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Felix sat awake as the other soilders slept.He and a sort of friend of his,Robert McGinty,sat telling stories about home. Rob got to the part about his girl.
"Her name is Charlotte Wallace.We're engadged.She is amazing.Her father is the minister.She has light golden hair and these amazing green eyes.I really wish I were'nt risking the chance of never seeing her again."
"Yeah.I know whatcha mean."
"You gotta girl back home?"
"I don't know,maybe."
"What do you mean ...maybe?"
"Well I'm not sure how she feels.Izzy,I love her so much,only she is so angry with me.I enlisted without telling anyone about it.She was so hurt,betrayed it seems.I begged her not to leave after I messed things up and she stayed with me.Only I left her then.I wasn't sure she really was in love with me then.I sure as hell don't know now.I love her,she has been my best friend for...forever.I can't live without her,only I may have to.Knowing Izzy she is in Boston with her aunt right now.She hasn't replied to any of my letters.I told her how much I cared and how when I got back I wanted to marry her before I left.She seemed upset.She cried alot and then ran ways from me.She seemed jeaslous and angry with me.She begged me to stay.I told her how I wanted to ,but I couldn't.My aunt and father were so proud of me.I had to go.She said she wanted to understand...only couldn't.She said she loved me but didn't want to run the risk of loosing me.She said we should move on with life and accept that we screwed it up to many times.I screwed up to many times.Life was just not meant to work out in a way that would allow us to be anything but friends.She saw me off,hurt and annoyed,angry,and almost obligated like.It hurt me so bad not to kiss her goodbye.I wanted to so much,but she refused me.I wanted to cry.I love her.She isn't just any girl.She is bright,stubborn,wonderful!She is kind,gorgeuos.I have never known someone filled with more spirit and life,and love and beauty and someone so ...captivating,only she dosen't want me anymore.I can't blame her.I was a moron to much.I took her forgranted to long.She has long wavey brown hair,these bright brown eyes and this ...breath taking smile ever known to man.She is so ...I don't know,amazing.And when she kissed me I thought I had died and gone to Heaven."
"Boy Felix,you got the love bug bad."
"Yeah I guess I do.But if only you knew Izzy."Then he whisperd more to himself than to Robert.."Adorable,lovely Izzy."

Izzy Pettibone sat at the General Store with her good friend , Cecily King. Izzy and her family had moved back to Avonlea after New Years. Cecily,Muriel,and Izzy ran the store together.Clive Pettibone began teaching again ,only in Carmody.

"Whatcha got there,Iz?"Cecily asked her friend while glancing at a sealed envelope in Izzy's hand.
"Nothing of importance."Izzy replied.
"A letter from Felix hmmm?"
"Yeah,how'd you guess?"
"You always say something like that when you get a letter from him."
"Well,they aren't important."
"Izzy,why don't you just read it for a change?"
"I have no need to."
"Then why do you keep all his letters?"
"What! Whadda ya mean?I- I don't keep them."
"Yes you do.I know you do.I know all about the little box you have with all your mail from Felix in it."
"I saw you add one one day when I stayed the night."
"Oh,well I don't want to throw them out."
"Why not?"
"Because. What-what if someone were to find them and read them,how hummiliating that could turn out."
"Only for Felix."
"Cecily,drop it!" Izzy walked out of the store for some air. Cecily followed her.
"Izzy,why don't you want to let this go?What are yuo afraid of?"
"I'm tired of Felix.I am so sick of him using me vand then forgetting I exist.I wish he would just leave me alone.I am sick of falling for his smile and the look on his eyes when he says he is sorry,just so he can trun around and hurt me again.I can't stand being shafted."
"Iz,you never gave him time to explain.Maybe his reasons for enlisting were good."
"I'm sure they were,but he didn't care enough to tell me before.He didn't care about my opinion."
"He did tell you."
"Yeah,AFTER he did it. A man like thet will never make a good husband.Someone like that is far to selfcenterd to really appriciate another persons concern.I always wanted to see Felix happy.But ya know something...thats all he ever wanted eighther.He didn't care what anyone else thought and he never will!

Izzy sat at home reading.She was captivated by her book.Little Women.It was her favorite.He had read it a billion times at least.She loved how all the women lead the lives they wanted and didn't settle.She kept thinking about her own life and the things she wanted.She wanted adventure,and to do some good for her country.She wanted to be a hero too! She wanted to fight and do her part.She wanted to get out of Avonlea and away from all the things that reminded her of Felix.She wanted to get away from her father's command,though he had become softer in his ways,he was always after her to find a man and get married.This botherd her mostly because he was under the impression Felix was her true soulmate.As much as she had always felt Clive did not like Felix,turns out thats who he thinks would make for the best husband for Izzy.Ofcourse the whole town knew about the speech he gave her and how he loved her before he left.Izzy didn't think it was that great but the rest of the town thoguht it was romantic.Including her own father.
...Felix sat writting another love letter to Izzy.He hadn't gotten a reply,but was determined to keep writting until he did.He loved her and it tore him up to think about Izzy with anyone but him.He knew very well that Nat Lester had developed a sort of crush on Izzy.Felix tried to convince himself that he had no reason to worry,scince Izzy was never real found of Nat...but he still did not like the idea of his sweet tomboy and that bastard.Or atleast thats how Felix veiwed it.Izzy had grown into a beautiful,adorable,sweet,loving,king woman.Anyone would want Izzy,but Felix felt like noone could love her more.
"Whatcha upto Felix,it's three AM?"
"Writting a letter to Izzy."
"Ya know I have never known a more persistant man as you,or at least when it comes to this Izzy of yours."
"Well I gotta win her over...someway or another."

Izzy awoke that morning and got ready for work.On the way she ran into Nat Lester who was on his way to the White Sands.Simon Tremayne had hired him as a waiter.
"Izzy.How are you this morning?"
"Fine Nat."
"Well you look lovely,as usual."
"Nat,save your breath.I am not interested."
"Come on Iz.I aint so bad,once ya get to know me."He said as he winked at her.
"For one thing Mr.Lester,I do not care to get to know you.I think I have you figured out.You are self-centerd,rude,annoying,consided,and very crude.Oh,and another thing you might want to consider for the future.There are seven people that call me Iz...My father,Muriel,my brothers,Cecily,Sara Stanley and Fe...Exuse me I have to be going to work now."
Izzy brushed by him in a rush.

Izzy rushed to the store.She flung the door open to find Cecily setting the register up for the day.
"Izzy.Whats wrong?"
"Something is wrong.You flung the door open with rage,why?"
"Nat Lester."
"He drives me crazy! I wish he would leave me alone.What makes him so sure he is the right man for me?He is so persistant about it.I mean,Nat is most certainly not my type."
"What is your type?"
"Not Nat! I want a man how is compasionate.Someone that I want to make breakfast for because I love him,not because thats the way things are done.Someone who respects their family and can be respected by their family.Someone who wants to understand me,and love me for who I am,and not who they want me to be."
"Someone like Felix?"
"What did you say?"Izzy asked harshly.
"Well you just described Felix."
"I did not! Felix is more in Nat Lester's catagory than the one I described."
"Izzy,when are you going to see how much he loves you?When are you going to figure out that he always has loved you.From day one he was crazy about ya.We all know it.I think we knew it before eighther of you did.Iz the man is in love with you.The Izzy he grew up with,the Izzy you've become and he is crazy for the Izzy you are sure to become."
"You are full of it Cecily King,ya know that?"
"I know my brother is desperatly in love with you.I know you love him back and are afraid to admit it."
Felix sat writting a letter home.On the peice of paper next to that was filled with scribblings.Rob McGinty noticed that the margen read "FELIX LOVES IZZY" over and over in bold print.
"This Izzy really has you acting like a school boy,Felix.You really are crazy for her aren't ya?"
"Hmm?Iz?She is my one and only,only she dosen't love me anymore."
"Anymore?"Rob asked.
"Long story."
"I got the time.If ya wanna talk about it go ahead.I know you are dying to tell us all about this girl of yours.Plus we are kinda curious about what makes this Izzy,Izzy."
"Well...Izzy was my best friend.She was so different.She was a tomboy.Her military father and brothers raised her and she was always used to their way of doing things.Her father always told her that one day she would make a great solider,and knowing Iz,she probaly would.She was one to hold her own,but at the same time...she was so graceful,so beautiful.She is so gorgous she takes your breath away.The day she put on a dress was the day I realized I had feelings for her outside of friendship,but I always had them,I just didn't understand them.Well soon,and more now than ever Izzy became more and more desirable.More and more the boys noticed her.More and more she became prompt for courting.Well I was so unsure what to do.I never knew how sh3e felt,ofcourse now,the women in my family assured me she felt the same way.Apparently they are better at reading signals than I am..."
"Aint that the way?"One of the men listing agreed.
"Well I didn't want to destroy the friendship,I still wanted that,but I also wanted to court her.I wanted to be her best friend and her beau,if thats possible.Well latter I took Izzy to Pine Bend to try to,explain that to her as I was told she deisred my company in the same way.Well when we got there I became so nervous,I suggested taking our relationship to the next level was similar to an experiment."
"Whoa,bad move."Rob said.
"Yeah,yer tellin' me."Felix continued."Well then she sorta became uncomfortable,and I felt all sick inside.So I took her home,not to much was okay...until I got home.My friend,Elbert Werts and this guy,Donny Lester,who I think may have had a crush on Iz,well they pumped me for information on how...things went.Well I said nothing.They took that as tell the town Izzy and I spent the day necking and well who knows what.Well at the towm picnic everybody desided Izzy was a queen at cuddling.Several young men as I hear made advances towards her then.Others riddiculed her.I was now known to be a sorta royal cuddler myself.Well Izzy found all this out and figured it was my fault they all thought this about her.Well she refused to talk to me and so forth..."
"Thats some tale."A man interjected.
"I'm not even half done yet.I tried to publicaly fix it.I hummilated her and she grew angrier.Well then she sorta write her aunt in Boston to come visit.Well she did.Izzy then tried to sorta escape her life in Avonlea and me.She wanted to be a whole new girl.I didn't like that.My Izzy,she is perfect the way she is.I told her this.I told her how perfect she really was,how much she meant,well me.I begged her not to leave and stay with me.SHe thanked me for it and I told her how I couldn't imagine things without her.Well then the most wondeful thing happend.She kissed me.everything was turning out great."
"So,I don't understand the problem?She forgave you?"
"Well thats not all.Not long after I enlisted.Only I didn't tell her about it.I sorta showed up at my sister's wedding in uniform completely unexpected.I didn't tell anyone,accept my brother-in-law.I didn't want anyone talking me out of this,I really wanted to do it.Ever scince she has refused me.We did have one encounter that night though...
(Flashback to 8:00 PM the night of Gus and Felicity's wedding.)

