FIFTEEN YEARS(fan fic # 3)


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The year is 1929. The place is Avonlea(where else?)
It has been fifteen years.In these years much has happend.So heres what ya gotta know.Primarily the story is about Felix and Izzy and their family.(NOTE:Someone gave me this idea and said noone writes about them with a family,mostly about their courtship and wedding.So I said alright I shall write a story based on their lives latter on.Or sorta anyways.) Well in the 15 years Cecily married Peter Craig and they live in a farmhouse near by.Izzy sold Cecily the General Store,so she runs it. Arthur Pettibone and Sara Stanley married and have twin boys named Ben and Neil.They live in the old Pettibone farmhouse. Olivia and Jasper moved back to Avonlea with.Montgomery and his wife Katrina live in Carmody near by. Alysia attends Kingsport Ladies College. Daniel married less than two years now is expecting his first born in 5 months.He married Alice.They became very close after Felicity brought her to Avonlea.
Hetty married Simon and they run the hotel,which Felix is set to inherit next year.Janet and Alec still live in Kingfarm.Daneil pretty much runs the farm however,with the help of Felix,Who lives in Rose Cottage with Izzy and their children.Infact they had three. Their oldest is named Amelia,or commonly referred to as Amy.She is not far from fourteen.She has long curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. The oldest boy is Mathew.He has a stubborn way about him.Very much like Izzy.He turned tweleve a few months back.And then there is Robert.Robby is a six year old who clings to his mother's side. Felicity and Gus had four children. The oldest is Lorna.She is fifteen now. She looks just like Felicity did at that age.Coleen is thirteen,she resembles Gus more.Then there was Lucyanne.She is nine.She looks alot like Cecily and Felix.She has Cecily's hair and Felix's eyes.And last,but not least came Matilda.Matty, as they called her was now seven.The Pikes lived in a farmhouse they built near the shore line. Alot happend in fifteen years. July,1914 Felix made Izzy his bride.They are now thirty-five years old.They have a nice home with three children.It just so happens that thier fifteenth wedding anniversary is rapidly approching.

Thats where I am going to begin my story and focus it around. Let me know what you think of this idea and what you like and don't like.


It was clean,hot day in Summer.
Izzy King was making breakfast in the kitchen at Rose Cottage.She was preparing pancakes for her family.Her hands were coverd in flour when the phone rang.She quickly darted into the parlor to answer it.It was her father calling to inform her he and Muriel would be intown within a couple of days.She warmly invited him to stay at Rose Cottage.He then exepted.She said goodbye and resumed her breakfast.She soon felt two arms wrapped around her waist.
"Good morning Felix." She said sweetly.
"Good morning."
"Sit down,foods ready."
"Fine,but first I must take care of some business."
"Business?What business?"
"This business." He said as he turned her to kiss her good morning.
"The business of saying good morning to my wife the proper way."
"Oh."She said as she smiled.
"Can you beleive it?Do you realize that in four days we will have been married fifteen years?"Felix asked.
"No.Not really.It all seems to have gone by far to fast."
"No kidding.I still remember you being a little tomboy and myself completely irresponsible.Now we have three children and have a ton of responsibilities."
"Felix King,you almost sound as though you regret choosing to ever give your freedom away."Izzy teased.
"No.I just can't beleive it's been fifteen years."
"I know.I'm only teasing.It's apparent you love your family very much."They were about to embrace again when they heard a yell..."Mommy! Mommy!"
"What is it Robby?!" She yelled back.
Robert came storming into the kitchen and ran for Izzy.
"Is it true the world is going to explode tomorrow?" He asked frightend.
"What?Where did you hear a crazy thing like th...Mathew Alexander King! Get down here now!"She yelled knowing exactly where Robby got the idea the world was going to blow up. "No,Robby.The world is not exploding.Calm down.Matt was trying to scare you,honey.Don't worry about it." Soon Mathew walked into the kitchen.
"Mathew King.What posessed you to tell your little brother the world is going to explode?"Izzy asked upset.
" is"He said then looked straight at Robby.
"The world is going to catch on fire and blow us to bits tomorrow at lunch time.Just wait and see,Rob." Robby began to cry.
"Stop it!"Felix said while knocking him upside the head with the news paper.
"You're going to give your brother a heart attack with that crazy babble."He finnished.
"And it is crazy babble."Izzy said trying to calm her six year old son. A few moments latter Amelia came down dressed for work. She however had lipstick on.
