eat something." They all made there way home.Felix drove them all to Pettibone farm.Clive helped Muriel out of the cutter.Morgan and Arthur filed out of the back as well.It was tight in the cutter.Felix helped Izzy out of the cutter and tenderly smiled as he held her hand.The rest of the family started towards the house.
"Thankyou Felix."
"Ofcourse my love."He whisperd back.
"I missed you sooooo much."
"I missed you too."
"Izzy! Ya coming?!" Arthur yelled.
"Yeah!... I guess I should go and unpack.Would it be alright if I dropped by Kingfarm after lunch?"
"I wish you would.Simon gave me the day off."
"Okay,until then."
"Right." They leaned in to exchange another kiss.
"Izzy,come on!"Clive yelled at the door.
"Izzy smiled at him as she made her way to the house. Felix now knew everything was going to be alright and that this Jacob Carmichael had to be fictionalized by a crazy Velma Bugle.

Felix waited impatinetly for Izzy to drop by.finally a few hours latter she knocked on the door.Cecily answerd it.
"Izzy!!!!!!!"They hugged .
"I missed you Cess!"
"I missed you too." Felix jetted into the room.
"Well you didn't waste any time.I suppose you two want to be alone?"
"Yes."Felix said
"Alright I will go then.I will talk to you latter Iz."
"Okay.I'll see you latter."
"Hey,why don't you stay the night?We can talk about girl things and stuff."
"Okay,if you are sure it would be okay.I'm sure father wouldn't mind."
"I know it would be okay.Well I will leave you alone now."Cecily left the kitchen.As soon as the sound of her footsteps disappeared Felix had Izzy in his arms.He kissed her lightly.
"I really missed you Iz."
"I missed you too."
"It was so boring with you gone.I had noone to do anything with."
"I doubt that.But I know that I missed you lots.All I thought about was you."
"Iz,do you think you could get away for dinner?Or do you think you will be pushing it?I know your father will want you around a little,and with you staying over and all."
"Well,actually,I don't think anyone would mind.Infact that would be nice.I could pack up my things in a little while and then I could just come home with you after dinner."
"Okay.Sounds good.Iz,I think I should tell you something right away.I was thinking about doing it during dinner,but I have more important things to talk over with you then.Plus I feel you should know.After you left Velma Bugle created a rumor about you."
"What sort of a rumor?"
"Well she went into the General Store and told everyone you went to Halifax to see an old beau.She said that while I was away your father had you court a military man named Jacob Carmichael."
"Yes,and Jane Spry and Sally Potts,being the gossips they are had to join in.They agreed...pretending they knew more than the other person.The rumor passed along.It was said that you had trouble deciding between us.You had thought me as good as dead and agreed to marry him.It was said you left him at the altar and returned home when finding out I was alive and back in Avonlea.The real reason you went back to Halifax was to tell this Jacob Carmichael why you left him and to break it off.Only you had doubts about doing so."
"That is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!People actually belive this to be true!?!"
"Some do,because they have nothing better to do.Others say it is outrageous."
"Felix,you don't actually beleive it you?"
"No.I would be lying if I said I did'nt wonder.Sometimes I felt it could be true.I even wrote you a letter asking for the truth.I didn't at first think it was possible,only I realized it could happen.Any man on Earth would want to take you as his wife.I couldn't blame anyone for loving you.I thought how could I have been so stupid?!Why did I leave you.It wasn't fair to ask you to wait for me.I should never have gone.I should have stayed here and married you then!I never should have gone anywhere without making you my wife first.It made me see how precious you really are Iz.It made me know even more how much I can't live without you.I knew the moment I saw you I had worried over nothing.I always knew I should beleive in us.I knew it then and I certainly know it now.Please Izzy,forgive me for doubting.I wouldn't even call it doubting...only questioing my own stupidity."
"Felix King.Look at me.I think you are the most wonderful man I have ever met.Thats why I am marrying you.Felix,I forgive you.I would worry too if I heard rumors.I wouldn't doubt you,just one could take my heart.That my love ,belongs to you.It always has."
"Izzy I am so glad you are home.I missed you so much."
"I missed you.I kept thinking of how much I missed your kisses.I kept finding it difficult to sleep because I kept thinking about our wedding.I can't wait to become your wife.I love you so much."
"I think I love you more."
"That my dear is seemingly impossible."
"Well I love you more than all the money in the world."
"Really?Mr.get rich quick?"
"Yep.You are my world Izzy.And my fortune.You by my side makes me the richest man to walk the island."
"Stop.Now you're talking crazy."She said giggling.
"I mean it Iz,you really are so precious to me."
He said taking her hands into his.
"I feel the same about you." He kissed her hands softly. They were about to share a deep kiss when Janet came into the kitchen completely unaware Izzy was there.
"Izzy!When did you get here?"
"Oh!Hello Mrs.King.Not long ago."
"Oh,It's wonderful to see you again.And please...I thought we discussed that Mrs.King bussiness.Really now,you're soon to become Mrs.King yourself."
Izzy and Felix both lit up to the sound of someone refering to Izzy as Mrs.King.
"Sorry.I will try to remember."
"I didn't mean to intrude on the two of you.I only came to make some cookies."
"Thats alright.We were about to leave and go to take a walk anyways."Felix said.
"We were?"
"Yeah,c'mon." Izzy and Felix went for a walk.The whole way Felix kept a tight grip around Izzy's waist.On there way to the Pettibone farm,they ran into Velma Bugle.
"Why hello Miss Bugle."Felix said smuggly as they walked by. Izzy butted in with a very snutty"Nice day,isn't it?" Velma was clearly annoyed that these rumors had not put a damper on the relatioship.They would never hold up amongst the town now that she was back and so clearly in love with Felix.She had failed.And she would be the one looking like a fool,not Izzy or Felix.The town was already sceptical about it...they only went with it for lack of gossip.Velma was no very angry with Izzy.She was still certain that Izzy only loved Felix because he was King. Izzy and Felix procceded to the Pettibone's.Izzy was going to ask permission to stay the night with Cecily.Clive granted it.Latter Felix left and he planned his speech to give her the ring.It in a way was like proposing all over again.He was slightly less nervous,but it was still a little tense.He hoped she liked the ring.It was small,and if he could he would supply her with the biggest most glamorus jewlery in the world.Although...up till now she had no ring,and seemed very happy.Felix changed into some nicer clothes and went to pick Izzy up.When he got there she wasn't quite ready.Muriel pointed his way to the parlor to wait.Clive joined him.
"So,'ve you been lately?"
"Not bad,and yourself?"
"Well,I actually have been quite well thankyou.You know were all Izzy talked about while we were in Halifax.I want you to understand...I do wish that she were still a little girl,but I am glad that she has choosen you to marry.I know I don't always show it...but Felix,one day you will understand.You will understand what it is like to have this little baby.Then when all of a sudden they want to get married.It's like you have slept through eighteen years.All of a sudded your little baby girl wants to get married.It is a very big shock Felix.I just want you to realize...I really am glad that the two of you will be there to love eachother.It's just that...if you could you would make sure they stay little for as long as possible." Felix finnaly understood,or atleast appreciatied where Clive was coming from. Felix nodded at Clive who looked as though he could cry.Izzy then came down the stairs.
"Hello Felix."She came dowm holding her small suite case.
"Hi Iz."
"Well goodnight Father."
"Good night."She kissed his cheek and Felix and Izzy were off to the White Sands.