"Iz,whatcha doing here?" Felix askec her as he approched the shore line where Izzy stood.
"Well I came to think.I am glad I found you though.I wanted to ask you something."
"Yeah?What do you want?"She said with a tad of sarcasim.
"Well I thouht I was sorta your escort for the wedding.It seemd like you avoiding me.I wanted to ask why?"
"Well Felix King I wanted to ask you a few things too.I wanna know what you are thinking?"She said harshly.
"Whats the meaning of you showing up here in that uniform unannounced to anyone?"
"Iz,I enlisted."
"No,really?!"She said sarcasticly angry.
"What is wrong?"
"Wrong?Felix Why?How?When?"
"I want to fight for my country,signing up at the post office and last evening."
"That wasn't what I meant! I mean Felix,I don't understand why you want to do this.I mean I,I ...Felix! You didn't tell me?"
"I didn't tell anyone but Gus,I thought he would understand."
"I see,but I wouldn't?"
"You don't seem to."
"Because I don't! I don't see why you would want to leave Avonlea,leave your friends,leave your family,"
"Iz,I wanna have adventure.I want to pitch in and do my part for once.I want to travel."
"I see,It's okay for you to want a new life but not me?! I thought you wanted me to stay here?"
"I did,I do."
"Yeah,well guess what Felix?! My family is moving to Halifax.I had planned to stay,stay with you.I was going to tell you that tonight.I was going to stay in the house and stay with you so that one day when we are ready we could get...married.Only trouble is you don't seem to care.I thought that when you were begging me to stay you menat forever,not until you were ready to say goodbye! I thought you ...loved me Felix! I would have understood you wanting to enlist,but I don't understand how if you love someone,the way you once claimed to love me you can not tell them something like this!"
"Izzy,I do love you.I did mean forever."
"Then why didn't you tell me?!"
"I guess I was trying to avoid hurting you or myself.The fact is if you were to have begged me to stay and I would have looked into those brown eyes of yours I would have stayed."
"But you really wanna leave don'tcha?"
"Izzy,I told you what it means.If you could have seen the pride on my family's face ,It was so nice to see them proud of me."
"Well what about the look of terror on mine?! Felix I don't want you to die.I love you.But I guess I should forget you.Felix,I was always proud of you,I always belived in you,I always loved you.Now I see how much good that does.I stood by you.I loved you so much.I don't want to lose you,but I have the blasted military.I am so sick of the military.I hear the way my father talks and I hear the stories about how young men sent to battle never come to their lovers,or pregnant wives, they aren't their when the sick,dying wife needs him most."Izzy began to cry as she continued."Felix,I will not do it.I won't live the life my mother did...never knowing.I can't not when I don't mean enough to you for you to even tell me things anyway."
"Izzy,I do love you.Believe that."
"Why?Whats to make me believe it?I am starting to think you have been using me for far to long and I was as fool to fall in love with you."
"Izzy how can I make you see how much I love you?"
"I don't know Felix.I think if you did love me you would already know."
"Fine,you want proof?Hows this?"He said while he moved towards her.He latched onto her waist and thrust her to him and then he pulled her into a deep,passionate,sensual kiss that lingered on a moment or two.Izzy then grew angry.She pushed back and slapped him across the face.
"How could you?! I never want to see you again!" She yelled and that was the end of it.

(Present,Felix telling the story to his Naval friends.0

"Wow,whadda story."Bill said.
"She most be something."Timothy announced impressed by this Izzy.
"Thats a real tough spot,Felix."Tyler told him.
"Sounds like your Izzy is really a sweetheart,like she really did love you.I'm sorry you ended that way." Bob sighed.
"Don't worry.I can tell she loved you.True love never dies,Felix.Hang on and keep writting to her."Rob said to comfort him.
"I intend to."Felix said with a tad of confidence.

Meanwhile,back at the general store...
Izzy was going over the books while Cecily and Muriel stocked.The door to the store opend and Izzy looked up.It was Velma Bugle. Wonderful,Skim milk is here.Izzy thought.
"Hello,what can I do for you?"Izzy said politely.
"Well,I need to buy sugar,tea,and a box of chocolates please."Velma said snotty.
"Sure."Izzy retorted mocking Velma's rude tone.
"Must be Velma."Cecily said to Muriel in the back.
"Sounds like it."Muriel replied.
"Izzy,it is so sad around here,don't you think?"
"Why?"She asked Velma.
"Without Felix."
"I miss him sooo much.He is such a sweetheart.I hope nothing happens to him.I couldn't bare it if the poor baby turned up missing again.Or worse! I could'nt live without my Felix..."Velma prattled on.Izzy grew angry.Only it was jealousy.She knew Velma wanted Felix.Only so did she.Only she couldn't give in.Izzy had to forget that and remember the Felix King who she felt really was,not the one she feel in love with.Only Izzy's heart took over her mind.The logic of his selfishness and all the other horrible things she thought about him left.She was consumed by the feeling she had when he kissed her.The warnth of his lips.The way he smiled.She remeberd when he begged her not to go.Izzy grew hot.
"For your information Velma,Felix writes me love letters everyday.What about you?You can't honestly think someone like Felix King could really love YOU! He is not your "poor little baby!" Felix loves me and I love hi..."Izzy stopped dead.She was now angry that she almost said she loved him.It was a horrible prang to her heart.She now knew she loved him more than ever,but didn't want to face it.She had to get out of Avonlea,she had to get away from things that reminded her of him.It was official.She had to move on with life.
"Here is your change!"Izzy yelled at Velma and bolted out of the store in tears of fury. Velma left and Muriel and Cecily were shocked.

Murile and Cecily closed shop for a few hours and went after Izzy.She had run home to be alone.She darted into her bedroom.She sat there with the box of Felix's letters in her lap.She was debating on whether or not to read them.Izzy heard a knock on the door.
"Who is it?"She asked while rubbing away her remaining tears.
"Muriel and Cecily,sweetheart."
"Coming."She replied her voice a tad shaky."I'm sorry.I know I have a responsibility to the store and I don't know what made me run of like that."
"I think I do."Muriel said.
"Me too."Cecily told her.
"Izzy lets sit and talk.Izzy,you're in love with Felix.I know you are,I always have known.Why won't you read his letters?"
"Muriel,I can't."
"Why?"Cecily asked.
"He has hurt me so much.I don't want to get hurt again."
"Izzy,you are hurting yourself.Felix loves you.I see it.I know you do too.Cecily sees it.Even your father knows how he feels about you.We all know you feel the same about Felix.Izzy,you love the man.Tell him.You can't hide forever.You can't pretend forever that he dosen't exist and that you aren't in love with him.You'll regret it if you don't tell him.Try,Izzy,Try to understand him.Try to remeber his intentions were good,that he loves you,and then forgive him,Iz.I beg of you,or you will learn to regret it.Izzy,atleast read his letters."With that Muriel and Cecily left Izzy alone with the dozens of letters Felix had written her. Izzy decided to read a few.This way maybe she could make it easier to forget Felix.Somehow she thought it would help. She pulled one out of the box.The day was May 14.The letter's post mark read March 9. This letter was very old,but certainly not the oldest.He had been writting scince the day he left in mid January. The letter read:
Dear Iz,
I miss you.I know you are angry with me.I tried explaining to you when I was home how sorry I was.I wish you would forgive me.I love you so much Izzy.I am going crazy without you.I regret some things about enlisitng,I was proud to do it.Glad to help the efforts and serve.Izzy O regret watching my friends and neighbors die.I miss home.But I regret very much that because I enlisted I lost you.Izzy,please know that I love you.I wasn't leaving you.I wasn't leaving home.I was merely standing up for something.Iz,I want you for my wife.I love you.Please understand that.I bet you will never read this.Cecily tells me you never do read my letters.Please open up your box of letters and read them.The please open up your heart and let me back into it.I love you and remain your always,through battle and heartbreak,

Izzy cried again.She stuffed the letter forcefully back into the envelope.She hesitated and pulled out another.She started to open it and then quickly put it back.I can't read anymore of these.She thought to herself.I need to get out of this town.I must be me.Now it is time for a new me.The real me.She thought. Izzy now knew that she had to have adventure.She always wanted to help out with the military,see what all the fuss was.Well,they need help with the Red Cross.I could become a Red Cross nurses aid and see the world too. Izzy then decided to contact Arthur and see how he could help her. She wrote:
Dear Arthur,
I need your help.I want to help the war.I want to get away from Avonlea.I want to get away from the memories of Felix,the memories of my own foolishness and start a new.Please help me.I want to be a nurses aid.Please help me out of this...rut!
Love Always,