"Good morning."She said cheerfully.
"Good morning,Amy."Izzy told her daughter.
"Amy,is that lipstick?"Felix asked.
"Oh,It's a pretty shade of pink."Izzy said admiring the way it brought out the color in her cheeks.
"It is."Felix began."Yes,lovely.Take it off."
"Amy,you are too young.And it isn't as if you need it." Izzy laughed at him.
"Felix,it isn't as if ..."
"No.There is no need for our daughter to wear lipstick just to go to help Cecily with the store.Amy,take it off." Amy trudged upstairs to remove the makeup. The boys headed out to do chores and Felix left for the hotel.
Izzy cleared away the dishes,as it was apparent noone planned on eating.A while latter Mathew and Robby came in as Izzy was finnishing washing the dishes.
"Mother,I am going to go play baseball."Mathew began.
"Wait.Matt,did you fix the fence like you promised?"
"Couldn't I do it after I get home?I will have it done before supper."
"You certainly will because you can't play baseball until it's done.Sorry,Matt,but you promised to have that done three weeks ago.And correct me if I'm wrong,but every time you said you were going to play ball and you would have the fence done by dinnertime.Well it still hasn't been done.Now go do it and you can go play,but until then you aren't going anywhere."
"Aww gee,Mother..."
"You heard me.Besides you teliing your brother the world is going to blow up isn't exactly behavior that should be rewarded with me allowing you to skip chores to play ball.Now go fix the fence and get it done."
"Fine."Mathew said disapointed.
"What sweetheart?"
"Are we going to see aunt Cecily today?"
"Yes.I have to drop by the store and get some sugar.Are you planning to come with me?"
"Yep.I don't want to stay with Matt.He's mean."
"Oh.Well ya know you could go see Grandma or Aunt Felicity or Sara if you'd rather."
"No,I wanna go with you."
An hour latter Mathew came through the kitchen to tell Izzy he was done.
"Alright.Be home in a few hours Mathew.We are going to the store.Is there anything you needed me to pick up?"
"Not really."
"Okay bye."
After Matt left Izzy and Robby set out to the general store. When they got there it was obvious it was slow day.They were the only customers.
"Hi,Iz.Hello Robby."Cecily said glad to see them.
"Aunt Cecily!"Robby said as he ran to giver her a hug.The fact was everybody spoiled Robby seeing as how he was the youngest child in the family.Ofcourse Danile's child would be youngest when he or she was born,but it seemed all the aunts and uncles spoiled their neices and nephews.Cecily gave Robby a kiss on the head.
"So,how is everything Iz?"
"Fine.Matt tried to tell Rob that the world was exploding,but other than that no catastrophies."
"Good.Whatcha need?"
"I'll get it."Amelia said.She handed her mother a pound of sugar and proceded with book keeping.
"Well I would love to stay and chat with you,but I should go.Father and Muriel are coming in a few days ans I want to make sure the house is particularly clean.I should drop by and let Arthur know aswell."
"Okay.See ya soon."Cecily told them.
"Bye Amy,oh and be home for dinner."
"Alright,I will."She said as they left.

Izzy knocked on the door of the Pettibone's house. Sara answerd it semmingly exhausted.
"Hi Izzy."
"Hi,Sara you look tired."
"Well Ben and Neil are running me ragged.They are very hyper today.I never knew twin eight year olds would be so difficult."
"Well I understand.Well I dropped by to tell you that my father and Muriel are going to be here in a few days.I think they are planning on being here friday morning."
"Oh,that will be wonderful.Hey,your anniversary is sunday."
"Yeah,fifteen years."
"Wow.It's hard to beleive."
"I know.Well look at you,you've almost been married for eleven years now."
"Yeah,in about three months it will be eleven."
"Well,I should get back,I have so much cleaning to do before friday."
"Yeah,I guess I do to."
"Aunt Sara?"
"Could I stay and play with Neil and Ben?"
"Robby,your aunt is tired."Izzy interjected.
"Oh,thats alright Iz.He can stay if it's okay with you."
"I suppose,your'e sure ?"
"I don't mind at all."
"Alright,be home at six.Bye,sweetie." Izzy kissed her son's cheek and left.She had to admitt,having the house to herself was a nice idea.It would give her more time to clean,and less to worry about while doing it. Izzy headed off for home. When she got home,she got right to work.Around four-thirty she started to take out dinner.She had planned on chicken.She let it thaw and went back to cleaning. At five she put everything away and started pealing potatoes.Mathew came home not long after that.