The got there and found a semi secluded table in the back of the dinning area. After they ate Felix decided to give her the ring. "Izzy.I have something I want to say.Iz,I love you.I am thrilled you are taking me as your husband.I am thrilled at the idea of waking up to you each day and at the idea of growing old with you.I told you when I got your father's approval we would get you a ring.So,while you were gone I got you one."He pulled out a red velvet case.He opened it to her.It was a shinney gold band with a tiny diamond. Izzy's eyes instantly filled with tears.
"It's beautiful."
"You're sure you like it?I know it's small,but ..."
"No,I love it.I would'nt exchange it for any peice of jewlery in the world."
From across the table Felix gently slipped it on her hand.It fit perfectly.
"Oh,Felix.I don't beleive it.It is so gorgous."
"No...Iz,you're gorgeous." Izzy walked slowly over to Felix.He stood.They exchanged a passionate kiss.

Awhile latter Felix and Izzy left the hotel.Izzy snuggled close into Felix's chest as he drove the cutter to Kingfarm.
"Izzy,I wanted to ask you another question."
"Okay go for it."
"Well,I was thinking about where we were going to live once we got married.I am supposed to inheriate the farm,only...I don't really want it.I was thinking Gus and Felicity should just stay there.Or maybe Daniel and Cecily could have it.I am set to inheriate the hotel.Simon is leaving it to me.I love working the hotel.I was thinking of trying to but Rose Cottage from Aunt Hetty.It made sense to me for her to move in with my parents now that Rachel Lynde moved in with her son.Only she loves that house.Then it came to me.I could but Golden Milestone from Uncle Jasper.That is if you would want me to.I'm sure he would sell it.They are set on staying in England a few more years.What do you think?"
"I think that we could live in the barn and I would'nt care as long as you were there with me.I think Golden Milestone would make a beautiful home."
"So I should talk to the Dales?"
"I suppose you should."
They reached the farm house.It was around eight.
"Hello Izzy.I hear you will be staying with us tonight."Alec said as they enterd the kitchen.
"Yes.If it's alright with you?"
"Ofcourse dear.Anytime you want to come over you are welcome."
"Thankyou Mr.Ki...Alec."
"Hi Iz."Daneil said passing through.
"Hi Daniel."
"Whatcha doin here?"
"She is staying the night."Felix told him.
"Oh.Okay.Well I will see you latter then."
"Felicity and Gus are here with the baby.They had dinner here."Alec said.

"Oh.Great.I want to see Eliza."Felix said while guiding Izzy into the parlor.
"Hello."Felix said.
"Hi Felix.Izzy."Felicity replied.The rest of the room consisted of Cecily,Janet,Gus,Andrew and Eliza.They also offered greetings.
"I came to see my neice."
"Well here you go."Felicity said handing him the baby.Eliza and Felix had a special bond.They were very taken with oneanother. Latter on Felicity and Gus went home as Eliza was incredibly sleepy.Izzy and Cecily taked the whole night through.Mostly talking about the dress.Tomorrow the familes were getting together to talk flowers.Cecily and Izzy woke very tired.They proceded to breakfast.After that everynoe went about their chores.Then they prepared to meet with the Pettibones at lunch. Janet prepared a large meal and it was enjoyed by all.Only now it was time to talk bussiness.

Janet was first to bring it up.
"Well lets talk boquets."
"Well I think that roses would be pretty."Felicity said.
"Oh,no.Tulips would be beautiful."Cecily annoncued.
"I like the roses."Muriel said.
" I like.." Izzy began but was cut off.
"Oh,you have to go with the tulips."Janet interjected.
"I think..."Izzy tried.
"Oh,but aren't roses more traditional?"Clive asked.
"Well I think that would be better."Alec said.
"Well,lets vote on it."Felicity stated.
"Um..."Izzy tried once more
"I think we should vote."Clive agreed.
"Wait a minute.I want roses."Izzy said .
"Well ya see,roses it is."Felicity stated.
"Alright,location?"Muriel asked.
"Well the reception should certainly be held here at Kingfarm."
"Well whats wrong with our home?"Clive asked.
"Well...It's tradition that the receptions are held here."

"Yes,well I would like to have it at my home."Clive told her.
"Oh,really,Clive...must you break a tradition?"
"It's a stupid tradition."
"Take that back!"Janet yelled.
"Take it easy...we can discuss location latter."Felix tried to stop the arguing.
"No,I think it would be nice to have my daughter's wedding reception at my house."
"Well it's our son's reception too."Alec said in defense.
"Please you guys...It dosen't really matter where we have..."Izzy's words seemed unheard.Kings and Pettibones were begining to fight.
"Great."Izzy said annoyed to Felix.
"This is going to be a nightmare."

Days passed.The families fought over everything.What made it worse was that nobody seemed to care much about what eighther Izzy or Felix wanted.It was all about power trips.
A week went by.The familes were getting together to discuss different apperal. The situation was already tense.Everyone had their own idea of the perfect wedding.
"I like this one."Janet said.
"Oh,that will never do."Muriel argued.
"It's far to showy."Felicity clammerd.
"I like the one with the beads."Cecily announced.Hetty made a simple face. Before Izzy could say anything another dress was being considerd. Meanwhile Felix was having about as much luck with the men.No one could agree on anything.Fighting was about.The yelling was horrible.That night when the got together to talk about food...everyone exploded.