A few days latter Izzy recieved a reply from Arthur stating he would help her. She also had recieved two letters from Felix.They were stuffed in the box like the rest of his letters.Much to Clive and Muriel's dismay Arthur found Izzy a position a week latter as nurses aid in Nova Scotia.Little did she know that is were Felix was stationed.Clive being a military man was terrified his baby girl wanted to endure such a dangerous task,but he was proud of her ambition and her wanting to help.Clive let her go.Izzy packed a few things,had a few weeks of training and was sent to her station. Izzy was stunned by what she saw.So many men,so many injuries.All of the men had stories of loved ones left behind to tell her and anyone who would listen.It broke her heart everytime she helped attend a man.Much of the time she gave medicine to those in the hospitol. One cold rainy day the hospitol received a young man who had been badly hurt.He had been shut near the rib cage.He fell and broke his ribs after it happend.He was heavily medicated. The nurse called to Izzy and explained the man's situation. Izzy was already heartbroken by his tale and she hadn't met him yet. She was instructed to check in on him. She did as she was told,but when she got to the room where they had out the man she was shocked.There were three rooms,15 patients and she had to be assighned to this man. His name was Pvt. Felix King. Izzy was terrified and frustarated all at the same time.She couldn't possibly be the only one able to care for Felix?It was so completely irratating to her she didn't know what to do.She had to talk to the nurse.Surely someone else could look after him. She peeked on his condition.He was sound asleep.She was grateful.She quietly left.
"What can I do for you Ms.Pettibone?" The nurse asked.
"I think it would be best if you asiighned Pvt.King to someone else."
"Because you see...I sorta have emotional ties with him.I know him well.He lives nearby in Avonlea.Please,I would prefer someone else take care of him."
"Izzy,I am afraid the answer is no.We are very short handed.I have four aids,thats it.Everyone else has regular patience to tend to,but you."
"Do you think I am ready?"
"Miss Pettibone,you have to be.I have no other option right now.I know I preferd you to have more experience,but you are doing an great job and I need you.Izzy,you are going to have to get over your emotions,deal with it,and get over these silly childhood-schoolgirl crushes and take care of Pvt.King on a daily basis.You are his assighed aid."
"I don't have a crush on him,besides I..."
"Look,whatever your emotional tie is,get over it.You have no choice.Now exuse me I have far to much to tend to right now. In an hour wake him up.Check his pulse,heartbeat and so forth.Then give him medication. Good day."Izzy couldn't believe that she was Felix's aid.How frustrating.It was like he followed her.She left to get away and here he is.Ofcourse it wasn'r his fault,but really how wrong of the nurse to force her to tend to him.Surely Darby Sanders would switch her patients.Meanwhile she had to deal with Felix.The hour raced by.It was time to check on him.The other patients in the room were eighther eating or enduring some physical theropy.Izzy had to face Felix alone.She timidy entered the room.She noticed Felix awake.His back was to her.He was actually writting her a love letter as he tried to prop himself up.But every movement caused pain to run along his left side.Izzy walked in to the room. "Who is it?" Felix asked.Izzy was silent.
"Your aid.Don't turn around.I will be over in a moment." Izzy put on a mask to hide herslef. It wasn't much help.She approched the bed.
"Izzy?"Felix asked in disbeleif.
"What are you,I..."
She removed the mask.
"I am the nurse aid.I will be tending to your injuries Pvt.King."
"Iz?Izzy,drop the Pvt.King bit.Izzy what are you doing here?"
"Look,I am here to help soilders.I have been assighed to look after you.I will adress you as any other soilder.You will adress me as anyother nurses aid. I suggest you drop the Iz bit.Now,I have to check your pulse,heartbeat,and give you medicine.I suggest you cooperate with me Pvt.King. I am going about this in a professional manner,as will you if you know whats good for ya."She said with that look on her face that reminded Felix so much of her tomboy days."I am looking for an aid to take my place too.As for why I am here,that is none of your consern."
"Izzy,it's dangerous out here.You should be home in Avonlea."
"Wouldn't you just love that?What?Did you really expect me to sit at home in little Avonlea and wait for you to come home when you're good and ready so you can be the great war hero,then have me swoon over you and come rushing to you,shower you with kisses and pretend not to be affected!? Was I supposed to sit around and wait to become your wife?! Did you actually think I was going to wait around just to become Mrs.Felix King!?Because if thats what you had in mind,you are sadly mistakin!"
"Iz,why don't you beleive me when I tell you I love you? Why don't you read me letters?Izzy,I am crazy about you! Iz,I wanna be the one to make you happy,I want to be the one to kiss you goodnight,to fawn over you,to be the when to kiss your hair,you lips,your neck,to love you and take care of ya,Iz...why don't you see?"
"And why don't you see that I am through with you! I have moved on to other things,other men." That was a lie,but it sounded good.
Izzy tried to think of someone.She lied quickly and blurted out...
"Nat Lester.Not that it's any of your bussiness."
"Yes,Felix.Infact we are engadged."
"Please,calm yourself.Father gave us his blessing before I left.He and I will be married sometime next year."
"I don't beleive it."
"That is why I don't answer your taudry little love letters."
"Cecily never mentioned it."
"She dosen't know.Nobody does.It is a secret."
"You can't really be serious about marrying that jerk?!"
"Exuse me,but you're the only jerk I know.I will have you know that I am ver much in love with Nat."
"You can't be!"
"Well I am.You have no right to behave like this eighther."
"What were ya gonna do Iz,not tell me and then when I return just be married!?"
"Well it isn't as if it matters to you.I mean,we aren't courting or anything.I am perfectly free to make my own choices ya know!"
"Izzy,I love you.You can't."
"I am."
"Izzy,I love you so much.I never want to lose you.You mean the world to me.I want you to be happy.Only I want to be the one to make you happy.You seem determined that I cannot.I know I can because I worship the ground you walk on.But I guess that isn't important.Izzy I wish alot of things for you,but more I cannot wish you than to find true love.I wish for me that I would be your true love.Only if you are so sure otherwise than so be it.I never claimed to deserve you,only to love you.But make no mistake Nat Lester dosen't deserve you at all.I'm not sure who would really. Izzy,marry him.I'm sure my permission gives you little satisfaction,or cofidence,but I tell you if that is what will make your life worth while,if you must spend your years with Nat Lester,then fine.Only you can't expect me to understand,or like it,or appreciate it.Don't try to explain because I will never see,not when all I see is you.Izzy I do love you,I always have ,I always will.It scares me to let go,but I have to.I wish you all the best Iz,but don't dare ask or expect me to go home. I can't go home to Avonlea.Not when you become Mrs.Lester,I can't listen to the town talk about you and Nat,and I can't listen to Nat's gloating.Ofcourse to win your affections is nothing to scoff at.I wish I would have been wiser.I never meant to ignore them.I see now how awful I treated you when I met Gretta and Adeline.I see how easily I dismissed you.I took you for granted because I never dreamed you would not be there.I can't see life without you.But as Mrs.Nat Lester,I'm afraid I can't stand to see life with you.So please, don't tell me about it,don't expect me to change my feelings for you.I can't do that.What I can do is say goodbye to you." Felix lifted his trembling,cold hand to Izzy's face.Graced it lightly and with tears in his eyes said goodbye.
"Always know how much I love you.Know how truely special you are,and keep with you my love,even if it means little.Know you will be my only true love,Iz.Your still my best friend.Goodluck." Izzy turned away in hopes of keeping tears back but it was no use.She quickly gave him his medication and ran from the room.Izzy got to her own cot and cried tears of remorse,anger,love,and fear.Felix wrote a letter home before falling asleep.
Dear Cecily,
I miss you all terribly.Izzy is hear attending to first aid.She is assighned to me,much to her dismay.Cess,I know you will understand why even more now than before I must stay a part of the efforts.I can't go home to an Avonlea with Izzy as Nat's bride.Sure,I will visit...but I think I need to move on.Really move on.I love you all.I am getting better.Please tell Nat he is a lucky man to have Izzy.Izzy seems pleased to be marrying him when she returns,or so she sayd.I realized I blew it and said goodbye as best I could to loving her.At least she knows am not as selfish as she thought and that I do know what it is like to love someone.I love you all.
Felix fell asleep with the letter under his pillow to be mailed as soon as possible. The letter went out the next day.Izzy was too working on letters home.One to her father and Muriel.One to Arthur and Morgan,along with one to Cecily. It read: Dear Cecily,
I am adapting well here,but it is horrible.The war is the most heartbreaking thing I have witnessed. Cess,I have bigger troubles.I have been assighned to look after Felix.Felix has broken ribbs.I am his aid.I tried to find someone else to tend to him,but I must.Cess,I told him I was engadged to Nat Lester and that it is a secret and nobody knows about it.It broke his heart.I need you to understand and not saying thing in response to Felix's letter.I pray you read this before you mention anything to anyone.Especially Nat.Cess,I miss you and Avonlea.But Felix has finnaly exepted the fact that we are not meant to be.
Izzy sealed the letter and had it sent.It broke Izzy's heart to have hurt Felix,but it was the only way.She could now move on with her life.Felix could now too.So Izzy hoped.