"Matt,did you win?"
"Good.Now would you do me a favor?I need you to go to your aunt's and pick up your brother."
"Which aunt?"
"Do I have to?"
"Yes,you have to."
Mathew trudged out the door. About twenty minutes after that Amy came home.
"Amy,hi.How are you."
"Me too."
Amy sat down and started helping to peal what was left of the potatoes.It was nearing six.Felix would be home any minute.
"Hello."Felix said as he enterd the kitchen.
"So,hows my girls?"
"We're fine."
"Dinner,is just about ready."Izzy told him.
"Wonderful,where are the boys?"
"Well Robby wanted to play over at Sara's.I sent Mathew to go get him awhile ago.They should be back already."
"Oh,Well I wouldn't worry.They'll probaly be home soon. I'm going to go change clothes."
"Robby,Matt.What took you so long?"Izzy asked as they enterd the kitchen.Only Izzy then noticed Robby was sniffling.
"Rob?Whats wrong?Matt,what did you do to your brother?"
"What happend?"
"He fell."
"He tripped outside on the porch step.He's alright."
"Okay.Did you scrap your knee?"
"Yes."Robby sniffled.
"Let me see it."
"Aww,you're bledding.Lets go clean you up."
"It's a tiny sratch,it's barely bleeding at all,I scraped myself much worse than that playing baseball.I aint crying."
"Mathew.Go get cleaned up for dinner."
Izzy washed the sratch out and sent him to wash up and change.Amy also went to change.
"Mother babies him to much."Mathew told his sister.
"He's only six.Afterall,she babied you when you were six."
"Yes,but she blames me for everything around here."
"Thats because it's usually your fault."Amy retorted.
Felix came down as Izzy was setting the table.
"Oh,Felix,I forgot to tell you my parents are coming in on Friday."
"Oh,thats nice.We haven't seen them in awhile."
"Yeah.I invited them to stay here.Afterall they stayed with Arthur last time."
"Thats fine.I don't really mind."
"Good,sit down. Amy!Robby!Matt! Dinner!!!"Izzy yelled up the stairs.

A few days latter Muriel and Clive arrived around noon.
Izzy called Sara and Arthur and they came over to see them.
"Izzy,It's wonderful to see you."Clive said while kissing his daughter's cheek. "Felix,good to see you."Clive said while shaking his hand.Felix nodded politely.Muriel then kissed them both. "Arthur."Clive said while shaking his hand.He kissed Sara as did Muriel.
"So,where are they?"
"Who?" Izzy asked.
"My grandchildren."Clive explained.
"Oh,well Robby and Matt are playing baseball"
"So are Ben and Neil."Sara said.
"Well,what about Amy?"
"Amy is on a picnic with Michael Davis."Izzy explained.
"Shes where?"Felix asked.
"She said you knew she was going to be out today."Izzy told Felix.
"She told me she was going to help Cecily out at the store so I gave her permission,especially scince I didn't know Clive and Muriel would be here so soon.I knew nothing about her and Michael."
"Oh.Well I said she could go.It isn't a crime ya know."
"I don't like it."Felix told her."He should have come and talked to me about it before inviting Amy anywhere."
Clive laughed."I told you you'd understand one day." He told him.
"Well they should be back soon.Everyone sit down."Izzy said while heading into the kitchen for a teapot.
Around an hour latter the boys came in.
"Hi boys."Izzy said.They then greeted their grandparents.
"Matt,have you seen your sister lately?"Felix asked.
"A few hours ago.She said to tell mother that she and Michael Davis were going to be later than expected because they were having their picnic at Pine Bend." Felix spit his tea onto the table in the parlor.Clive laughed.
"Felix."Izzy scolded while heading to get a rag to clean it up with.
"Pine Bend?!"Felix said surprized.
"Felix ,really?"Izzy said more calmly.
"Izzy ,do you know why people go to Pine Bend?"
"Yes,I do recall."
"Izzy,aren't you angry?"
"No.I think it's normal."Felix followed her back into the kitchen to put the rag away.
"Felix,calm down.It's just Pine Bend."
"Izzy,do remeber what we did when we went to Pine Bend?"
"Ok,Well do you remeber why we went to Pine Bend?"
"I remember why YOU went."
"Thats my point."
"Felix,look,I'm sure it's fine.Amy is responsible and Michael is a nice boy..."
"Yeah,right.Thats why he didn't come ask me if he could escort my daughter to Pine Bend.He wants to play kissy face with my little girl."
