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"We're going to miss you,son." Alec told his oldest boy as they were about to see his train off.
"You just becareful,Felix King.I can't bare the thought of you turning up missing again."Janet told him in between sobs.
"Please don't worry, Mother. I'll be fine."Felix told her trying to comfort her.He gave her a reasuring kiss on the cheek. Felicity looked over at her brother,"Now you be careful Felix.Besure to eat right and keep warm.Afterall you have to be good and healthy for the arrival of your neice or nephew." She explained with her typically bossy tone.Felix kissed her cheek.Felix turned to Gus,who was now home until atleast after the baby was home. "Just besure to come home safe and sound,Felix."Gus told him as they shook hands. "I will,and you besure to take care of my sister."He said jokingly. "Will do."Gus saluted while laughing.Felix hugged Danile goodbye and said goddbye to the Dales who had moved back to the island shortly after the holidays.They were currently living in Rose Cottage with Hetty. Felix moved towards Hetty.She took his hands in hers,told him how proud of him she was and then she kissed his cheek.Then he found Cecily.He pulled her a few steps away from the group.
"I'm gonna miss you Felix."She said hugging him.
"I'll miss you too.Cess,I need you to deliver something for me." He reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelpoe.
"Could you give this to Izzy for me?She is still angry with me and won't come within two feet of me.You've become good friends with her,I'm sure she will take it from you.You will take it to her,won't you?"
"Sure.Under one condition.Promise you will come home safe...and soon!"
"Ok,I will.Cess,don't forget about the letter."
Cecily placed the letter securly in her coat pocket.The family watched Felix boared his train and leave Avonlea once again to fight.Janet sobbed harder than before.Alec put his arms around her to comfort his crying wife.Cecily found herself crying aswell.Felicity sniffled as the train pulled form veiw.Gus placed his hands on her shoulders to try to keep her from losing her composer.He could see a lot clearer now,but with very little color.He could see features almost perfect,but no color at all.The train rode away and the family began home.


When they all arrived at KingFarm everyone decided to stay and have some tea.Somehow tending to guests put Janet more at ease.Cecily exused herself on bussiness.She was going to the General Store where Izzy worked.Izzy didn't care much for Halifax,none of the Pettibone's did.The had moved back to their farmhouse about a month ago.Izzy ran the store with Muriel.Cecily could remeber all the times Felix went to the store to try to patch things up with Izzy.But she wouldn't give him the time of day.She was furious about his enlisitng,and not telling her. ...
Meanwhile,Felix sat on the train remembering one of those times...
"Good day Mr.King,what can I do for you?" She had a cold ring in her voice.
"Izzy,I'm only home for a month or so,please can't we talk?"
"Mr.King,I am far to busy here."
"Busy? Iz,I'm the only one here."
"Please,Mr.King,I have no desire to speak with you about any matters concerning anything other than your purshases from this store."
Felix sighed only to be awoken from the flasback by the sound of the train's exhaust. Felix missed Izzy terribly.If anything, he wanted his best friend back.Besides the fact that he was madly in love with her.Only she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

Meanwhile Cecily was on her way to the store.When she arrived,she found Izzy at the register reading a book.Apparently a slow day at the General Store.Cecily opend the door causing Izzy to look up.She was delighted to see Cecily.
"Cess!Hi.Please come on in."
"So,what can I do for you?"
"Oh,well I came to give you something."
"Oh,alright."She said cheerfully.
"It's from Felix." Izzy's shinning face turned to a distraught look of pain.His name pranged her heart.
"He left today you know.He asked me to give this to you." She handed her the letter.Izzy nodded ,then sighed taking the envelope.
"Thankyou Cecily."She said quietly. Cecily smiled and turned to leave...only Izzy stopped her.
"Cess! Felix is alright,isn't he?"
"He's fine.He'll get through this just like everything else." Cecily flashed a smile and left.She now had all the reasurance she needed that Izzy was still very much in love with Felix.She only hoped that Izzy would be able to overcome her anger.
Cecily returned home where everyone sat drinking coffee and tea. Alec sat in his chair reading a letter from Andrew. He read it outloud.It read:
Dear Everyone,
I have wonderful news!I just was let from my dutities to the war go on honorable discharge.I am now engadged to a woman by the name of Joan Duncan.We are getting married next year and we plan to get married in Avonlea.Scince her cousin Melinda lives there,and all of you are there.
See you soon,

"how wonderful for Andrew."Janet said happily.
Oh,that nice."Felicity said.She was now about four months pregnant and rather moody,however Andrew's happy news helped momentarily take away the stress she felt from Felix's leaving.
