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HELLO! I am Harmony.I really love to write stories,I have for as long as I can remember.I am very,very,very much into Theatre.I do all the school plays.I in particular enjoy the musicals.I am big on classic t.v.My favorite show however is Road To Avonlea.I have only been watching Avonlea for about a year.I love watching the reruns!!!!!!!!It is with out a doubt the best show to ever air on television.I have seen almost all the episodes with the exception of the 7th season.I hope to see it soon.I always found it irratating that Felix and Izzy were never really made a couple.I know they kissed in "Woman of Importance "but still...I wanted more for them,as they are my favorite couple!Well so began my fanfic.I am updating it as much as I can,but with rehaersals...it gets a little hard.But I have a ton of ideas and I am working on three fanfictions as we speak.So thats a little on myself.Well enjoy the stories and stop back often...I am always adding to them!