"Felix,I don't recall you asking my father if you could play "kissyface" with me."
"Izzy,I just don't like the idea that I wasn't informed of this the proper way."
"Right.You just don't like the fact that our daughter isn't her daddy's girl anymore."
"Iz,she used to come to me.She used to tell me everything.She always wanted to show me everything and wanted me by her side.Like Robby is with you.Now she wants to talk to you.She doesen't tell me anything anymore."
"Felix,She is growing up.You are hardly the person she wants to discuss falling in love and boys with.Think of how you reacted.Why would she go to you with those things?And one day Rob is going to stop wanting me and is going to begin going to you more.Thats natural.That doesn't mean that Robby loves me anyless,or Amy loves you any less.It's just life.I know that I used to tell my father everything.Then I couldn't anymore.I started going to you.I never kept a secret from you.Then one day I couldn't go to you anymore because it was you that was the problem,so I went to Muriel.Honey,it's normal that she is going to grow up."
"I know.But I still don't have to like it."Felix replied. A moment latter the door opend.It was Amy. Felix and Izzy returned to the parlor.
"Hi Amy."Izzy said.
"Hi everyone."
"So, was the store?"Felix asked.
"Yes,and how was your picnic with Michael?"He asked her.
"What!? Matt! I can't beleive you told Father.I told you to tell Mother." She lunged at her brother.
"Amy,relax."Izzy said."No need to kill your brother."
"Amy,why didn't you just tell me the truth?"
"Because I know you wouldn't have let me go."
"Oh,you assumed that."
"Well would you have?"
"No.I wouldn't but thats not the point."
"I'm sorry I lied."
"Amy,I think you should be punished."
"Why!? How come nobody in this house recognizes I'm not five years old anymore!?"She ran upstairs. Izzy looked at Felix a little annoyed he handled the situation thay way.
"I better go talk to her."Izzy stated.
"Me too."Felix said.
"I don't know about that."Izzy replied.
"I want to apologize for upsetting her."
"Come on.Exuse us a minute."Izzy told her family.
"Can I come and listen to Father yell at her?"
"Mathew,sit down and behave."Izzy retorted irratated by her son's sarcasim.Izzy knocked on Amy's door.
"What?!"Izzy opend the door.
"Amy,calm down.We want to talk with you.Amy we know this is difficult for you.Growing up is always hard,but honey liing is not the anwer.I did give you permission,but you still lied to your father.Amy,you need to trust that we understand whats going on.I know how hard it is.So does your father."
"No you don't."
"Yes,we do."Felix said.
"Thats why I worry so much.I know what boys like Michael think.I know that they can break a girl's heart very easily.They are stupid at this age.I worry because he never came to me.I worry about how serious that makes him about his intentions towards you.Amy,I love yuo and I don't want some fool to break your heart by taking you to Pine Bend,espesially if you both aren't ready.Beleive me it's an awful thing.Ofcourse,I'm not saying I would be incredibly thrilled if you were ready,but Amy,I will try to understand you.But you can't lie to me."
"I'm sorry."
"So am I ."Felix told her.
"Well,why don't we try to forget this and go spend time with the rest of the family?"Izzy stated.
"Alright."Amy said with a sniffel. She headed down stairs.
Felix turned to Izzy.
"You handled that much better this time."Izzy told her husband.
"I hate when shes unhappy."
"I know.Me too.When any of my family is unhappy I don't like it.But she and Matt are at a point where some of the years ahead are going to be rough.That reminds me,have you talked to Matt about the birds and the bees yet?"
"What?No.You think he's ready?He hasn't said anything to me about it."
"Well,I think he is old enough dear.If you don't tell him,he is liable to hear it from someone else."
"Like who?"
"I don't know,a friend."
"Well I guess I could speak with him latter tonight.Iz,did you talk to Amy?"
"Yes,awhile ago."
"I can't beleive Amelia is old enough to need to know these things." Izzy laughed at him.
"Well dear,when did you first get the news?"
"My uncle told me when I was about ten on a fishing trip."
"Goodness,I can't imagine that."
"Well,I wanted to know.Gus wouldn;t tell me.My father kept babbling about a flower and bees buzzing,and I wasn't going to ask my mother,so I talked to uncle Jasper."
Izzy laughed.
"What about you?"
"Oh,well actually Muriel told me.But I sort of already figured it out by then.She did clear some things up for me,but ya know,I got word from a friend."