A few weeks passed.Cecily recieived Felix's letter,but not Izzy's.Cecily was confused.Izzy hated Nat.She knew Nat had wriiten her while she was away and had proposed.Maybe Izzy had a sudden change heart.She was shocked Nat hadn't said anything.She planned to ask him about it. On the way to the store Cecily saw Nat.
"Miss Cecily King."
"How are you Nat?"
"Fine,and you?"
"Doing well.Nat,I hear Izzy accepted your proposal."
Nat was shocked.
"How do you know this?"
"I know Felix said very few people knew,but he told me that Izzy said so." Nat had figured Izzy must have said so and his mail was late.Nat was just exited at the idea.
"Yes,I love Izzy.I knew she would love me too,and sure enough."
"I see.Well I wish you all luck."
Soon after all that the news spread throughout all Avonlea.People were shocked.One citizen was more angry than shocked.This man was Clive Pettibone.
"Clive,calm down."Muriel told him.
"Muriel,I don't beleive it.I knew Nat liked Izzy,but I never worried much because I knew Izzy didn't like Nat. This is crazy.Not only must it be false,but he never botherd once to ask permission to court her,let alone marry her!"
"No.There is one man I can see with Izzy.One I can see Izzy happy with.Thats Felix King."
"Clive,that I understand,but if you reasons of disliking Nat are that he didn't ask your permission,Felix never did eighther."
"He certainly did."
"He asked me if he could propse to Izzy before he enlisted.He told me he wanted to promise himself to her and enlist."
"You knew he was going to?"
"Enlist?I knew he wanted to,yes."
"Clive,I agree that Felix and Iz are made for eachother,but you can't force her to marry him."
"But she is in love with him.I know she is.My Izzy is a strong girl,not much could get to her,not really anyway,but Felix always could and anything involving him could.Because she is in love with him." Cecily couldn't beleive that Izzy would accept Nat.She was so unhappy.She knew Izzy belonged with Felix.Everyone did.Even Izzy knew it,she just didn't want to face it. "I don't understand." Felicity announced as they all ate. Gus had returned home for good not long ago."I feel bad for him."Gus sat as he ate his dinner."It's shocking really.I know Izzy has feelings for Felix."Janet said."I always was a little upset about it too.I always wished I could look time up and keep the two of them from growing up and falling deeper in love.I don't want them to be adults. I love Izzy as much as all of you do,but I always wished they wouldn't get married for awhile yet.And the odd thing is,now...I wish they would.I know they are in love.I know it! I wish she would relaize how much they need eachother.I know Iz sufferd while he was away even though she wouldn't admitt it.I know Felix needs to slip a ring on her finger to be truly satisfied.I know he needs her love.I don't understand how someone like Nat could make Izzy happier than Felix.I know Izzy dosen't care for Nat.""Who does?"Felicity asked."I know things will work out.God is looking out for them."Alec said."Yes,but it breaks my heart.I hated to see Izzy so upset,and I know it's destroying Felix inside.I know it is.I feel so helpless,there is nothing I can do to ease the pain.I hate being helpless like this."Janet said. After dinner Cecily began writting to Izzy asking how she could promise Nat she'd marry him.And to Felix telling him not to give up.Clive began writting to Izzy asking her how and why Nat.She asked her what made her think that Felix wasn't her true love.He then decided to have a talk with Nat.
"Clive,please don't."Muriel begged.
"Muriel.He never asked me,and he dose not have my permission.He must know that."
Clive walked down to the Lester's.He knocked on the door and Nat answerd. "Mr.Pettibone,sir."
"Nat Lester."
"What can I do for you sir?"
"I need to have a chat with you."
"Sure.Shall we take a walk,sir?"
"Whats on yer mind?"
"My daughter.I have noticed you have taken an interst in my Izzy lately."
"She's a fine girl,sir."
"Yes,she is fine.But she is young.A few years younder than you correct?"
"Well about six or so,if you'd call that alot."
"I do.I think it is a fair amount of years.I also noticed that you have found my daughter rather attractive."
"Well,she is charming."
"Indeed.She is.Just like her mother infact.However,I have learned that you have taken that a step further.I hear you want marry my daughter,why is that?Is it because she is charming and fine?"
"Well,I-yes.That has to do with it,but she has,well she is,she is a lovely girl sir."
"Yes.But Mr.Lester,you seem to have trouble telling me of the other quailties you desire in my daughter.Tell me, you have trouble knowing what they are?"
"Well who really knows why they fall in love with someone?"
"Hmmm.You know who knows?"
"Felix King knows.See Felix came to me and asked forv my daughters hand.Unlike you,but that isn't even the issue.See,he,on his own came to me with reasons why he loves my Izzy.Yes,he is in love with her charm,and finds her to be a fine young woman.He also told me who he loved it when she was happy.How she was able to make everything okay.How he longed to make everything okay for her inreturn.He explained how very much he wanted to see her smile,how he loved her witt,her personality,how much her cared for her ability to be strong and be herself.Felix is the one who truly loves my daughter.Felix is the one who truly can take care of her and make her happy.Felix is the one,the only one who I have and will give my daughters hand to.Am I understood?"
"Sir,but think of all the times Felix hurt Izzy.I wouldn't do those things."
"Think of all the times he did and how she forgave him.Think of all the times she rejected you and you never did anything."
"But she says she dosen't love him."
"I don't beleive that,and neighther does she.And I bet,as much as you want don't eighther.All I have to say is stay away from Izzy." Clive left Nat discouraged.Izzy was miserable.She had little sleep.Felix felt like he had given up on true love.Izzy,also felt like love was lost.She actually got Felix to say goodbye and move on and leave her be.That was what she wanted,right?She wanted him to get over her.She wanted to move on.Only trouble was Felix,the man who said he'd never give up...did.He gave up to give her peace.She knew he was miserable and yet he surrenderd because she was in love and wanted to be happy.This was true.She was in love and wanted to be happy.But not with Nat.With Felix.It was Felix she wanted.It was Felix she kissed.It was Felix she danced with.It was Felix who remained persistant.It was Felix who remained in love with only Izzy during the war.It was Felix who took her to Pine Bend.It was Felix who pleaded with her not to leave.It was Felix King.Felix.She wanted proof of his love.It took his surrendering to show her she had it all along.Also that showed her how deep his love was. She had to apologize.She wasn't worthy of Felix's affectins,not after how she acted.Izzy began pulling otu Felix's letters.She brought them with her.As she began to read one of the nurses aids,Evelyn called to her."Izzy you have a new patient to take care of." It was Robert McGinty.Felix;s friend.He had a broken arm and had been knocked unconcious,it wasn't serious,but he needed to be tended to and released.
"Hello."Izzy said.
"Hi there."
"Private McGinty,I am your aid.Izzy Pettibone.I see you hear your arm must be set and that you had a blow to the head."
"Yes,thats right."
"Felix's girl?"
"Are you Felix King's Izzy?"
"You know Felix King?"
"You do?"
"Huh?Small world.I am a friend of his.You know he never talks about anything but home and you.He told us all about how you fought and how he asked you to stay and then enlisted and how angry you were.It's funny to actually meet the famous Izzy Pettibone. You look alot different than in the picture."
"Felix has a picture of me?"
"Yeah.He has a picture of you,on of his family,and his nephew."
"Yes,his sister's son."
"I see."
"I best get your arm set." Izzy starting setting it.
"Can I tell you,Felix really loves you.He needs you.He has been injured you know.He has been taken care of,but still."
"I know.I take care of him.I am his aid,ironicly."
"Yes.Mr.McGinty,I love Felix.I always have.I just felt like I couldn't trust him.I know now I can.He said goodbye because I told him I was engadged to someone back home so he would move on.He gave in.I thought I wanted that,but I don't.I want him."
"So tell him that."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"I don't deserve him."
"You two are really something.You both think you aren't worthy of the other one.Your in love aren't ya.He loves you.You love him.Go tell him,kiss him and get married sp we can all have a little peace." Izzy laughed through tears. "I think I will." The next morning Izzy tentivly went to tell Felix how she felt.Felix was moving much better and able to walk now.
"Um,orders are for you to get some exercise."
"Fine.If it's all the same to you,am I'm sure it is,I plan to try to request another aid.I know they have more now."
"Felix,were alone,can we talk?"
"Iz,sure,aslong as it isn't about Nat."
"Well it does involve him."
"Then I don't want to talk about it.I don't want to hear it."
"I think you do."Said Rob McGinty.
"Rob,when did you come in?"
"A moment ago.The nurse said I could come visit you,but I will leave you alone to talk to miss Pettibone,oh,and Felix...I can see why you went so crazy over her."Izzy smiled.
"Felix.I am so upset.I don't deserve your forgivness.I am sorry.I was so angry.I never stopped loving you Felix.I just felt like I couldn't trust you.You ...left me.I thought you were leaving me behind.I know now that you weren't.I know now I was wrong.I am so sorry too.I can't beleive I tried to oush you away. YOU! Felix King,my best friend,my companion.The love of my life.The man I want to spend my life with.The man I want to marry and have a family with."
"What about Nat?"
"Nat...he wasn't,isn't anything.I lied because I wanted you to move on.Now I want you to forgive me."
"Izzy,after all the looking after me you did,after all the time I messed up,after all these years,do you think I could actaully hold a grudge?"
"I love you."
"Izzy,I have never heard you say three sweeter words." Felix bust in to soft tears.Izzy too.Izzy leaned down to kiss him when Felix gently pushed her back.
"No.We are going to do this right." Felix stood.It was hard with his rib healing but he managed. He slowly wipped his eyes,then Izzy's.He slowly wrapped his arms around her waiste.His hands sent shivers through her frame.His hands rested on the small of her back.He looked into her eyes tenderly.He then quickly as if he could stand the wait no more pulled her to him and kissed her so passionatly.He tightend his grip and fell deeper into the kiss. As passionate and sensual the kiss was it was still very much tender,sweet and loving.Izzy pulled away then thrust her lips back to his.She pushed her hands through his hair and help on to him tightly.Izzy burst in to tears and pulled away.She threw her head into his chest.He stroked her hair repeating the phrase "It's all okay now."
Izzy kissed his chest then looked into his eyes pleading for forgivness."It's okay Izzy.I understand."
"Felix,I love you.I love you,I love you."She said in tears."
"I know.Thank God.I love you Iz,always."
He kissed her again and she stopped crying.
"Never leave me Felix.I love you."
"Izzy,I wouldn't dare."
"I worried so much about you and this war.Promise to take care.You belong to me you know."
"Izzy,I always did.I know.I promise to look out,but first I got to finnish healing."
"Felix do something for me."
"Kiss me again." So he did.
"Felix,I am scared."
"About what?"
"Everything.I hate this war.I want it all to end.I want you to be let go from it and go home.I don't want to be here anymore.I never fit in here.As much as I like to help,I belong in Avonlea.I don't like war life one bit.The only reason I stayed as long as I did was to see to it you were taken care of.I was always scared for angry as I was I was terrified that I would...that we would all lose you and never see you again."
"I was worried I would never see you again.I miss Avonlea and my family and I want to go home to.I want to fight and do right by this country of ours and my family name and my own courage and pride,but I want to go home.I want to marry you Iz.Go home and start a family.Thats what I want more."
"Me...too.I fear that we may never get to go home.You'll be healed in an fighting condition soon.You'll go back to war.What if I lose you.What if we never do get to go home together.I want to be with you.But you can't promise me it will happen.Not rightfully anyways.So please don't.Don't tell me that.Thats not up to you.I don't want you to go back on your promises to me."
"Iz,I can promise to fight my hardest to come home.That I will promise you.But don't think that way.We will be together.I love you Izzy.Think about good.Besides I'm not ready to continue just yet."
"I know...but you have to go back sometime."
"Izzy,I just got you back.The last thing I want to think about is the thing that made me lose you in the first place."
"Fair enough.What do you want to talk about?"
"Actually,and I say this respectfully...but I don't."
"What?Don't what?"
"Want to talk."
"Oh,I see what do you want to do?"
"Hmmm..."Felix wrapped his arms very firmly around Izzy's waist.He then tilted her chin upward.Then he slowly moved her closer in his arms.Finally her met her lips with his.The soft timid kiss became intenser andbecame a tender,long,slow kiss.One so perfect it made Izzy shiver and get goosebumps along her arms.Felix pulled away.
"What,whats wrong?"Izzy asked.
"Nothing.I just...just,feel funny."
"I mean,It's rather awkward."
"What?Why?Whats wrong with you?"
"Iz,I just feel like...well being so intimate in a place such as this when anyone can come in here is just strange."
"Felix King,you never before worried about what anyone thought abotu our relationship.What changes you mine now?"
"Iz,I just think that I should speak with you father.The difference is it is far more serious of a relationship now.I want to do right by the rules of courtship."
"Felix...If my father is what is getting to you,I can asure you he his no trouble for us.He actually spent many an hour trying to get me to forgive you and he said many times You're the only one who will ever receive his approval when it comes to my hand in marriage."
"Really.We are talking about your father?Clive Pettibone?"
"Thats hard to beleive considering all I put you through."
"I guess he always knew I would never love anyone the way I do you.Even when I wouldn't admit it myself." Felix kissed Izzy lighlty and briefly. "Well I will still feel better when I go about asking in a proper manner."