"I think that choclate cake would be best."
"I don't!Janet I think white is far more appropriate."Muriel said.
"Yes,but choclate is Felix's favorite."
"Well Izzy prefers white."
"Actually...I prefer white."Felix said to Izzy.
"Strange,I like the choclate.I like both,but choclate is my favorite."
"They don't care what we think."Felix said.
"I know."
"I can't take this screaming much longer."
"I am getting a headache.This whole wedding is becoming one giant headache."
"You want to take a walk?"
"Yes.I bet they never notice we're gone."
Felix and Izzy slipped out without anyone aware.They were all yelling at oneanother.

Felix and Izzy walked along.
"The wedding is only relativley two months away.They are never going to stop!This wedding is going to be one giant disaster.They are going to ruin the happiest day of my life!"
"I know...they are only trying to help.But if they would just realize that this is our wedding not theres.Maybe they would stop."
"Lets face it!They are going to rip this wedding to shreds.It is not going to be our day.It's not going to be what we want at all."
"Yeah.I wish there was something we could do about it.I know we can't reason with them."
"There is something we can do about it."

"Yeah.Atleast we will get through our wedding in peace.You already talked to Jasper right?Well he agreed to give us the house.You aren't even buying it.Thats their gift to us.Felix,we could spend the night at the hotel.Come morining we could tell everyone.We could move into Golden Milestone with in a few days...that way the tension will stop.And maybe we can stop our families before they start a fued among themsleves.If we don't we could end up as another Romeo and Juliet.Plus...I can't wait to become your wife."
"Well,you know that I want to get married as soon as we can.Are you sure about this?"
"Yes.I know that if we go to Carmody now we could be married and back with in a few hours.I know there are people who will marry us.Muriel knows some people there.A minsiter.He will surely marry us."
"Alright.Lets gather some things and go."
Felix gatherd some clothes from the house.Noone noticed they were still fighting.Then they stopped at the Pettibones and Izzy grabbed some things and the were off. They were halfway to Carmody before anyone stopped to notive they left.
"Has anyone seen Felix or Izzy?"Cecily asked.
The yelling stopped.
"They aren't anywhere around the house."
"Thats riddiculous.They were here a minute ago."Alec said.
"Well they have to be somewhere."Clive said.
"I bet they left because of the fighting.Izzy said she was tired of the arguing."Cecily said.
"Well I...I can't seem to find their couats."Janet said.
"The cutter is gone."Alec said peeking outside."
"Well where could they be?"Janet said.
"Well they couldn't have gone to far."Muriel said.
They all went looking for them.
Meanwhile Felix and Izzy had entered Carmody.They drove on to this man's house.Izzy knocked on the door.
"Hello Reverend."
"Izzy Pettibone?Is that you?"
"Yes.I came to ask you a favor."
"I would like you to marry my fiance and I?"
"You mean you are eloping?"
"Thats the idea."
"Well you are both of legal age...right?"
"I'm eighteen...alomost nineteen.Felix will be twenty soon."
"Well than I can legally marry you.But Izzy why are you eloping?"
"Our families."
"Not allowing the marriage?"
"No.But they fight about every detail in planning it!They don't even bother to hear what we want... they all have their own vision of this wedding...but so do we."
"I see."
"We just want to stop the fighting before a big feud begins.Please marry us!?!"
"Alright Izzy.I will marry you.Adalade can be witness."
The reverand and his wife took their places,as did Felix and Izzy.
"Shall we begin?"
Reverand Lucas came to the "I do's".Izzy was first.
"Do you,Isolde Jessica Pettibone take thee,Felix Alexander King as.."
"Stop!"Izzy shouted.
"I'm sorry...I just I...I-can't.I can't do it...not this way!Felix,Reverand I am sooo sorry.Iam sorry to have botherd you Reverand Lucas,Mrs.Lucas.I really do apologize." Izzy and Felix left in silence.When the reached the cutter Izzy started to cry.
"Felix...I am sooo sorry.Understand that I do want to marry you,very,very,very much I do.I just can't,not without our families.I need them there."
"Izzy,it's alright.I agree.I need everyone to be there.It is going to be the best day of my life when I make you my wife...I want people to be there so I cna share my joy with them.I can't deprive my mother and everyone else of seeing me get married.It would break her heart.Just like your family would be heartbroken.We just have tell them it's our way...or we simply won't get married.Or atleast they won't be there to see it."
"Okay.So you're not mad?I mean it was my idea."
"Izzy...I'm not mad.It was a hairbrained scheme...belive me,Iv'e encounterd several of those.Don't worry about it.I love ya Izzy...don't worry about it.I wonder if they have discoverd we are missing yet."
"I bet they are still fighting.I love you Felix."
"I love you too."They exchanged a passionate kiss and headed for home.

Felix and Izzy arrived at Kingfarm that evening.The families were waiting impateintly for them.They enterd the house to find the destressed family members waiting at the kitchen table. "Thank God you two are back!"Janet said.
"Where were you?"Alec asked.
"Well,Felix and I went to elope..."Izzy was cut off.
"YOU WHAT?!I don't beleive it!!!!!!!!!!"Janet wailed.
"My baby baby boy got married and I didn't even get to be there!!!!!!!!"
"Why would you do this ...Izzy how could you?!"Clive said angry and hurt.
"Wait! Stop.If you would listen to us a minute..."
"For once!"Izzy said.
The room grew silent.
"You would know that we couldn't go through with it.We couldn't bring ourselves to say the vows."Felix explained.
"Does this mean you won't be getting married?"Muriel asked.
"No.It wasn't that we couldn't commit was we couldn't do it without all of you there.We want you there. " Izzy told.
"Well that brings me to my next question...why would you elope?We are planning your wedding as we speak?"Alec asked.
"Well thats just it! YOU were planning OUR wedding. You keep fighting over what you want.You haven't once asked what we want.We want your help and opinions.But our word has to be final say...or we won't have you help.Not only are you creating your own images of the perfect wedding versus keep fighting.If you continue bickering you are only gonna cause problems.And no matter what we will get married.If we have to we will elope.We thought we should tell you and give you another chance.We will elope if we have to...we can't afford any family rifts over wedding plans.Afterall we are going to be one family in a few months."Izzy explained.
"We're sorry.I guess we never realized."Janet said ashamed.
"Iz,Felix...I'm sorry."Felicity said.
"Me too."Cecily said.
"We are all sorry.I know we all just wanted to create the perfect wedding for you.But I guess everyone has their own impression of that huh?"Alec said.
"I still feel bad for my behavior.I only want the best for you two."Clive said with a soft tone.
"We realize that...thats why we decided to hold off eloping."Felix said.
"From now one...your word is final say."Muriel told them.