"How did she know before you?"
"Well she said someone at the sanitorium told her.What does it matter?Why are we even discussing this?"
"I'm not sure."
"Well we better get back downstairs.My folks will wonder what happend to us." Felix took hold of Izzy's hand as they exited the room.She smilied at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Well,sorry about that."Izzy said as they enterd the parlor.
"Oh,no bother."Murile informed her.
"So,anything new or exiting happen lately?"Clive asked.
"Not really."Felix replied.
"Well isn't your anniversary cming up in a day or two?"
Muriel asked.
"Yes,Monday."Izzy told.
"Well do you have anything special planned?Fifteen years is a longtime."
"Actually we thought with you in town espicially we would celebrate with the whole family."Izzy said.
"Yeah,we thought it would be more fun that way."Felix told.
"You must be joking."Sara said.
"No,we thought that we would remeber it as the day that the Kings and the Pettibones become one big happy least the first time."Felix said looking at Sara and Arthur.
"Well you must do something special.Fifteen is a landmark of life.It is over a full decade.It is important to really appreiciate that."Sara told them all.
"We do.I just think that..."
"Oh,you just don't know what to do with the children and with us coming here now your even more sure that you should just forget a big fancy celebration between to the two of you."Clive said."You can't tell me that you have changed that much in only a few years.As I remeber you Felix King were always sceaming to find an exuse to get away for your anniversary.And Izzy,you loved every minute of it."Clive said.Both Felix and Izzy blushed a little scince the rest of their family sat there listing to tales of their past.
"Yes,but we made a mutual disision not to make another production out of it."Felix said.
"Yes,thats right."
"Afterall,it's just another year."Felix began.Izzy nodded.
"I mean,whats another year anyway?"Felix continued.It's just another year of bills at the hotel,more time to think about getting older,more money to set towards children's education.Another year of eating Izzy's cooking."Izzy looked up more as Felix continued."More time to listen to ramble about store expenses.More time to listen to my children bickering,more nagging."
"Exuse me?!"Izzy said irratated.
"I don't nag you."
"Well Izzy,you do have your moments."
"Felix King! If you think that I am a nag and so difficult,you oughta try spending a day with yourself! I mean...!"Izzy realized that she was about to start an argument infront of her children,something she avoided.She decided to take it upstairs. "Exuse us,Felix! Follow me,please."Felix did.Soon you heard a slam.Izzy had slammed the door shut to their bedroom.Clive,Muriel,Sara,and Arthur encouraged the children to go outside and play...meanwhile...
"Felix! I can't beleive you would say such awful things infront of our family! How dare you! How could you! You think I am a nag! "Meanwhile the four adults downstairs tried to continue a conversation,only everword Izzy and Felix said was heard.
"Felix,you aren't exactly a peach yourself.I put up with your constant clammer about that hotel.I know you love the hotel,but my Lord,because of that hotel we never had a homeymoon,you stayed to help take it over!"
"I thought we made a mutual decision that I should!"
"Yes,but Felix...I wonder sometimes who you are more in love with,that hotel of yours or me!"
"What!? I have never thrown you or the children over you the White Sands!!!Not Once!"
"Felix,if you think you are so easy to live with you are wrong."
"Iz,you think you're so perfect do ya?!I think you baby the children to much.It scares me,what if the can't handel life!?"
"Well your mother babied you,still does in away...infact you're a mama's boy!You always were!"
"What about you...daddy's little girl!"
"Well atleast I can deal with the fact that are children are growing up and that life moves on! Felix just say it! You think I am a nag,you miss your peace and you wish you had made a different life choice!!!!!!!"Izzy started to cry.
"Izzy,is that what you really think?"
"I didn't until a few minutes ago."
"Iz,I was only trying to prove a point."
"That this has been a year of the same old bickerings,the same old stories and the same old love.Iz,I was trying to get at the fact that through it all it was another perfect year,or atleast for me.I know we all have our moments...I was trying to say how I wouldn't trade them for anything and how everything stayed relaitively the same,but how much I love it that way.I didn't get that far,I really wanted to say how I don't need an anniversary to realize what I got,but I make that realization everyday when I look at you and the boys,and Amy.I always thought of an anniversary as a day to reflect your life,abd on why you married the person you did,but I do that everyday.Each time I look into your eyes I remeber why.Everytime you smile I remeber why I wanted to make you happy so much and why I love you and those kids.Thats what I meant,I'm sorry I screwed it up again." Felix moved closer to Izzy and put his arms around her.She was still crying,and he felt like crying for making her cry.