"I hope that day will come soon."
"Izzy,you have no idea how much I want to make you my wife."
"Yeah,I hope we can get married soon."
"Well I figure when I get home I will ask for your hand.We can start planning and then in a few months get married."
"I wish this war would just end! I want to get married.I want to go home.I want you back...and in Avonlea.I want life as it was.I want to run around on your arm cooking up crazy schemes.I want to see Cecily.My family.Your family.I want to become part of your family,and I don't want to worry about waiting the war!"
"I know,but really Iz,there is nothing I can do right now.I just want to be happy knowing you'll have me right now.I just want to hold on to your hand and tell you I love you for awhile before I even think about fighting again.I just want to relax in the comfort of you standing here with me and not angry and not because you're my aid and you're obligated to do so."
"I know,but I just can't think about what I fool I have been.I should have married you when you came home.I should some how talked you out of leaving when I found out like I wanted to.I was to busy trying to punish you because I was mad to tell you how I felt and ask you to stay. ...Felix,If I had asked you not to go,to stay with me in Avonlea would you have?"
"Izzy,thats a complicated question.Iz,you know I love you.You know I want to be with you.I also wanted to join up.Be a man and take some responsibility.I wanted to be worthy of you.But if I would have known what I know now about all the sensless killing that goes on,the stupidity and all the trouble of almost loosing you...yes.I would have stayed with you."
"What if you didn't know?"
"I think I would have tried to make you understand what this meant to me when I started."
"You mean about being a responsible man and being a proud soilder with duty and honor?"
"Yes,and becoming worthy of you."
"Izzy you deserve some knight in shinning armor who can sweep you off your feet to come along.I wanted to become a war be that knight.We all know that Felix King of Avonlea was never any night in white shinning armor."
"Felix King,how can you say that?"
"Well I was never the brightest.I always seemed to mess up.I never could tell you how I felt.Not really anyways.I was always an idiot.I got us both in trouble.I was positive you father disapproved of me.I wanted to win him over.I wanted to show you that I'm not always such an idiot...that I can be responsible and do things right.I wanted to ensure you that I loved you and wanted to see to it as best I could that I would be deserving of you hand."
"Felix...I love you now...I loved you then.You always were my knight.You were the one who always tried to fix things when you messed them up.I didn't always know it but you were the one who cared about my feelings,even when you didn't realize you were hurting me.When you did you tried to fix them.Felix,my father was disapproving of any one who so much as glanced my way in an applied courting manor.He never liked it when you did it,Nat did it,Albert did it..."
"Yes.He once had a crush on me before he had developed one on Cecily."
"Hmm.I never knew."
"Out of them all my father disliked you mist because I cared for you.I wanted you to look at me that way.The others I didn't.My father realizes I'm not a baby now.He liked you...just not when you were near me.But don't you see how wonderful you are?Felix I love you.I snubbed you for so long I'm surprised you even are speaking to me.I love you Felix King."
"And I love you Isolde Pettibone.I always have."
"Felix you should go through some physical theropy now.You should walk around a bit.I have some other patients to see.I'll be back to check in on you latter.Walk but do take it easy." Izzy left to tend to her other patients. An hour latter Izzy returned to give Felix his medicine and see to it he was resting. "Hi Izzy."
"Hello Felix.You need to take your medication now.How are you feeling?"
"I'm a little sore,but I am doing well.I haven't felt so good scince I left."
"Well you take it easy.Here."Izzy administerd the medication. "Boy,that tastes awful."
"I'm sorry about that,but it will ease your pain and help you to keep recovering."
"I know."

A month latter Felix was about fully recoverd.Knowing Izzy's true feelings helped him and in a way pushed him to recover faster. He received a letter stating he was to return to battle in a week.That would be Thursday of the coming week. He didn't want to leave Izzy.Not that he wanted to stay there,he just wanted to see to it that she was alright.

"Felix,time for your medi...whats wrong?"
"Nothing Iz,I just recieved my letter."
"Your letter with the date of your return to battle?"
"Thats a week."
"Oh,well hopefully you'll go back and everything will end soon and we can get on with life."

The days past on.Thursday was repidly approching.Felix was faced with the fact that he would leave tomorrow afternoon. Izzy also would only be staying on as an aid until the following Sunday and would be leaving on a train bound for Avonlea.
"Izzy I leave tomorrow."
"...I know."
"I'm going to miss you Izzy.But I will feel better knowing your at home versus being here. I'll write to ya alot."
"Good.You'd better."
"Hey,I always did...even if you never did open my letters."
"Felix,be careful.I'm scared for you."
"Hey,you know I'll be careful."
"Yes I know,but take good care of yourself."
"Yes.I will."
"Felix,you better get some rest.It's growing late and you need to keep up your strength.I love you."
"I love you too.Goodnight."
"Goodnight." They exchanged a very brief kiss.
The next afternoon Felix left.He handed Izzy a note and kissed her once ,long and hard. Then he was gone.Izzy allowed one tear to leave her before she had to continue her rounds.When she was finnaly able to turn in after a long day she tore open the envelope Felix gave her. It read:
To my dearest Izzy,
I will be sure to be careful.I ask you to do the same.I love you Iz,never feorget that.I don't know how long I will be,but I will get back to you as soon as I can,THAT I can promise you,my love.
Always Yours,

Izzy cried a little as she read the note.She wanted badly to go home now.She wanted the comfort of her family and her best friend Cecily.She wanted to curl up in a ball and cry for a few days and then simply wait until her love would return to her.Days passed slowly.Every night Izzy made sure to thoroughly pray to God for a quick and safe return to Avonlea for Felix.She constantly worried about him.Meanwhile he was constantly worried about her.He had high hopes that the war would end soon.So did Izzy.She prayed about it every spare moment she had.Tuesday approched.Izzy would get to leave Sunday.She was growing more exited.Unfortunatly one of her patients took a turn for the worse and became incredibly ill.He had a form of Scarlet Fever.Izzy made sure to keep herself as safe as possible when working with him.She didn't want to get sick.

A few more days passed.It was now Friday.Izzy was growing much happier.Felix was glad to know she would be safe in Avonlea soon.He really didn't like her near all the sick patients she saw all the time.However,he was grateful he met up with her.He now had the love of his life back. ...
The only part of Izzy that didn't want to return home was the part that had to clear up all the confusion she caused about Nat Lester and their engagment.But it was worth it to see Avonlea and everyone in it again.Izzy had written to the Kings and her own family of her return and that the story about her romance and Nat,was...well just that - a story.A very fictional story at that.She didn't mention much about her romance with Felix.Only that she tended to him and he was safe.The next day Izzy felt overly tired.She figured it was because of all the work and exitment of her return home.She continued her work.As the day passed the more tired she got.She started to feel a bit faint.She rested on her break and felt much better when she returned to work.She dismissed her trouble as nothing more than a small bug that was the result of lack of sleep.Izzy was sure she would sleep better when she would return to her own bed.She would be leaving around 10 the following morning.And she couldn't wait.The day charged on.She worked and worked .She collapsed onto her pillow at shifts end.She was packed and ready to leave in the morning.she fell asleep in a slummber cosisting of sweet dreams on Avonlea...and Felix ofcourse.
The next day began with a sweet sunrise.Izzy woke up with a smile and a very happy outlook for the new day,despite her headache.She seemed a bit dazed at first but as she woke a bit more she felt better.It was nearing eight.She would be leaving in a couple of hours.She had really only made one friend while away from Avonlea named Marion,she had gone home a few weeks prior so there weren't really any goodbyes to say anyways.Izzy just enjoyed the thought of going home.She couldn't wait to see her father and Muriel.Along with Felicity,Cecily,Janet,Alec,Olivia...everyone.She was even egar to to give Hetty a great big hello hug.Izzy took care of the few things she had to do that day and then prepared herself to return home.She could hardly stand the wait any longer.Finally it was time to go to the train station.
Izzy was bubbling with exitment.Especially scince a rumor that the war would be ending soon had been spread around.She wasn't sure how reliable it was,but it was a nice thought that would give one hope.Izzy boarded her train and took a seat.Her headache persisted on,but it hardly matterd to her,she was far to happy to be upset by something as trivial as a headache,she was going home!Hours passed... Izzy grew overly tired on the train.She was too exited to nap to do anything about it though.She proceeded to dream of Avonlea.She continued to invision it's loveliness.All the lovely sunsets,all the shimmering stars,all the crashing waves.It had all been faint dreams and memories for such a seemingly long time that the idea of it all being at her fingertips seemed unreal.A few more hours passed and she was home.She had reached the Avonlea! Clive and Muriel had been waiting for her at the train station for a little while now and were elated to see the train.They watched for Izzy to come off the train.She was one of the last passengers to get off,but sure enough they spotted her. "There she is Clive!"Muriel said pointing to her. "Izzy,Izzy!Over here!"Muriel yelled hoping to get her attention. "Izzy! Iz!"She yelled again,this time successfully.Izzy had hear her name and located her parents in the crowd of people. "Father,Muriel!"She yelled as she ran towards them.
"It's so good to see you again."Clive told her as he gave her a rather large hug.
"You too.I missed you so much."
"Iz,oh,it does a heart good to know you're save...and home.Oh,how we all missed you."
"I missed you too,Muriel-you have no idea how much."She said in reply and as she hugged her.
"I can't wait to get home amd unpack."
"I can only imagine."Muriel answerd.
"Well,then lets go home."Clive gathered her luggage and showed the way to the motor car.As the drove along Izzy became more and more overcome with happiness.All the sites she had dreamed about were right in front of her.
"It's all so beautiful.Just like I remeber!"
"Wel it is nice to have you back ,Iz."Clive told her.
"Oh,It's so nice to BE back."Izzy replied. Moments went by.Izzy was in awe at how lovely everything seemed.Soon she was home.She took one look at the place and her smile grew from a wide smile to a bubbley grin.
"Well here we are."Clive announced happily.
Clive carried in her luggage and Muriel prepared a large lunch for Izzy as she settled in and unpacked.
"Izzy,lunch!"Muriel yelled up the stairs.
"Coming!"She yelled back.When Izzy got downstairs she sat down in between her father and Muriel.
"Izzy did you finnish unpaking?"
"Yes ,Father."
"Good.Izzy,we need to talk about something."
"What is it?"
"Nat Lester."
"Nat,what about Nat?"She asked her father slowly.
"Cecily King told us all aboutit."
"About the fact that you accepted Nat's propsal."
"Yes,I know it was a secret but she bumped into Nat and they talked abou it.After that he spread the news."
"I feared this would happen.None of you got my letter I take it.At least not the one where I explain."
"We know you and Felix are friends now but..."
"No.I told Felix that Nat and I were engaged.I lied to him."
"Why would you do that,dear?"Muriel asked.
"I wanted him to move on,to forget me."
"He wrote to Cecily about it.i wrote too.I tried to warn you all,but apparently it didn't work.I feared something like this would happen,but I still can't beleive it happend.I asure you I have NO intentions what so ever of marrying Nat Lester.Infact...not only are Felix and I friends again...well- um..."
"Out with it."Muriel said very exited.
"We've gotten engaged.We decided that when he returned home for good,we would get married.That is as long as no one has any objections about it?"Izzy asked timidly.
"Objections?Izzy,I always knew you two belonged together.Providence always knew did I.As much as I would have liked to deny it sometimes...I knew."Clive told her.
"So we still have you blessing?"
"Ofcourse Izzy."
"Oh,Iz...I am so happy,and releived."Muriel said while hugging her.
"As am I."Clive told then kissed her cheek.
"Wait.So does this mean that the whole town thinks I am marrying Nat?"
"Hmm?Oh,yes...including Nat I'm afraid."Muriel explained.
"Oh,I see.Well I have alot of explaining to do I guess."
"Yes, certainly do."Clive told her.