A week went by.The Pettibones went back to Halifax .They would be back next month.The planning process would surley become more intense at that time.The wedding was set for June 12th. It was now April fourth. Felix was incrediably busy at the hotel,and Izzy was consumed by the store.They had very little time for eachother as of late.They were able to sneak a few private moments now and then,but even the usual lunches together were constantly put on hold.The weather was growing nicer and the hotel was growing had been three days scince Felix and Izzy had even seen eachother.Velma was still persistant in thinking up ways to break them up.She figured task one was to get them apart.Part two was to win Felix over and make him fall in love with her.She devised a plan and set to work.The next day in Felix's mailbox at work was a note. It read:
Dearest Felix,
I miss you terribly.I want to spend sometime with you alone.Meet me at Pine Bend tomorrow after you get off work,around seven. Can't wait...
Love Always,

Velma knew it work.She sent a rather similar note to Izzy. Now all that was left was to show up and split them apart.She had to get Izzy to back off Felix.And she knew just the way.She was sure to win her man now! It was a plan that could not fail.Not if Izzy and Felix were their usual predicted selves atleast. Felix gatherd his mail form the front desk.He noticed the one letter had "Felix"imprinted heavily on the front of the envelope.The i was dotted with a heart.It had to be from Izzy.Felix took his lunch break and sat to read the note.A boyish grin curved to Felix's lips.He was certainly exited.The hand writting seemed a little different,but he figured she probaly wrote it quickly on the account of her being so busy.And Izzy figured the same about her letter she found behind the front counter,where Felix always left her notes.She had a little box where he would leave her things now and again...Velma being nosy..of course knew about it. Izzy read her letter over and over...she could not take her mind off of seeing Felix.The idea of his latest scheme thrilled her.It was so romantic and so fun to think about.Izzy smiled pleasantly all throughout the rest of the day.She was so exited that the day seemed endless. Finnaly she could go home and get ready.She curled her up on her head and threw on a lavender dress and hat.Then she threw on a coat and headed to Pine Bend.It was long time getting there.Seemingly never ending.Felix felt the same way.Only thing was when Felix got there Velma was waiting.He saw a form standing facing the other direction.He was so anxious to see Izzy he hadn't even really noticed it was Velma.He quitely walked over to the woman and placed his hands around her waist.Velma did not dare move...he sent tingles through her.He whisperd in her ear ..."Hello my love."Then softly kissed her neck.Velma went weak.Felix began to turn her so he could give her a long awaited kiss on the lips.He finnaly faced her and realized the woman he was about to embrace...and had embraced was not his sweet Izzy,but Velma!Skim milk herself!!!!!!!!
"Velma Bugle!!!!!!!!!!!???????????What are YOU doing here?!"
"I came to see you."
"What are you talking about.How did you know I would be here? What is wrong with you!? Why didn't you stop me from kissing you!?"
"Felix...I have waited so long for you to hold me like that...please don't stop now."
"Velma...what is this!?"
"I wrote the letter.I had to see you.I knew you would come to see Izzy. Felix,hear me...please?!"
"Velma I..."
"No...please? Felix,I love you.I know that you could love me ...Izzy dosen't love you the way I do.No one could! Felix,I need you to hold me.She loves you because you're a King.I love you because you're you! Felix you have a smile that could drive a girl insane.You have these wonderful dreams. And you are so wonderful.Oh,please ...forget Izzy.She is bad news!!! I know I could make a wonderful wife for you...please...pick me! I know I can give you everything.I want to love you! I do love you !!!!!!!" Velma took his hands in hers.She leaned in to kiss him.Izzy was now a few steps behind them and was very confused. Velma leaned furthur and kissed Felix.Izzy was about to become defensive,only Felix pushed Velma away.
"Why?! Why Izzy and not me!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!" Velma screamed knowing what he was about to say. Izzy stood silently.
"Look,Velma...the fact is I don't love you.I never will.You can't pick who you fall in love with.I'm sorry Velma but did an awful thing,thricking me to come here and try to bust Izzy and me apart! Just go away Velma."
"Yes.Do!" Izzy snapped.

"Izzy!"Felix said surprized she was there.
"When did you get here?" He asked.
"A few minutes ago.Long enough. Velma,what is wrong with you?! Why are you doing this to us all the time!?!" Izzy said.She was sick of all of Velma's stunts.She never liked Velma but now she liked her less.
"Izzy.I think you are wrong for Felix.And I am in love with him."
"Well I hate to break it to you,but so am I."Izzy retorted.
"But you're no good for him!"
"Why!? What makes you better than me?!"
"I would make a better wife and mother than you."
"How so?"
"I would surely be better than an ex-tomboy who was raised by men all her life!"
"What exactly is that supposed to mean?!!!!!!!!!?" Izzy was growing furious.
"You never even had a mother.What makes you think you could be one!?!" Izzy grew impateintly angry.
"Thats it!!!!!!! I've had it with you skim milk!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wanna settle this?"Alright...lets settle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh,yeah...tomboy!What ever you say!"
"Ah,Iz...calm down."Felix tried coaking.But both Izzy and Velma were far to angry to be stopped. Izzy walked close to Velma. She grabbed her by the collar. Velma quickly kicked Izzy causing her to let go. Izzy moved towards Velma and punched her face.This layed Velma out on the ground.Felix stood shocked.He didn't know what to say,or do.He just stood as Izzy pulled her coat material down.Brushed a stray hair form her forehead and sighed.The she walked away.Felix was still shocked,as was Velma.