"Cecily dear,where did you go?"Janet asked.
"Oh,I stopped by the General Store to see Izzy.
"Oh.And how is Izzy?"
"She seems fine,but I think she is hurt from Felix leaving.I think she most definalty in love with him."
"Oh,Cecily ,really.They are only children.I'm sure she will be fine."
Meanwhile at Pettibonefarmhouse

Izzy sat in her bedroon quietly sobbing.She was debating on whether or not to open the letter.Finnaly she tore open the envelope.Inside was a neatly folded letter.It read:
Dearest Iz,
I know you are angry with me.I can't say that I blame you.My leaving was wrong.I should have told you myself,but I was afraid to.Afraid you would talk me out of going.And even more scared you might hate me.All this because I begged you not to leave.The truth is by not telling you face to face helped me escape my fears.Along with my insecurities with our realationship.The fact is...I LOVE YOU Isolde Pettibone.I have for as long as I can remember,and I always will!Write me.Please,if I mean anything to you anymore.If only as a friend. If not,then pass a message to Cecily...she can write me! A word from you means more than you know.Please respond.
Forever Yours,

Izzy's eyes welled up with tears.She began to force them back .Finnaly sobs could be heard distinctly throughout the house.She had broken down.She knew Felix meant a great deal to her,but how is it that he truley loved her?How could he leave her if he did.How could he leave to fight in a war if he loved her...and twice he left her to fight.She sobed even louder.Finally there was a knock at her door."Izzy.Izzy,whats wrong?"Clive asked outside the room.
Izzy just sobbed harder.
"Izzy,what is it?"Murile tried coaxing.
Clive opend the door with concern. Muriel followed him over to Izzy's side."What is it?"Clive asked with an almost demanding tone.Izzy just cried and gasped.SHe stutterd while trying to speak.Izzy was unable to convey the trouble so she pointed to the letter,making it clear in between sobs that Muriel was to read and Clive was not.
"Oh,Izzy."Muriel said with a voice filled with concern.She continued to read silently. "Oh,Izzy. Uh,Clive I think it is best if I handel this one."
"But Muriel..."
"I know,but really,women are better at handling affairs conserning the heart."
"Heart?Whos heart?Izzy's? Izzy is just a child...I..."
"Clive,please!"Murile demanded.
Clive mumbled something under his breath and left.Murile shut the door and a faint voice down the hall could be heard.
"My Izzy?She's just a baby!Matters of the heart?"
It was apparent Clive was not taking the news of his yuoungest,not to mention only daughther involved in such matters.
Muriel was more helpful."Izzy,it's going to be alright."She said soothingly.
"But ...I..."It was not use speaking,Izzy was crying to much.
"Now,Izzy you're upset...and rightfully so.I need you to take a few breaths and calm down."
Izzy began gathering her composure little by little.
"Now,I know you are angry because Felix left for the Navy and didn't tell you.Something tells me that the news of him leaving is not all that is upsetting you."
"Well..."Izzy began.She tried to stop her oncoming tears,one escaped down her cheek.
"Izzy,it seems to me you are more upset about him leaving all together.
"He was my best friend."She explained staring at the celling with consetration in hopes to stop any tears.
"Well,your best friend goes into battle,You're upset,understandable,but many times best friends part company in life." Izzy looked at her with surprise.
"Is it that your best friend left...or is it that your beau left?Murile inqiured.
Izzy didn't know what to do or say.
"I don't know."
"I think you do know.You wouldn't be crying if you didn't.You love him don't you ,Iz?"
"Oh,Muriel what if he dies out there?What if they lose track of him again?What if Oh,God!" Izzy let her tears fall freely again.The prospect of never seein Felix again left Izzy in agony.
"Oh,Iz."Muriel said putting her arms around Izzy. "You need to tell him how you feel."
"I can't."
"Why on Earth not?"
"Because I am still angry."
"But,Izzy,If you don't what do you think is going to happen?You think it will fix itself?"
"I suppose not,but I want to tell him face to face."
"Izzy,that could be a while yet."
"I know."She sniffled.
"Iz,you need to calm down.Search your heat...I knowe you will find the answer.We can talk more once you get some rest."Muriel kissed her forehead and headed to the door.She closed it behind her. "Muriel."Clive said as she walked down the stairs with him following.
"Clive Pettibone,you startled me."
"Muriel is she alright?Whats the matter?"
"She will be fine."Muriel told as they reached the bottom of the stairs.
"We just havev to give her time."