After awhile Izzy decided to go to the store to see Cecily and explain the mess about Nat.
"Izzy Pettibone!"Cecily hollerd as her friend walked through the door.
"I am so glad to see you've returned safely."
"Oh,It is so nice to see."Izzy said as they hugged.
"Cecily,I missed you.Cess,there is something very important I must tell you.You see...well it's about Nat."
"I know.Felix told me.You to have plans to marry.I don't understand."
"No,you really don't.See I never have had any intentions of actually marrying Nat Lester.I told Felix that to get him to leave me alone.Only he wrote you all to tell you.I wrote you all too,only my letters never came.I know I have alot of clearing up to do,but I do come with some good news."
"That is?"
"Your brother and I are getting married."
"What!?Wait.You and Felix?Felix King and Izzy Pettibone are going to be husband and wife?"
"Oh,It's about time!"
"Well,hold your horses.When he returns we've decided to get married."
"Oh,thank God you two worked everything out."
"I know.I wish I hadn't been so stubborn.I wish I would have listend to you,my father...Felix.I wish I hadn't taken so long to realize."
"Oh,but the important thing is you finaly did.Izzy I am soooo happy!"
"Me too!" They hugged again.
"Oh,the family will be so happy to know all this.Your family has to come to dinner tonight."
"That sounds delightful.I would love to.I will pass the word on.You're sure it wouldn't be an imposition now?"
"Ofcourse not.Tell your father and Muriel to come around six."
"Sure.I'll tell mother.She will be delighted to see you,Iz.And I know she will be elated when you give her the fantastic news!"Cecily giggled as she hugged Izzy again.
"Sounds wonderful.Well,Cess...I had best go to the White Sands and tell Nat about the misunderstanding.Not that I want to."
"Yes,It won't be easy I'm sure.Well good luck,Iz."
"Thanks Cess,I bet I'll need it." Izzy headed off to the hotel to speak with Nat.She enterd the door shyly.She knew she had to tell Nat,she didn't want to hurt his feelings but at the same time she wanted to get it over quickly,she never liked Nat much.She had other things to do,she didn't feel much like spending alot of time with him.Simon Tremayne was standing at the front desk when she enterd. "Izzy,Izzy that you?"He asked exited to see her.Simon had always liked Izzy and had alwys hoped she and Felix would just get together and be done with it...much like everyone else."Yes,Mr.Tremayne."
"Oh,Izzy,it's so nice to see you again.We had all heard you were coming home.I'm glad to see you had a safe return." "Oh,thankyou.Mr.Tremayne,may I ask you a question?"
"Well,I suppose you may,if you wish."
"Well,um...I suppose you heard that I had agreed to marry Nat Lester?"
Heard,thats all Nat Lester talks about. And if I may be so bold as to speak my mind...I would like to go on record as saying that I don't think you should marry him.Nothing against the lad,but really Izzy,I never thought you yourself liked him much.And if you don't mind my saying so I always thought you best suited with Felix King."
"Mr.Tremayne,I understand.I don't like Nat.I never really have all that much.You see,I never really intended to marry him.Infact I never actually agreed to any of his propsals.I don't know if you know this or not,but while I was away I ended up being Felix's aid.I told him I was engaged so that he would move on and stop trying so hard to win my affections.He asked me who was marrying.I told him Nat.Then he wrote Cecily.I wrote her explaining the whole thing,but the letter never arrived and now I am in a big mess.I guess my real question is,how do you think I should break this to Nat?I want to get it over quickly,but I want to be as sensitive to his feelings as I can."
"I see.That is quite a mess.Well I would be honest.I would explain the truth to him as simply as I could.And my guess is that his ego will be more bruised than his heart.That isn't to say he dosen't care for you exactly,but I do think he will recover."
"Thank you.Mr.Tremayne do you know where I could find Nat?"
"Oh,actually he should be just starting his break.Knowing Nat he will be in kitchen grabbing something to eat."
"Mr.Tremayne I have one more bit of news."
"And what is that ?"
"Well it involves Felix and I. ...We're engadged."
"Well,It's about time."Simon replied with a smile.
Izzy walked towards the kitchen to find Nat.When she enterd she saw him.His back was turned so he didn't see her.She took a deep breath and enterd.There were a few other staff menbers and Piere was there.He was the first one to spot her.He too did not like the idea of Izzy and Nat.He was very much set on Felix and Izzy getting together. "Miss Pettibone?"He said with his thick accent.
"Pierre."She replied.
"It's good to see you again."
"As it is you." Piere kissed her hand.Then Nat set down his sandwhich in shock.This would turn out to be the first time he had seen her scince she agreed to marry him.
"Izzy.Izzy."He stated as he rushed to her.
"Oh,Izzy darling!"He said as he grabbed her hands. "Thank God you're safe...and home! I am so glad to see you.We can start to make arrangments right away.We get you a ring this afternoon and eveything.Oh,you're here,and you're my girl now!"He said as she wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionatly in front of the present staff members. Izzy began to pull out of Nat's tight grip. "Please.Nat can we go some where to talk?" "Well sure." Nat showed her outside where they could be alone.
"Nat I have something very important to tell you.Nat,I have no intentions of marrying you.I never did.I don't mean to hurt you.To be honest I told that story under the impression you,nor anyone else would ever hear about.You were never intended to know.I told it to Felix to keep him away from me.It was never supposed to be circulated.I'm sorry you found out about it.I'm sorry I lied.I'm sorry if I hurt you and I'm sorry you were lead on to beleive it as the truth so long.Actually Nat I will be getting married though.To Felix."
"Felix,as in King?"
"What?How can that be.I thought you wanted nothing to do with him?"
"So did I.I am sorry Nat.I never meant to cause any trouble."
"But Felix?! What is it that he has that I don't?"In Izzy's opinion,and many other's, there were alot of things Felix had that Nat didn't.Izzy figured out the best way to phrase it.
"I can't explain it to you like that Nat.I love Felix.I really do love him."
"And you're saying you could never love me?"
"Oh,Nat...I am so sorry.No,you don't exactly pick who you love.I'm sorry.I wish I could tell you something you would rather hear.The fact is I belong with Felix.It is with him that my heart belongs.Nat,one day you'll find your love and I'm sure she'll be just wonderful.I do apologize." Izzy then got up and left.She walked home very sorry she lied,but very glad the ordeal was over and that the truth was out. She went home to find Muriel washing some left over dishes from earlier that day.
"Well Muriel,I set Nat straight."
"Oh,and how'd he take it?"
"Relitively well.He didn't make a big scene,if thats what you're asking."
"Oh,well I guess in a way that answers my question."
"Before I forget,Cecily had invited us all over for dinner tonight."
"Oh,she's sure that won't be any truoble?"
"She's assured me that it would be fine."
"Oh,well that sounds lovely.And before I forget your father stopped and picked up the mail.It seems you have two letters from Felix.They are over on the kitchen table."
"Thankyou.Well if you'll exuse me I am going to go finnish getting settled in." Izzy took her letters and headed towards her room.She enterd her room elatted to be back in it.It all looked just as she had left it.She sat down on her bed and opend the first letter. It read:
By now you should be home.I am glad about that.I fear I must be brief.I will write you more later.Iz,I just wanted to tell you that I had gotten word,and it's nothing official,but it is beinhg said that we should all be able to come home for good very,very soon.I got so exited I just had to write you immediatly.Well I had best go.Take care of yourself now.I miss you.
Love Always,