Felix looked down at the stunned Velma.Felix did what any real gentleman would and lifted her to her feet.Then went after a piping mad Izzy.
"Izzy! Wait,Iz!"
She slowed down allowing Felix to catch up.
"Izzy.I am furious with Velma too,but do you really think you should have hit her?"
"Felix,I am fed up with Velma!I have had the urge to scratch her eyes out ever scince she bid on you at the bachlor auction! I am sick of her! She has tried to ruin us from day one.Aftter all the lies she told about me...after what she did.I think she deserved to get layed out.Perhaps it's just what she needed! She started rumors about me to break us up,she tricked us into coming here with a stupid love letter,and then had the nerve to say what she said to me?! I know I was a tomboy,I know I grew up without a mother!I am not exactly the best candiadate for a wife and mother...but do people have to remind me all my life!? Yes,Here I am Izzy Pettibone...the engadged tomboy who grew up with a military man for a father and her two brothers!I know ,lets shout it from the roof tops,Felix.Felix King is going to marry Izzy Pettibone!What is he thinking?!" Felix was confused at this point.
"I barely remember my mother.I have no idea how to be a wife or a mother...not really.Nobody was around to show me anything other than how to be one of the guys.I always felt I would be disapointing to my father if I was anything else.Thats how I was raised.Muriel finally showed me how to act,how to be who I really was.You don't think that I'm not scared to death to become someone's wife!? It's scary for any person.But I don't even have my mother to see me through it.I know I have Muriel,but I wish my mother could see me get married.I wish I could remember something.I forget more and more what she was like.I don't know what I am supposed to do,but somehow laying Velma out,somehow it helped.I wish people would stop treating me like I was stupid,or crazy because I was a mother-less tomboy!" Izzy began to cry very hard. Felix gatherd her into his arms and started tenderly stroking her arm.
"It's okay."He whisperd softly. He realized this was about more than Velma.He knew she was grieving her mother's death.That she was going through a stage of wedding jitters.
Felix knew Izzy was a rollercoaster of emotions and all he could do was hold and love thats what he intended to do.
"Izzy,please don't cry.I know you miss your mother,and I know she would be proud of you.Your whole family is.Izzy,you might have been raised as a tomboy,but you were also raised as a sweet,loving,person with a big heart and good morals.Not to mention a terrific left hook.Iz,I love you...I know you are going through the jitters.Everyone does.I know there are moments were I wonder if I will make a good husband to you.I doubt my ability to support you ,I wonder will I turn out to be a good father...but Iz,I remember how much I love you.Yes,the prospect of becoming a husband is frightining...only,I know it will work out.We will make wonderful parents.We love kids and I know you have good maternial instincts.I know we will be alright.Izzy,please don't cry.I KNOW things will work out."
"You do?"She said looking up,tears running down her face.
"Okay,I have faith in that."She said trying to smile.
"Me too.And I know you are hurting a little,but we will survive. "
"Okay."She said softly wipping away her tears.
"While we're here,Why don't we take a stroll?"
Felix and Izzy untangled themselves enough to walk. Felix and Izzy stopped after a they got a little more secluded.They sat down in the grass.
"Izzy,You remeber when I first brought you to Pine Bend?"
"Yes,I recall it well.That was the only time you took me to Pine Bend. "
"Felix,I don't recall Pine Bend being one of the better periods of our relationship."
"Well,thats my point.I wouldn't want such a beautiful place as Pine Bend to be a bad memory for us."
"What are you driving at?"
"Well we should make it become a good memory."
"Oh,and how do we do that?"Izzy asked.
"Like this." Felix replied as he started kissing her.
She laughed.
"What are you doing?"
"Do you have to ask?I'm kissing the woman I happen to be in love with. Unless you have any objections?"
"Well...-I suppose I can't complain to much."
Felix and Izzy both laughed.He then cupped her face ith his hands and procceded to kiss Izzy.Soon they found themselves enjoying this trip to Pine Bend much more than the last one.

"I am sick of Velma too.But I think we should check on her,ya know make sure she isn't badly hurt."
"I'm sure she's fine."
"I don't know Iz,you hit her pretty hard."
"I know.I will apologize,I guess I owe that much to her.But I'm sure by now she's headed home."
"Yeah,probaly.We should do the same.I think it's gonna rain."
"Yeah,it does seem like rain.Okay,lets go."
They reached Avonlea Crossroads just as it began to pour.They headed to the Pettibone's as it was closest and nobody else would be there so they could still have some time alone together. The walked into the door almost soaked. Izzy was going to get a towel and change.She was sure she could get something dry for Felix.Prehaps something Arthur or Morgan left behind.
Izzy and Felix went to go upstairs,but when they enterd the parlor they were shocked.
"Morgan!"Izzy said shocked to see him.
"Cecily?!"Felix said as he watched Morgan Pettibone kissing his little sister.
"Felix!Izzy!"Cecily said surprised to see them.
"Morgan?What are you doing home?"Izzy asked.
"Never mind that!What were you doing kissing my baby sister?"
"Well,Cess and I have been sorta courting lately."
"What?!Cess,how come you never said anything?"Izzy asked.
"Well you were so busy lately I haven't really seen you to tell you."
"Wait.How can you two be courting?You're not even in town?"Felix wanted to know.
"Well we've been writting letters."
"Besides Iv'e always been fond of Cecily."
"Well exuse me,but I don't think that a true gentleman would allow himself to be found in such a compermising situation with a young,vaulnerable girl like my baby sister!"
"Wait a minute! What about some of the stuff you've pulled with my baby sister?! You're no one to talk Felix!"Morgan retaliated.
"Thats different.Thats me and Iz,we're engadged."
"Well,so are we."Cecily said exited as she held her hand out to show off the tiny ring.

"Cecily.It's a beautiful ring."Izzy said shocked.She was very surprised,but a little exited for Cecily and Morgan.
"I can't beleive it.The two of you?I am so shocked."Izzy gave a Cecily a hug.Felix stood there completely silent,and very confused.

"I don't get it! What makes the two of you think you should get married?"Felix asked.
"We're in love."Cecily said very simply.
"How can you know something like that?You're so...young,Cess.You never really courted anyone and now you wanna get married?"
"Felix,Morgan and I more or less courted."
"Not really,and even if you mean, you ought to court a few people in your life time before making a desision like that."
"Exuse me,but am I right when I say that neighther you,or Izzy ever courted anyone but eachother?Are you saying that maybe you two should wait awhile?You're both young too."Cecily retaliated.
"No.Thats not what I'm saying?"
"Then what are you saying?"Morgan asked him.
"I- I uh,It's different!Izzy and I are different."

"How so?" Cecily asked shortly.
"Izzy and I have been best friends forever.We know eachother a lot better than the two of you do."
"Felix,can I talk to you a moment?Alone."Izzy interjected while pulling him to the kitchen.
"Felix,calm down.I am as shocked and confused as you are.Thing is,if we fight them we aren't going to get anywhere.We ought to support them,or at least not argue their choice to be together.I think you should let your father handle the "you're to young speech." Besides you know how taxing it is when your family goes crazy over things like this.If we don't support them not only does it make us hypicrittical,it makes us bad friends and family.Those reasons alone are enough to support them."
"Yes,but they can't possibly know that they are..."
"Felix,please.Let's not worry about that right now,we can handle that latter,besides fighting won't settle anything.I think they want our blessing,lets go give it to them."
"I guess your'e right." They walked back to give their congratulations to the newly announced lovers,but they were tentative about doing so.