"Felix,I'm sorry,I should know better than to say the things I said.I love you so much.I know I am lucky to have you and those kids,and everything else I have.Felix I..."
"Shhh.We are bound to say things we don't mean to eachother and it isn't the first time.Izzy,please lets not worry about it,we really should stop being so rude to our family downstairs."
"Oh,I know.Oh,I feel so bad."
"Shhh.Just know that I love you."
"I do know that,you are so wonderful,you must know I love you."
"I know." Izzy leaned her head to his chest and he stroked her hair until she stoped crying. Izzy looked up into his eyes and then kissed him.He kissed her forehead,her hair,her lips,the nape of her neck,and let a few tears flow from his eyes aswell.After that they calmed down and walked downstairs hand in hand. The people downstaris were unsure of what to do or say.They heard everyword form the fighting to the more loving moments.It was awkward.Izzy and Felix felt the same way about what to do.

"We're sorry,we had some bussiness to take care of."Izzy said.
"So we heard."Clive blurrted out.
"How much did you hear,exactly?"Felix asked,wondering if they had heard the loving moments aswell.He wasn't sure if he was real comfortable.He occasinally got uncomfortable with Clive.He still got that being judged feeling.Clive liked Felix,but it was still tense sometimes.

"Oh,just-a not much-only...everything."Sara told.
"Oh,well we apologize for being so,well rude."
"Not a problem."Muriel informed.
"Well I should go start dinner soon."Izzy told.
"I'll help."Sara offerd
"Me too."Muriel said happily."
"Okay,if you'd like."
"It will give us a chance to have some girl talk."Sara replied. Arthur,Felix and Clive began chatting aswell.
"So,you mean to tell me you really have nothing planned for your anniversary,Iz?"
"Well,actually I do.I planned to make Felix's favorite dinner for him and I got a special gift.I bought this pocket watch he has been hinting for." Sara giggled at the reply.
"So,Felix...your sure you got nothing planned for Izzy?"Arthur wonderd.
"Well,I know we said a family dinner,but I was planning a surprise for her.I was thinking dinner at the hotel,I bought this really pretty locket she had been hinting about too.I don't think she suspects a thing.It will be great,Iz and I haven't had a night out in years."
"Oh,Sara,It will be great.Felix and I haven't had the house to our selves in...years.I planned to have the children stay at Kingfarm."
"Oh,well than your father and I will be sure to make ourselves scarce too."Muriel added.
"Come visit with Arthur and I."Sara told.
"Sounds wonderful,dear."
"Yeah,the real beauty is Felix,dosen't suspect a thing.He thinks we are having a quiet dinner with the kids.Ofcourse they know the plan.It will be fun."Izzy told. An hour or so latter dinner was ready.Izzy called to the children.Michael had come over to discuss courting Amy with Felix.He was invited to stay to dinner. After they all ate,Amy,Robby,Neil, Ben,and Matt went upstaitrs and set up a game of checkers while Michael talked with Felix.
"Could I speak with you please?"
"I supppose.Follow me."Felix lead him into the parlor.Muriel and Sara helped wash dishes.Arthur and Clive had a talk on the front porch.As they were playing checkers Matt noticed how Amy kept day dreaming.
"Amy,wake up."He said.
"Yer tern."
"What?Oh! Sorry."
"Pay attention and stop thiniking about Michael."
"Amys in love Amys in love with Michael Davis!"
"Shut Up!"She gasped as she covered his mouth with her hand.
"Amy loves Michael! Amy and Michael sitting in a tree.
K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love,then comes marriage,than come Amy with a baby carriage!!!"
"SHUT UP! Mathew King,you are dead!"
"Mr.King,I just sorta wanted to let you know,well I-um,I think Amy is realy great.She is very smart and really nice and all.I was sorta wondering if it is okay with you if I,we,um,well...court?" Felix thought a moment.He never dreamed he'd see the day when a boy would be asking permission to court his oldest daughter.He didn't like it much.He thought about how if he said no,that probaly wouldn't stop them.Amy was stubborn,he knew that.She reminded him so much of Izzy.And Michael in a way reminded him of himself at that age.So confused,flusterd.He smiled.Afterall,Michael was good enough to come and ask permission.
"I suppose that would be okay."He told him.
"Thankyou,sir.Thankyou.I am so...relieved."