"What the trouble?"
"Oh,nothing .It's just Felix."
"Felix King?"What about him?"
"Oh,Clive...sit down.I'm not sure you are ready to hear this..."
"Hear what?"
"Okay Clive,Felix,Izzy the're in love."
"With eachother?"Clive asked surprised.
"Yes,with eachother.He loves her and there is no doubt that she loves him."
"Why is that?"
"The're children,Muriel.They can't be in love."
"Clive,take a look at Izzy.What do you see?"
"A little girl."
"A little girl in a long dress and hats.With braids rolled up into a bun on her head?Clive,she is eighteen years old.She is no longer a little tomboy with chin length hair and pants.Now matter how hard you wish it...it isn't so.When is the last time you saw Izzy play baseball and slide in the mud?"
"My baby is in love...are you sure?"
"Yes dear."
"My Izz?What am I going to do?"
"Well you are going to help Izzy get past the hurt and be there for her."
"In love...Felix and Izzy?"
"Yes Clive,Felix and Izzy love eachother."
"They were just friends.When thet firdt started courting I knew they liked eachother,and figured perhaps they were sweet on eachother,but I never thought anything serious would come from it.I thought they would get over it."
"Well...I don't think it is all that easy. I think it is safe to say that they are meant to be.I don't think there is anyone else for eighther of them."
"What about Velma Bugle...didn't Felix have a thing for her?"
"Oh,Clive..."Muriel giggled.
"Oh,really are you blind?Heavens no.Velma liked Felix,but he at the time was quite smitten with Izzy."
"My baby girl and that King boy?"
"Oh,Felix is a sweet boy.What do you have againts him.He comes from a good home,well finanst family with delightful relaitives."
"He is a schemer.One thing to another with him."
"Clive,it isn't like they are taliking marriage,really.Izzy is hurting terribly as it is.You have to support her."
"Alright,for her sake...but still my little baby."
Izzy cried herself to sleep that night.She refused to eat dinner or to see Muriel that night.She decided that if war was more important to Felix that she was that she would have nothing to do with him.She did not want to live a life like her mothers.Alone with young children to care for...no husband by her side.Still,she loved Felix and that was not just going to go away.

Felicity was on an eating binge.She and Gus were staying at KingFarm for awhile.They were in Felix's room and Daniel bunked with Cecily.Neither Cecily or Daneil found the arrangment satisfactory,but it was temporary. "Oh,we are out of cookies.Mother what happend to them all?"
"You ate them dear."
"What about your raising bread?"
"On the table."
Felicity crammed peice after peice of the bread in her mouth.It seemed strange to see her stuff her mouth so. Felicity being pregant made everyone edgy.Gus was constantly being nitpicked.Janet tended to agree with Felicity.Alec always laughed at Gus's contstant puzzlement.He had similar incidents when Janet was pregnant.Gus never knew what,when,or how to do something.One day he had bought her a small box of candy to show her his afections for her were still strong because she was feeling very unatractive lately.She also seemd neglected.However that day she felt incrediably unattractive.She threw the box of choclates at Gus.She had been like that on and off all week.Her morning sickness was awful.Gus felt bad she was sick all the time.He did what ever he could to make her feel better.Moslty he held her hair when she was sick.He felt it was up to him to faithfully be there when she was sick. Everyone was timid around Felicity because they never knew how how she would react to things.Janet was looking foward to having a grandchild.So was Alec,only a part of him could not help but feel like he was loosing his baby girl bit by bit.Yes,he knew she had grown up long ago,but his baby was having a baby,sure there would be some initial shock.
The next morning the family sent Cecily out to run errands.Pick up the mail,go to the store,and so on.
She dropped by Rose Cottage and visited with her aunts.Then procceded to gather the mail,which consisted of two letters and a bill.She then walked went on to the store,in hopes of seeing Izzy.
"Hello Mrs.Pettibone."
"Cecily ,dear.Hello."
"I was wondering if Izzy were around?"
"Oh,well no.Actually she stayed home today."
"Oh,well I just wanted to talk to her...and pick up some material."
Muriel assisted Cecily with what she needed.Then Cecily left for home.She put the material away and layed the mail on the table.She noticed that one of the letters was from Sara.It was adresses to Alec,but meant for everyone. It read: Dear sweet family,
I miss you all terribly.I plan to come home to Avonlea next week. I can't wait to see you.I have wonderful news for you all.See you very soon.
Love you all,
Everyone was exited to hear Sara's wonderful news.They were very much so looking foward to her return to the island.