That night Morgan explained to Izzy that he came up a day early and everyone else would be up in a few days.
Felix said nothing as he and Cecily returned to Kingfarm.He was to shocked to do anything.Cecily had invited Morgan to dinner for the following evening.They planned to make the announcement then.Felix knew Alec would be upset.He thought nobody could have as hard of a time asking for hand in marriage as he had with Clive,but now...he wasn't so sure about that. This was surely going to hit Alec hard. The following night at dinner the whole King family was there.Janet served dinner.Small talk commenced.The whole evening Felix and Izzy were unsure what to do or say.Everyone could tell something was up because they were acting odd.Well,they hadn't been making eyes at oneaother or trying to find ways to be alone.
"You two alright?Did you have a fight?You both have been so silent all night."Janet asked them.
"Where fine."Felix told her.
"You sure? I know the wedding is next month.Cold feet perhaps..."
"Mother,we are fine."
Latter Morgan asked Alec if he could speak with him latter.It hadn't crossed anyones mind that he wanted to ask for Cecily's hand. Izzy and Felix became very tense.Izzy started to choke on her water.
"Iz,you alright?"Cecily asked.
"Yeah."She managed to say as Felix started patting her back to get her to breath better.
"You sure everything is okay?"Janet again asked.
"Yes,everything is fine Mrs.King."Izzy had totally forgotten she had been on a first name basis with the whole family,including Hetty.
"Well Morgan,why don't we go talk in the parlor?"Alec stated. Morgan and Alec rose to leave the table. The whole table sat and continued as if nothing was going on in the other room.As if nobody was curios as to why Morgan needed to speak with Alec.Prehaps it was because nobody knew that Cecily and Morgan were "courting".Felix and Izzy just stared blankly as if waiting for some explosion.As if expecting for the windows to shatter at the sound of furious screaming.
"Are you both positive nothing is bothering you?"Janet asked Felix and Izzy again.
"What?"Izzy said startled.
"We're fine.Why would you think anything is wrong?We have nothing to say,we know nothing."Izzy said.
"Izzy,what are you talking about?I am conserned because you seem ,well you aren't acting like your usual selves."
"What do you mean Mother?"
"Felix,by now you and Iz usually are off somewhere necking.What has gotten into the both of you?You seem so nervous.You act like you are expecting an explosion."

Meanwhile in the Parlor...

"Mr.King,I know that I never got much chance to get to know you and everything.Not like Izzy and Arthur.I wasn't here enough to.I know that we are going to well,sorta become one family next month.I have to say that makes me happy because I have always thought the King family to be one of great,sensible,hard-working people.And understanding.Well you see I have sorta gotten to know you all a little better because I have had reason to scince my sister is marrying your son.Well throughout that I have gotten to know Cecily well.We found we have much in common.We found we sorta are alike because we were not home alot.Me in school and her in the sanitorium.We found we share the same ammbition and that we are sorta made for eachother.We have been writtinhg for along time now and well we sorta fell in love with eachother and I have asked Cecily to marry me.She accepted ,now I am asking you.Mr.King,sir,I would be deeply honored if I could have your daughters hand in marriage?


Alec stared blankly at Morgan.His mind was whirl wind.He had been hit with a curve ball and was terrified.He was not in anyway pleased by this.Only trouble was to tell Morgan no would be impossible.He kept replaying all the trouble Felix and Izzy went through because of family problems.He rememberd how close Clive came to really losing Izzy because he was stubborn and unwilling to let her go.Alec did not want to let go of Cecily.More importantly he did not want to lose her.The fact faced him that if two people are truely meant to be and really in love...they will find a way.Family can't break that apart.Two love birds cannot be successfully split.If you do get them apart you are certain to destroy your family.Felix and Izzy were proof of that.He had to say yes.Alec looked up at Morgan who was ringing his hands."I love my little girl.I cannot lose her.If I have to let go I will.But understand Morgan,I am uneasy with this.I like you,I do,but Cecily isn't exactly used to a love life.She is very trusting and very innocent.The two of you haven't been exactly conventional about this.Now,if you break her heart in anyway,rest asured I will break your neck.Morgan Pettibone,I give you my daughters ...hand in marriage." Morgan shook his hand and exited with Alec behind him.Morgan walked over to Cecily and whisperd the news in her ear.Meanwhile on their spotting Alec and Morgan,Izzy and Felix grew tense.Alec watched Cecily's face light up.He continued walking and walked out the back door to sit.He couldn't take it.The room sat dumbstruck.Cecily reached into her pocket and put her engadgement ring on.The room was shocked."Everyone,Morgan and I are engadged."All were silent as Cecily flashed the ring.
"Well I-I Uh,..."Janet stammerd.
"I am shocked!"Hetty announced.
"Me too."Andrew agreed.
"Well I am happy for you."Felicity said.
"Yes,me too."Gus told.
Felix and Izzy said nothing.
"Aren't you shocked?"
"Well,Mother,we sorta knew."
"So thats why you were acting so strange."
"I guess."Izzy agreed.
"Well I am happy for you,but I think we should talk."Janet told them.
The rest took that as a cue to leave. Latter Felix and Izzy took a walk.
"Well I guess your father agreed."
"Yeah,I am glad,but shocked."
"Me too."
"I bet it's because he dosen't want to put them through what you father put us through."
"Probaly.I am glad they are gonna get married.It will be a little odd though.My brother with be your brother-in-law twice over."
"And my sister your sister- in-law twice over."
"Right,not that that is bad,but different."
"Well I am glad we don't have to worry about keeping it a secret anymore."
"Me too.Now we can consentrate on our own wedding."
"That reminds me,where do you want to have the reception?"
"Well I think scince it is a tradition to have it at Kingfarm,thats what we should do."
"Sure.Besides this way your aunt won't have a fit like she did at Olivia and Jasper's wedding."
"Yeah,sounds like a plan."
"Yeah,a good plan."
"Ya know something Izzy?"
"We are finnaly alone."
"And...nothing.I thought it would be fun to head over towards the lighthouse and watch the sunset.It's almost time."
They walked along until they reached where the ocean crashed into the beache's pinkish-white sand.The sun began to set.Izzy smiled as she watched the colors meet and mix into a bright pink.Felix put an arm around her and she smiled at him.She let herhead rest on his shoulder.He began to lightly stroke her hair.She smiled up at him and then kissed him softly.At that moment Izzy realizes how wonderful married life would really be.How close her fantasy was to realitly and how lucky that made her.Felix too felt this.