Izzy smiled at the thought of him coming home.She then tore into the next envelope. This one read:
My Lovely Izzy,
I can't tell you how much I wish I could be with you right now.I miss you,everything about you.This war is so cold to the heart that a man needs someone to think about when he's low,someone like you,Iz.I just wanted tell you how much I miss you.I do have very good news.It had been said that within this week soilders will be sent home.That could mean any day now.Izzy,I hope it's true.I can't wait until the next time I get to see you.I love you so much.I am praying constantly that this war will end,I know you are doing the same.Can't wait to come home again.Love you.
Yours Always,
Izzy smiled once again.Then her smile turned to a painful frown.Suddenly her head began to pound with sharp stabbing pains.She layed down on the bed holding her head.A few short moments passed and then so did the pain.She lifted her head from the pillow.She felt fine.She dimissed it as being tired and proceeded down stairs.
A week went by.The town of Avonlea realised that Izzy and Nat were definitly not a couple by any means and were almost all realived to hear that Felix and Izzy would be getting married.Everyone was exited accept for Velma Bugle.She decided to simply ignore the fact all together,and Izzy.It didn't bother Izzy in the least that "Skim Milk" seemed reluctant to be friendly.Izzy just went about her bussiness working at the store and proceeded with life as usual.Then it was brought to her attention that an official telegram had been sent from the war offices.Jane Spry worked there.She found out that the war had ended and all soilders should be expected home sometime within the week.The town cheered and celebrated.Izzy prayed and thanked the Lord for sending her Felix home.As did many others when they heard the news that there husbands,and cousins,and sons were returning.Janet decided to have the whole family and the Pettibones over for a big dinner to celebrate the occasion. "This is delicious Janet."
"Thankyou Muriel."
"Yes,Mrs. King it really is Wonderf..."
"What is it?Whats the matter?"Janet asked as she noticed the pained look on Izzy's face.
"Oh,It's nothing.I just am having another one of these head aches and pains."
"Another?" Clive asked.
"Yes,I have been having headaches and then these short sharp stabbing pains lately."
"What is lately?"
"This past week or so.It's nothing.I am probaly just trying to adjust to being home and i have been tired ever scince I left Avonlea."
"But Iz,I really think it could be more than that.I think you ought to get it checked out by Dr.Millings."Alec told her.
"Oh,Mr.King.I really wouldn't worry.I bet it's nothing."
"No,Iz,Alec is right.I think you should see Dr.Millings."Clive told her.
"Well I still say it is nothing,but if it would make you all feel better I will go see Dr.Millings before the weeks end."
"Well,alright,I wish you would go tomorrow."Muriel told her.
"Muriel,Felix is coming home tomorrow.He left a message with the telephone operator.I have to meet him at the train station."
"I suppose you do."She replied.
That night Izzy found it hard to sleep.The next afternoon Felix would be home...Atlast! She just had to keep reminding herself that the sooner she could fall asleep the sooner morning would come and the sooner morning came the sooner the afternoon would come.Izzy fell asleep with the knowledge that she would see Felix tomorrow.Only she was awaken by a horrible headache a few hours later,to be followed by vommiting.Once Izzy felt better she dismissed the headache to being overly tired and the vommiting to being something she ate.The last time she had Janet King's chicken it was delicious,but if she rememberd correctly it didn't sit well with her then.She never vommited from it but her stomache was rather upset.Once she felt better she got a drink of water,calmed herself,and went back to bed happy with the notion that her Felix was coming home. The next morning Izzy sprung out of bed with a leap.she quickly got dressed and merrily walked downstairs to eat her breakfast.
"Good morning."Izzy practicaly sang to her family.
"God morning Iz."Clive said.
"Sit down dear,breakfast is ready and waiting."Muriel told her.
"Thankyou Muriel,it looks wonderful."
"So,what time are you meeting Felix at the station?"Clive asked.
"At one."Izzy answerd."Mr. and Mrs. King insist I go with him to greet him."
"Well thats fine,but Iz,rememer you promised to see the docter this week."Clive reminded her.
"Don't worry Father,I will."
"I have to worry.It's my job."
Izzy took a few bites of her eggs and her stomach started to turn a bit.She put her fork down and took a drink of juice.
"Iz,you alright?"Muriel asked her.
"I'm fine,why?"
"Well you've stopped eating.Are the eggs okay?"
"Oh,they are fine.It's just I'm a bit exited about Felix coming home and my stomache is a bit jumbled up."
"You sure about that Iz?"
"Yes.I'm fine.I also am still a bit queezy from the chicken last night."
"The chicken?"Clive asked.
"It made me sick again.Last time I ate Mrs.King's chicken I felt ill,it happend again."
"Izzy,I really wish you would go see Dr.Millins before you go see Felix.You do look a tad pale and ever scince you've been back, you aren't yourself."Clive told her.
"Father,I said I would see Dr.Millings,but I have so much to do today.I have to do a few chores,I told Cecily I would help at the General Store and we would finnish the inventory before we left to get Felix."
"Iz,please go see him tomorrow,if not today."
"Alright,Father...If it will make you feel better I will see him tomorrow."
At 12 Izzy left to help Cecily at the store and Muriel would take over later.
"Hi Cess."
"Hi Izzy.I am almost finnished."
"Okay,well here I will finnish the inventory in the back room here and you can wait costumers if you'd rather."
"That sounds good to me." About a half an hour later Izzy had finnished her work and things slowed down.Muriel came to hold down the fort for the rest afternoon.Soon enough it was time to head to the train station.Izzy and Cecily met up with the rest off the King family there.Izzy got another small headache.
"You alright Iz?"Alec asked.
"Well you seem a litte distraught."
"Oh,well I guess I'm alittle exited and worried."
"Oh,alright then." Soon after Izzy's headache passed. A few moments the train arrived.Izzy became nervous at the thought of it all.She wasn't sure why,but she was a little worried .She sort of moved to the back of the group.Felix stepped off the train and spotted his family.He quickly walked over to them.
"Oh,Felix!"Janet said as she hugged him and began to cry.
"Cess,It's good to see you again."
"You too."She said happily.
"Felix,we've missed you son."They embraced.
"Aunt Hetty."
"Felix,my boy."She said as he kissed her cheek.
"Daniel."He said picking him up.
Felix then spotted Izzy .He slowly placed Daniel to his feet.He moved closer to her.She smiled as she looked at his face.The rest of the family sort of moved further back to give them space,and in a way privacy. Felix took hold her hands and then leaned down and kissed her.It was a very soft,long awaited kiss.Janet smiled as she watched her oldest son kiss the woman he loved. They all went back to Kingfarm for lunch.The whole way Felix kept his arm securly around Izzy's shoulder.When they arrived at the house Izzy was feeling pretty good,how else would she feel when she has Felix's arm around her? Janet made some sandwiches and salad. After lunch Izzy decided she should go and let Felix settle in and spend time with the family.
"Mrs.King,it was a delicious lunch,thankyou.If you don't mind I think it best if I head home.I;m sure you all have alot to talk about and Felix has to settle in."
"You sure Izzy?"Alec asked."You know you're welcome here."
"Yeah Iz."Felix told her.
"I know,but I should go.I know you're all itching to visit with Felix."
"Well atleast let me walk you."Felix told her.
"Well,I suppose if you want to."
"I'll just walk her home.I won't be to long."
"Thats fine ,son...take all the time you need."Alec told him as he smiled.