"I can imagine."Felix replied remebering when he had to ask for Izzy's hand.Talk about terrified.Michael was only asking to court and was a nervous wreck.He could only imagine how nervous Michael would be the day it came time to ask for someones hand.Hopefully it would be a long way off.Especially if it was Amy's hand he desired.The others came down to join the family for tea.Felix and Izzy were in the kitchen making tea.Everyone else was in the parlor talking and waiting for tea.Robby came in as Felix and Izzy were handling the ceramic pot and sugar bowl.
"Guess what?"
"What?"Izzy asked.
"Amy and Michael are gonna have a baby!" Izzy and Felix looked up and at the same moment dropped the bowl and pot.The chatterd together.
"What did you say?!"Felix asked.
"Amy and Michael are gonna have a baby! Isn't it exiting!?!"
"He's a DEAD MAN!" Felix darted into the parlor as Izzy ran after him.
"Felix! Wait!"
"I'll kill him,right here right now!" He entered the parlor as he noticed Micheal and Amy head out onto the porch hand in hand.
"No you don't! Let go of my daughter now!"
"Get out!"
"Felix! Stop!"
"I told them."Robby said.
"Told them what?"Amy asked.
"About you and Michael and the baby."
"Huh!?"Michael asked terrified.
"WHAT!" Amy asked.
"Matt said you were having a baby."
"I did not!"Matt said.
"Yes you did.Upstairs.You said they were planning to get married too."
"WHAT?!" Felix asked as he grabbed hold of Michael's arm.
"No I didn't!"
"You said first comes love,than marriage then the baby."Robby reminded him.
"Oh,gracious providence!"Amy hollerd.
"Oh,thank God."Izzy said in releif.
"Great Jahosiphat!" Felix released his grasp on Michael and headed to the kitchen to splash water on his face.
Michael regainded his witts.Amy punched her brother in the arm.The younger children were confused.Izzy went after Felix.Clive burst into laughter.Followed by Muriel ,Sara and Arthur. Izzy met up with Felix as he sat down in the kitchen.Izzy took a look at the look on Felix's face she burst in laughter.Not so much at him,just out of relief and at the situation itself.
"Iz,I always figured that parenting couldn't be easy,but I never imagined it this hard."
"Oh,Felix.This has turned out to be someday."
"I almost had a heart attack.I would say that it was not just someday,it was a rough day."
"I know,honey.Sweetheart?"
"I really think it would be a good time to tell Matt about the birds and the bees?"
"Now?In the mist of all this?"
"Well not this moment,but before he goes to bed maybe?"
"Well,I uh,I could,but how am I to go about this?"
"I don't know,my love...but I am sure you can handel it,wouldn't you say?"
"I hope so.Iz,I feel like I am going crazy or something.I mean,I never dreamed I would have to tell my son the facts of life on the same day I had to give some young boy my permission to see my daughter and almost experience a heart attack all in the same day."
"I know,it's been a difficult day."
Latter that evening Izzy moved Amy onto the sofa in the parlor and helped Muriel and Clive settle in.Izzy then went to give Robby a bath.Felix then knocked on the boy's door.
"Who is it?"Matt asked.
"Just me."Felix told.
"I didn't do it." Matt said expecting to get yelled at based on Felix's nervous sort of distraught tone. Matt opened the door.
"Didn't do what?"He asked now interested in what Matt could have done.
"Nothing.Isn't something wrong?"
"No,why would you say that?"
"Well you had a nervous,kinda irrated tone."
"Oh,well nevermind.Matt,I need to talk with you."
"Can we sit?"
"Whatever,it's yer talk."Matt explained as he sat on the bed.
"Son,you're um...well're getting older now.When you get older there are things you need to know about ...uh,life."
"Like what?"
"Well,,I- well,what do y-you want to know?"
"Well,everything I need to know."
"I see,I was afraid you were gonna say that.I-um,well alright.Lets see.When you get to be a man gets to be a certain age,he will wanna get married.I mean,well ya know.He will start noticing girls first.Then latter he will get married and well...are you following?"
"I'm not sure."
"Lemme try again.Matt,have you noticed any girls?"
"Well sorta started to,well like them?"
"Oh,sure.Emmie Brown.She has this long curly reddish,brownish hair.I guess she is sorta pretty."
"Then there is Caroline Harber,has straight blonde hair.She is cute.Ofcourse I think that Annie Farrel is cute too.She has really brown,wavy hair.I like Ashleigh Camley too, she..."