Time flew by.Cecily and Morgan decided to have a spring wedding the next year.Meanwhile Felix and Izzy prepared to plunge into married life.Alec grew less tense with Cecily and Morgan's decision and Janet toyed with her emotions about Felix growing up.Jasper and Olivia arrived a week prior and were staying at Rose Cottage along with Sara who came for the event.Everything was hectic.Everyone was paranoid and on edge.Izzy and Felix in particular.Both of them were nervous and terrified something would go wrong.It would rain,the cake would get ruined,Izzy was nervous she would trip and fall down the aisle.Felix was conserend Daneil would fail to be resposible with the ring.Every detail was of great importance.Izzy was exited and scared.Felix was exited and nervous.Both of them were going crazy reassuring themselves that things were in the correct order. Izzy had found the perfect dress,but it hadn't arrived yet.She was at her witts end with worry.It was a brilliant white with a sweet lace collar.It had long sleeves and a little lace and the ends of them.The bottom had soft ruffles.She loved it,but it wasn't there yet.She was in a panic and it was only noon.
"Muriel,it has to come!It has to!"
"Izzy,it will calm down dear."
"Calm?How can I be calm?I am getting married tomorrow and the dress isn't here.I may be getting married in my overalls after all!"
"Never mind.Look I am going to head over to King farm and see if everything is okay."
"But you haven't had lunch."
"Thats okay,I couldn't eat.I am far to nervous for food."
"Felix,lunch!"Janet called not knowing he was right behind her."Oh,I didn't see you there,sit down foods ready."
"I pass,I couldn't eat anything.My stomach is filling with butterflies."
"Honest,I'm not hungry." Cecily laughed.
"He must be nervous.I've never seen you turn down food before,Felix.Felicity would be proud of you."
"Very cute,Cess.Look I feel like my stomach is spinning in two opposite directions and you want to make jokes."
A knock was heard at the door and Felix answerd it.
"Hi Felix."
"Izzy dear,come in.Would you like some lunch."
"Oh,well no thankyou,Janet.It looks good,but I don't think my nervs with allow it."
"You too?Felix is the same way."Janet retorted.
"Really,I'm shocked.You feel okay?"Izzy reached to feel his forehead.
"Why is it so hard to believe that I'm not hungry?"
"Because thats has never happend before."Izzy explained. Cecily laughed.
"Ha ha,very funny."Felix mocked.
"Don't take it so much to heart."Izzy told him.
"Well what can we do for you Iz?"Janet asked.
"Well I came to see how plans were going and if I could help with anything."
"Everything is fine.I have everything I need to cook everything up tomorrow and Muriel is helping me so things should work out."
"Good.Ofcourse I still have plenty reason to worry.My drees still isn't here."
"I'm sure it will come in on the shipment today ,Iz." Cecily told her.
"Thats what Muriel keeps saying,but I have this awful feeling it won't.It has to.If it dosen't then what?I can't very well get married in a work dress,or a pair of pants.I can't get married without a dress.If it dosen't come,then we may have to call thw whole thing of."
"Hey now! I don't care if your father had to take you down the aisle in a pair of my old work pants and my old shirt,we are getting married tomorrow."
"Sorry,I didn't mean it seriously.I just,I have to have the perfect wedding.I have to.If I don't well then,it will be just like before.Velma Bugle and all the gossips will ruin my day again.I will be foolish old Izzy Pettibone the tomboy all over again."
"No,you will be foolish old Izzy KING,who happens to be Felix King's wife,thats what."Felix told her in attempt to make her smile.
"Yeah,and you won't be a fool because your dress didn't arrive, you will be fool because you married Felix."Cecily said laughing.
"Hey."Felix said back to her.
"I'm joking."Cecily said in light humor.
"Iz,they are right.You shouldn't worry so much.And Velma and all of them aren't important."Janet told her.
"I know.I didn't mean it that way,so much as I just want everything to go perfect."
"Thats normal.But try not to worry about things so much,both of you."Janet told them.
"We'll try."Felix told her.
"Well I am going out for some air,Iz,ya wanna come with?"
"Other than the dress,everything okay?"
"Yeah.I guess so."
"What about you?"
"Fine.Everything is fine."
"How,well,how do you feel?"
"Yeah,what are you thinking about and stuff?"
"Well,I am trying to imagine tomorrow.I am feeling nervous.Exited."
"No regets or second thoughts or anything?"
"No.WHY?Are you having any?"Izzy asked nervous.
"NO."Felix said quickly."I just wanted to make sure you weren't."
"Ya scared?"
"A little,you?"
"A little."
"Ya sure?"
"Yeah.Positive you wanna do this?"
"Uh huh.You?"
"Uh huh."
"What?"He asked nervous.
"Why are we doing this?"
"Getting married?"
"No.Acting like this?Interigating eachother?"
"I don't know.I guess I just want to make sure you really want to marry me."
"Why wouldn't I?"
"I don't know."
"Felix,I love you.I want to marry you."
"Good,I love you.I just wanted to make sure you would be happy.I don't like it when you are unhappy."
"Trust me,I won't be unhappy.Do you thing you will be unhappy?"
"No."He answerd quickly."I will be ecstatic the day you marry me.I love ya,Iz."
"Well good,then we have no reason to worry about that."
"Izzy,I wanted to tell you something."
"I wanted to tell you that I think you are the best woman I could ask for to take as a wife and that I love you with all my heart."
"Felix King,that is a wonderful thing to say.You know that I love you with all my heart and my soul don't you?"
"Good." Izzy then grabbed him by the collar and kissed him.
"Felix,I really should go.I don't want to but I have to help Muriel get things straight and I wanna see if my dress is here yet.I love you Felix."
"I love you too,sweetheart." Izzy walked to the store to see Muriel who was opening up late.
"Iz,ya more confident?"
"Yeah,and I had a nice talk with Felix."
"Good.Guess what."
"My dress came?!"
"No,sweetheart...but guess who did."
"I don't know."
"Your aunt Lillian is here.Well she is at home with your father."
"My aunt made it?! Great! I thought she would be in Europe."
"Well she cancelled that trip to see you get married."
"Wonderful.The Dales made it,Sara and my aunt.Is it alright if I go see her?"
Izzy ran home and flung open the door.She burst through the parlor.
"Aunt Lillian."
They hugged.
"Oh,I am so glad you made it."
"Miss this?Never.I always knew."
"Knew what?"
"That you ,Isolde Pettibone,would marry that Felix King."
"I have eyes.I could tell how desperatly in love with you he was.I saw how he looked at you.I also saw how reacted."
"Yeah,I was so furious with him when you were here.How does that show love?"
"Well my dear,it was proof you were falling in love.You wanted to run away from him and how you felt about him.You knew how you felt and yet you were angry.You were afraid to let yourself fall deeper in love with him because that might have meant getting hurt."
"I guess there is some truth in that."
"So Izzy,are you nervous?"
"A little.It is a huge step,but I know it's right.I love Felix sooo much.He is so wonderful.I can't wait.I am mostly concerned at the moment because my dress isn't here yet."
"Oh,I see.Well that is not the important thing.It will work out,those things always do.I am glad you have no doubts.Alot of young people do."
"No doubts,it is scary because it is a new life in a way,but I am so exited."
That night Izzy sat at the table having hot choclate and imagining the day to come.She was then accomonied by Muriel.
"Your father and I are heading up to bed now,you should go soon and get your rest.Tomorrow is a big day."
"I know.I can't sleep though."
"Worried about your dress?"
"Well,yeah.But I am to exited."
"You should be.Sweetie you are going to become Mrs.Felix King tomorrow.Thats big."
"Tell me about it."
"Iz,you're a smart girl.You are strong willed.I am very proud of you.You know I have always looked at you as one of my own ,Iz.I love you Izzy."
"I love you too,Muriel."
"Goodnight sweetheat."