"So,Izzy...I can't tell you wonderful it is to be back."
"Well it's pretty wonderful having you back."
"I missed you.I missed you so much."
"Wel,I missed you too,beleive me.Oh,and I straightend everything out with Nat."
"Well,All I know is it's good to see you home safe."
"I'm so glad to be home."
"I would get so scared for you."
"I'd get scared too,but then I would think about you and feel better."
"Well,here were are.I'll see you later."
"Hey Iz?"
"I have an idea.How about we go on a picnic tonight for dinner?"
"Well I guess that be alright,what time?"
"Six sound good to you?"
"Sure.I'll pick you up then."
"Okay.Well see you later."
"Hey,come here." Felix lifted her chin toward him and leaned in to her.He kissed her deeply and left.
Izzy went on inside and told Clive and Muriel that he was safe and explained her plans. Time passed.Felix settled in and caught up with his family.Then he arrived promptly at Six at Izzy's door.She answerd it and they left.Felix had prepared a picnic basket full of goodies for the two of them.They walked hand in hand,silently to the sandy beach.Felix layed out a blanket to sit on.Izzy sat ,then Felix.
"Felix,this was a sweet idea."
"Well I am glad you approve."
He served her sandwiches and potatoe salad.She started to eat and felt her stomache hurt again.
"Whats wrong,isn't it good."He asked.
"Oh,It's wonderful.I'm just full thats all."She lied.She figured she was still suffering from the chicken,but try explaing all that to him over a romantic dinner.
"You sure,you seem a little pale.Are you feeling alright?Do you need to see Dr.Millings?"
"I'm fine.Stop worring."
"I have to,it's my job as your finace."
"You sound like my father."She said.
"Well I do worry about you.I worried like crazy when you were still an aid.I wouldn't want you to catch something and get sick."
"I'm fine.I had a little indigestion last night and I'm a bit queezy yet."
"Well aslong as you're sure?"
"Felix,I'm okay."
"Well you think you could stomach a little chocolate cake?"
"Maybe a little bit." He cut her a tiny peice.
"Izzy,I love you so much."
"I love you too."She said as she took a bite of her cake.
"Iz,You know how we said that once I got back we would get married?"
"Well,you still want to,don't you?"
"Yes,ofcourse,why?Don't you?"She asked a bit worried.
"Yes,I do.I just,well I wanted to make sure to do things right.So um... Izzy,would ,well.Okay,Isolde Pettibone,I love you more than anybody else.I was wondering if you would do me the honor of being my wife?"
"Oh,Felix you know I will."
"Good,Izzy,I would like to give you this."He said s he pulled out a small diamond ring.
"Felix,where did you get that?"
"I got it in Carmody on the way home.I hope it fits." Felix placed it on her finger to find it was a beautiful fit.
"Izzy I love you so much."He told her as he kissed her.Once they parted she captured his lips again.
"I love you too."She told him.
Felix walked Izzy home an hour later.Muriel was in the parlor when she arrived.
"Izzy,hello."She said as Izzy headed to the stairs.
"How are you feeling ,Iz?"
"I'm fine."
"Would you like to join me for some tea?"
"I suppose."Izzy sat.
Muriel handed her a cup,when Izzy went reached for it her ring glitterd and caught Muriel's eye.
"Izzy!Is that what I think it is?"
"Hmm,oh,the ring.Yes Felix officialy propsed tonight."
"Oh,Izzy!It's beautiful."At that moment Clive came down the stairs to find the two in a massive hug.
"Whats this?"
"Clive...look.Isn't it beautiful?"
Clive looked as Muriel showed of Izzy's hand to him.
"My word.Is that a-a...?"
"Dear Lord.I knew you were endadged Iz,but it never really hit me until this moment what that really meant.That means your going to be leaving.You'll be in another man's care,I won't be able to protect you anymore."
"Oh,don't get worried.You know you'll always be important to me and I will always love you."
"I know,but you've grown up and it's quite the shock." The next morning Izzy went to see Dr.Millings.
"Goodmorning Izzy."
"Goodmorning Dr.Millings."
"What can I do for you?"
"Well my family is being a bit protective.I have had some headaches scince Iv'e been back and I ate some bad chicken so they insisted I come here."
"I see,well you do seem pale.Tell me more."
Izzy explained everything.
"Well Izzy,I do think this is more that a simple case of food poisoning.I think you have a very bad case of Influenza."
"But wouldn't I have a fever?"
"Not always.I suggest you go home and rest.I'd like to see in a week.Do not do antything.Rest,the whole week."
"Thankyou."Izzy left irratated at the prognoses.
She obeyed and rested.Felix dropped by to see her.
"She is sick,she has the flu."Muriel told him.
"I thought she seemed pale."
"Well I suppose you could visit her shortly.Go on up and see if she'll see you.Here I'll go with you."
"Izzy."Muriel knocked.
"Izzy,dear are you decent?"
"I have my dressing gown on,I'm in the chair reading,why?"
"Well Felix is here,I thought maybe you'd like a short visit."
"Alright." Muriel and Felix went it.Muriel felt her forehead.Well you aren't feverish."She said."I'll give you a few moments."
"So, do you feel?"
"Fine,a headche,but thats all."
"I see.Iz,you sure it's just the flu?"
"Thats what Doc Millings said."
"I'm supposed to stay in bed all week then go see him again."
"Well I hope you get better by then.I worry about you."
"Don't it's the flu,Iv'e had it before,I'll get it again."
"I love you Izzy."
"I know,I love you too,but I don't want to make you sick."She said as he went to kiss her.
"I suppose you have a point.I wish I could stay longer,but I can't.Listen I'll check up on ya later.Love you."
"Love you too."
Felix left.A weekk went improvement.
"Izzy."Dr.Millings said."I have bad news.I'm afraid you don't have the flu."
"What do I have?"
"I'm afraid what you are suffering from is a rare form of Scarlet Fever." Izzy stood there in utter shock.
"What do you mean?"
"Izzy You have a form of Scarlet Fever that reacts in a manor with flu like syptoms,unfortuatly it is more severe consequences then with the flu.It is as dangerous as any form of the fever.I'm afraid that ,well dear,you may not have very long left to live." Izzy knew this had to be some practical joke or something.She was far to young to be told she was dying.Her whole life was infront of her.She was planning her wedding.She was about to start her life as an adult,as a wife soon.How is it possible she was dying?
"How can you be sure?"
"Izzy,You haven't improved at all.Your syptoms are more frequent,more promonate,and by far more severe.Izzy,I am so sorry.I know this is hard to take.You must have caught this while working as an aid.Izzy,you have to understand that this is beatable,but you must also know that recovery is rare,this is a taxing illness,one that drains a person and I'm afraid it is tough to beat."
The docter looked into the brave eyes of the scared woman who had become a child again.A very brave and untearful child,but a terrified child none the less.It was apperent by the eyes of the girl that she wanted to be hugged and held like a small child,to be told it would all be alright in the morning.Trouble was noone could tell her that.But by the brave look on her stern face Dr.Milling knew that Izzy was a fighter.
"Izzy,dear,I can offer you this- if anybody can defeat this it's you.You are a fighter Izzy Pettibone ,you know it and so do I.Also I can tell you that this is a rare illness,very few people develop it.All your family and freinds must be immune to it or they would have developed signs by now.You aren't contagious to them so that should make things a bit easier on you and them.I recommend rest.Stay in bed.I will come by daily with medication that should help and will check you daily."
Izzy stood with tears resting at the brim of her eyes.She felt light.She felt as though she couldn't feel anything,not even the floor beneath her.It was shocking and horrifying.Her life was back.Her Felix was back and the two of them were supposed to live happily ever after.She wasn't suppose to die!She was supposed to marry Felix and have a home with him.Have children and be a mother and homemaker!Not develop and illness that could take her life in the blink of an eye!It should be the flu,not this death desease!!!!!!!!!!!!Those thoughts pulsed through her mind rapidly as she yelled"Wake me from this nightmare!Pinch me please!" Her hysteria caused her to run from the docter's and head to Kingfarm.Dr.Millings went after her in fear she was in shock.He screamed "Stop!"over and over bus Izzy ignored it all.She gained on the farm.Dr. Millings still racing to catch up and try to console and furthur explain to the poor girl what to do but she was in wild pursuit to reach Felix.As she approched the porch she stopped and passed out.Dr.Millings raced to her limp body and scooped her into his arms.He wildly knocked on the King door.It was best to get her inside as soon as possible. Janet was in the kitchen with Alec and she answerd the door expecting Izzy to comeby after seeing the Docter.She didn't expect to find her in the docters arms uncontious."Dr.Millings?My,Lord!What happend?"
"Mrs.King the situation is one involving much explanation.I need to get her inside and laying down at the moment."
"Yes,Ofcourse." Janet said in shock and worry at the site before her.Alecstood as the docter brought Izzy into the parlor and placed her on the sofa there.
"I'll get some blankets."Janet told and ran upstairs in a fluster.As she rushed up the steps she bumped into Felix who was on his way donw stairs for a snack.
"Something wrong,Mother?"He asked while noticing her troubled face.
"Oh,Felix.You had best get to the parlor.It's Izzy and the Doc Millings." Felix took one second to look his mother over once more and then fled to the parlor.
"Dr.Millings whats wrong?"He said as he saw his uncontious fiance helpless on the sofa.
"Felix,Izzy has had a bit of a shock today.I think it best to explain to everyone.Would you mind calling her parents over here."
Felix notified the Pettibones.Muriel and Clive reached the King's and record speed.Muriel,Clive,the Kings,and Dr.Millings left Izzy to rest in the parlor and allow the Dr. to explain what happend to them. "I'm afrais what I have to tell you is very unpleasant.The reason Izzy is here is she feld after I told her she had a rare illness.It's a form of Scarlet Fever.The symptoms are different but the severity is the same as any other form of The Fever.She took off and I went after her.She ran here and collapsed on the porch.I suspect she will wake soon.I do have good news though.Not that it is much help,but you all are safe.You would have contracted symptoms by now if you caught the fever from her.You cannot be affected by this."
"Dr.are you telling me Izzy is going to die?"Felix asked slowly and quietly afraid of the answer.
"No, Felix. I am telling you that she MIGHT die.But Izzy is strong.She's a brave girl.I will visit her daily and have medication I can provide her.If anyone can beat this Izzy can.Although it is rare to survive this illness,few do,but I have hope for Miss Pettibone."
"Dr.Millings,how long to people tend to live with such and illness?" Clive asked .
"Mr.Pettibone,there is no way to say for sure how long Izzy will be with us,but the usual span for this illness is a few months,give or take.I'm sorry I have nothing more definate to offer any of you.It breaks my heart to see such a sweet girl so young develop such an illness,but there is limitations on what can be done for her.I recommend bedrest.Support and somewhat close watch.I will keep and eye on her and say my prayers.Other than that and the medication,thats all any of us can offer Izzy.The best thing for her is love and prayer."
"Yes,we understand."Muriel said with her eyes closed and brimming with tears.No one could speak.Everyone was stunned.Finnaly Felix stood.He walked slowly into the parlor to sit with her and wait for her to wake up.The kitchen remained Silent.Muriel began to shake with tears and Clive too,as he held onto his wife.Cecily looked away shock her head at the thought of loosing her best friend.Alec held Janet in his arms as she began to cry.Dr.Millings let himself out as he felt it best to leave them alone. Felix knelt on the floor next to the sofa and stroked Izzy's head." Izzy."He whisperd."Wake up sweetheart.It's me.I'm here.Please Izzy.We need to talk,darling.Iz,I love you.You're going to be alright.I know you will.You know how I know?I'll tell you.Because you and I,we just got eachother back.You and me.We're meant to be together.And I know you know that.I mean we got our whole lives to live yet.We have a whole life together to plan and we have a wedding to plan.Besides,We're gonna live in a house.A real nice one.And you're going to be the most beautiful bride and wife.Thats what makes me so lucky.You and me are gonna raise a family too.I know you know that.So you just need to wake up.This way we can stop worrying and get you all better." Felix kissed her motionless lips and cried as he repeated to himself "It's alright.It's gonna be alright."
"Felix,dear.Come and get something to eat.You'll feel better."Janet told her son as he lifted his head from Izzy's shoulder.
"No Mother.Iam going to stay here until she wakes up."
"Alright,dear.Clive and Muriel want to speak with you,though.You're sure you won't step into the kitchen for just a moment?"
"What if she wakes up,and no one is here with her?I want someone with her when she wakes."Janet looked into Felix's dying eyes.He looked like he knew he was going to watch the most precious thing in the world slip from his fingers but was far to scared to admit it.She could see how mature Felix was now.How much he loved this women he intended to marry.How his whole world did and would revolve around Izzy.How much he wanted it that way. Janet understood that Felix had finally grown up,and trusted that.
"Felix,I'll stay here with her.You go and talk with the Pettibones."
"Alright."He said reluctant to leave Izzy's side.
He noticed that Clive and Muriel had stepped out for air.He joined them on the porch.
"Mr and Mrs Pettibone?"
"Felix."Muriel said sadly.
"Felix,I want to ask you something?"
"Do you think Izzy will make it?"
"I know she will.She just has to.I can't lose her,not again.Not now.She's a brave young woman Mr.Pettibone and she can survive this.She just has to."
"Yes,but she looks so pale."Muriel said."I'm so afraid for what will happen.We wanted your thoughts on how she was doing." "And to tell you that we think that you've grown up very nicely Felix.That we are glad to know that someone like you has ended up with Izzy.Izzy needs you ,Felix.Please help us get her well?"Clive said his eyes glazed with salted tears.
"Yes,ofcourse.She will be okay.I know it."
"I'm going to go check on her."Clive said letting go of Muriel's hand.
"Yes,good idea."She replied.
"I'll come with you."Felix said closing the door behind him.The three headed into the parlor were Izzy was still motionless on the sofa. Muriel took one look at the still girl and began to let soft trears again roll down her face. Clive looked down at the floor.Janet slowly got up and walked into the kitchen rubbing Felix's shoulder as she passed.The three remain in the parlor for and hour before Janet propsed to serve some coffee and give them a break.Muriel and Clive went to the kitchen to talk about the situation with the Kings minus Felix who refused to budge.A few moments after Clive and Muriel Izzy began to stir a bit.Felix watched as she tossed some."Wake up,please."he whisperd.A minute or so later her eyes opened a tiny bit.Felix was kneeling at her side.She opened her eyes more.She rememberd what the docter had told her.Then she turned fully awake and saw Felix's face.She smild at him and before she could speak Felix gently kissed her and whisperd "It's going to be alright.I promise."
"Felix.You know?"
"Yes,Sweetheart.We all do.You passed out and Dr.Millings carried you in and told us everything.Your parents are in the kitchen."
"Felix,I'm so scared.I can't die.Not now.You and I we have so much to do.I can't..."
"Shh.You won't.You're to strong willed and stubborn for that.I don't want to hear another word about it.You're going to only speak of getting better,and to occupy your time you and I are going to plan our wedding."


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