"I understand.You have noticed girls.I hadn't realized,but you certainly have been noticing.Uh,Okay,,well one day you are going to want to go courting with one of these girls.Well after you court awhile, day you will get married."
"Oh...well,I um...perhaps after awhile you and your wife will want children."
"Um...women are like flowers..."
"What?What does that have to do with marriage?"
"Oh,well ya see.They are the flowers and well I guess that makes us the bees."
"But I thought it was the birds and the bees?Not flowers and bees?"
"Thats not the point.See,Bees pollenate the flowers.And well the men sorta..."
"Pollenate the women?"
"I don't understand.How?"
"Oh,I- um,I- well,I oh,boy.I um...well.I don't know.Magic."
"Yeah,magic.It just sorta works that way.It's not real important.Forget I ever said anything.Well get some rest. Goodnight."Felix shut the door and sighed.
Izzy came by to put Robby to bed.
"Goodnight Daddy."
"Goodnight Rob."Felix plopped a kiss on his young son's head and imagined Matt at that age.He kept wishing to stop the clock and keep Rob young and ignorant to the facts of life.He also wished to go back in time and make it so Amy and Matt were without need of such information.Izzy smiled and tucked Robby into bed.After she settled him in she kissed both boys goodnight and went downstairs were Felix sat at the table with Clive and Muriel."Izzy,would you like a cup of tea?"Muriel asked.
"So,the boys in bed?"Clive asked.
"Yes.Amy fell asleep on the couch too.She was real tired.Izzy added.
"Well,aren't we all?"Clive asked."
"I suppose."Izzy told.
"Infact I will turn in."Clive said.
"Yes,that sounds good."Muriel said,mostly to allow Felix and Izzy a little time to them selves.
"Goodnight."Clive kissed the top of Izzy's head.Muriel smiled at them both and went upstairs.
"So,how'd your talk go?"
"I,well.I guess he understands."
"You guess?"
"Izzy,I explained as best I could.But how to you tell your son"
"Oh,sweetheart."Izzy said as she laughed.
"I love you,Felix."
"I love you too."Izzy kissed him goodnight at went to bed.Felix followed. Izzy began reading.Felix rolled over and tried to get rest.
"I was just thinking."
"What about?"
"I don't know.Everything."
"Like when I was younger,when we were younger.I keep remebering when Sara and I played pranks on Felicity.Then I remeber past memories like when Daneil was born during the hockey game.And then his wedding.I can't beleive he and Alice are gonna have a baby.Then I remember when we first met.Stuff like that."
"Oh,I see.Well what about it?"
"I don't know.I guess I miss that."
"What exactly?"
"Being young.Playing games.Terrorizing my sister with Sara's help.I miss making fun of Felicity arounf Gus.Stuff like that."
"Yeah,I know."
"I think because I didn't have to worry about...about,resposibility.I love being a father and all,but I hate to see them grow up so fast.I would like to go back in time and look foward to them as babies.Babies who still needed me.Not ones I have to explain life to,or worry about gettting married.I'd like to go back to the days where their biggest worries were what was for dinner.Does that make any sense?"
"Yes.I know,I liked it better when Amy was four and she refused to eat cabbage because she didn't like the way it looked.I liked it when Matt was little and he insisted on bedtime stories each night or he would hold hid breath.Ofcourse after 15 seconds he gave in,but still it was cute.And as for Rob.He gets bigger each day.But they still need us.They don't always know it,but they do.They aren't as grown up as they think and would like to be.Thank God.At the same time I enjoy watching Amy grow into an independant woman,and Matt grow taller,and Robby,I enjoy the way he looks up to his brother."
"I know,me too.Thats the odd part."
"It's not so odd as you think,Felix.It's normal.It's called being a parent."
"Yeah,I know.I still wish Amy would hold on a few years before getting interested in boys."
"And Matt with girls.Ofcourse it's normal,but nerve wrecking for us."
"Well it's as nerve wrecking for them.I know that being a teenager and being -well in love I guess,was always hard.I was so nervous around girls."
"I know."Izzy said with a giggle.I was always nervous around you too.Well children grow up,no way around that.We just have to see that they grow up mature,strong,with good morals,and not to quickly."
"Right.Iz,I love you."
"I love you too.Goodnight sweetheart."Izzy kissed Felix goodnight and rolled over.She then thought about how exited she was for their anniversary tomorrow and how she was looking foward to being home,and relaxed with Felix.Felix however was looking foward to the exitment of a night out.

To Be Continued A.S.A.P.