The morning came at rapid speed.
Izzy awoke with a start at 10:00 AM.
Felix was still alseep.
The Pettibone men arose a half hour latter.Muriel was already up when Izzy got up.The Kings were busy fixing up.The members of RoseCottage also woke early.Aunt Lillian had gone to pick up Izzy's dress from the store.Muriel had closed it and sent Lillian so she could finnish with preperations.The dress did arrive much to Izzy's comfort.At 10:45 Janet woke Felix.He then became nervous.He couln't eat again.Izzy didn't touch a thing eighther.At 11:00 Janet had everything finnished and went to get dressed.It was a beuatiful day.The sky was blue and sunny.The air warm and clean.This releived Felix greatly.The men of both families were ready to go.The women were taking lots longer.Izzy was fussy that day.Her hair had to be just right.No woman was ever so nitpicky about curls before.11:30 approched.Thirty minutes left.Thirty minutes was all Felix had to be a bachelor.Izzy had one half hour left as Miss Pettibone.It was scary,but wonderful.Izzy was glowing and Felix ever so content and exited.Janet would break out into tears on occasion.This was a bit taxing for her.And Clive felt something inside begin to hurt.He was happy,but Izzy still remained his little girl.That could never be changed.Clive smiled,but cried a little evertime he was Izzy that morning.
15 minutes left.The King's left for the church.The Pettibones aswell.10 minutes! Izzy grew tingly andtense.Felix was white as a ghost. 5 minutes! Places everyone! Felix calmed himself.Izzy too.Clive kissed her cheek and told her how much he loved her.Guest were settled.2 minutes.Everyone was on edge.Izzy set her vail and said a prayer.She then though about hpw her dreams were about to come true. Felix smiled at the thought of making Izzy is wife in a few moments. 1 Minute!!!! Izzy gave herself one more look in the mirror to ensure she looked presentable.Clive prepared to walk her down the aisle.Felix's mind raced with thought.He was so exited,so nervous,so in love with Izzy.
ZERO HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music began.The procession began,finnaly Izzy appeared.Felix was left breathless.Clive and Izzy made their way along the aisle.Every moment Izzy got closer to Felix her heart pounded harder and her stomach knotted with exitment.Felix encounterd te same rush of emotions as his bride stepped closer to him.Clive joined his little girls with Felix's.Izzy floated into a dream of what life would bring.Felix remeberd all they endured in the past and thought about how much Izzy really loved him if they made it this far.Soon it was time to say "I do." Before long it Felix was being told he could kiss the bride. Felix lifted Izzy's vail and they embraced in the sweetest ,most loving kiss. And it was done.Izzy was no Mrs.Felix King. Janet cried.Sara cried,Felicity too.Muriel smiled and cried all at once.Lillian,Hetty,Cecily,Olivia,and Aunt Eliza too.She did make it afterall. Alec smiled along with the rest of the men.And Clive allowed one single tear to escape down his cheek as he watched his baby become a man's wife.After the reception began.Couples danced away.Gossip was told and Izzy and Felix were hounded by their family.Eventually they were able to steal time away to dance with eachother.Once Felix got a hold of Izzy's waist there was no sign of his letting go.Izzy didn't seem to mind much.Her arms were practicaly glued to his neck.
"Oh,aren't they precious?"Sara asked Janet.
"Yes,But you think I could pry them apart long enough to dance with Felix?"She joked back.
"I don't know they seem pretty content."Olivia answerd.
"Well they have to part eventually."Alec stated.
"Yes,atleast long enough so I can dance with my daughter."Clive told.
"It hurts to see dosen't it?"Alec said to Clive.
"Don't you know it."
"Yeah,and soon enough I'm loosing this one too."He said pointing to Cecily.
"Don't you wish you could keep time locked up in a chest somewhere so they never get to grow up?"
"I sure do."Alec answerd back.
"That way we would never age as well."
"That too."
"Well fellas,thats life."Muriel laughed.
"Yeah,it is isn't it?"Alec said.
The family smiled as they watched Felix and Izzy dance.
Guests mingled with oneanother.Felix and Izzy dnced with their family.After awhile it was time to say goodbye. Izzy threw the boquet and Cecily caught them,reassuring Alec we would lose his baby girl next. Felix and Izzy rode home to Golden Milestone.They would spend the nght there then travel to New York for a honeymoon the following day.
Izzy stayed snuggled deep in to Felix's chest throughout the whole ride. When they arrived he lifted her out of the buggy and carried her across the threshole.He set her on her feet and brought in the bags.When he finnished.Izzy took his hands and brought him into a very deep and long kiss.He felt himself wrap his arms around her and her arms reached up around his neck.The remained that way for a long time.When the stopped Felix looked Izzy straight in the eyes and breathlessly whisperd "I love you Mrs.King." Izzy pulled him back down and kissed him again.
"I love you Mr. King."
Felix kissed Izzy's cheek and then along her neck.She tenderly kissed his hair and whisperd how much she loved him in his ear.They continued to tell eachother of their love for oneanother the rest of the night. Izzy and felix had tied the knot and when on to be one of the happiest couples in Avonlea,along with Mr.and Mrs.Morgan Pettibone and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew King. Yes,Andrew married Adeline Hodgson two years after Cecily and Morgan's wedding took place. Felix and Izzy had a little boy named Gabriel 13 months after thay were married.

~~~ THE END~~~