Clive was growing more concerned with Izzy.It had been two weeks scince she got the letter.She rarely ate.Almost never left the house.Muriel and Clive were beside themsleves with not knowing what to do.Clive decided Izzy needed a vacation.She would stay with Arthur awhile.He lived in New Brunswick now with his wife of one year,Mallory.She was a sweet girl and perhaps Izzy being in another setting is just what she needed.She was set to leave next week.Just when Sara would be arriving.Sara planned to stay at least amonth.Sara arrived with the news of her engadgement to a man named Nathaniel Lauber.She would live in Paris with him for a year,as his job was there,but she did have plans of moving back to P.E.I. and for good.This pleased all.
Meanwhile,Izzy was coming home with Arthur and Mallory two days earlier than planned.Felix was sent home on honorable discharge that same week.He had an injured arm and leg for awhile.He had full use of them but the Navy was afraid he would furthur hurt himself.He arrived home to a mob of family.
"Oh,Felix!We missed you soooo much!"Janet cried.He was smotherd with hugs and kissed.That night he wanted desperatly to see Izzy.
"Cecily,How's Izzy?"
"Izzy,seems fine,I guess.I haven't seen her much over the past few months.She's with Arthur in New Brunswick as of now."
No one knew she had come home yet.
"So,she's not home then?"
"No.She won't be back for a few days yet."
"Well I think I'm gonna take a walk. Out by the shore."
"Felix,you just got home."
"I know,but I wanna think."
Felix sat by the sandy shore thinking about how glad he was to be home,and for good.How lucky he was to be alive,and how in love he was with Izzy.He was lost in thought when a white hat fell beside him. A girl in a white blouse and crimson skirt went running after it.
"Here's your hat miss..."Felix said as he picked up the hat to hand it to the woman.Their eyes met.Felix stared at her in shock. "...Pettibone."Felix finnished his sentence in an awe struck whisper.
"Felix?What are you doing home?"Izzy asked.
"I could ask you the same thing.I was told you were gone."
"I was,but I came back early.What about you?"
"Honorable discharge."He replied simply.
"Oh."Izzy remained as she remeberd her anger with Felix.
"Thankyou for my hat Mr.King,now if you will ex..."
"Wait Iz!"
"Felix I..."She said as she began to brush past him.
"We have to talk."Felix insisted ,not about to give one of his only chances with Izzy.Felix took her hand and said..."Please?"with pure sincerity in his voice.They sat down.Izzy took a deep breath and spoke..."Alright."
"Izzy,you never replied to my letter."
"No,I didn't."She replied coldly.
"Why?! Because I couldn't!"
"You don't love me anymore,do you?"Felix asked with no hope of reciveing the answer he wanted.Izzy felt her eyes burn with tears.
"Oh,Felix.I do love you...but I can't."
"Can't what?"He asked desperatly.
"Love you!"She was sobbing now.
"Because,I can't bare to marry a man away at war".Izzy said as her voice drifted off. "Never knowing."She finnished.
"Iz(pause)marriage?Izzy,if you are worried about the war,I am no longer a part of it.I would never hurt you.I never meant to leave and hurt you.I had to fight.But I always felt I would have all the time I needed to come back here and make you my wife.I should have done it before I left.That way we wouldn't have to go through this."
"Yes we would.I would'nt have done it.I would not have been a bride of war.Not like my mother was."
"Izzy,I think you are the most,beautiful,charming,dearest woman I know.I love you Isolde Pettibone and I beg you for forgivness."You're my best friend...and-true love.Don't tell me that you don't know it was fate that brought your hat to me."
he said pointing to it.
"I love you Izzy.Please tell me you love me and lets just move on and forget this mess."
"Felix,I just want you back...us back."
"Then you shall have us back."Felix said softly.Izzy rested her head on his shoulder and said
"But Felix,It is not that easy! We've both endured so much change.It's going to take some getting used to.Andc what if you find that you don't want me.or you don't love me anymore...or..."Felix's mind trailed off...How can I make her see?He thought.I love her so much...Show her,kiss her,something!He frantically thought.So he did.He wrapped his arms around her gently,looked her in the eyes and kissed her softly.She placed her hands around his neck,The kiss slowly began to intensify.She passionatly kissed him back.For the first time they both felt it was going to be okay,and the were going to be alright. Izzy felt tears come to her eyes.Soft quiet tears rolled down her cheeks.She looked down and away from Felix.Felix lifted her chin to make her look at him.He placed his hand on her tear stained cheek,then softly with the back of his thumb brushed a tear from her pale face.Izzy felt strangly at the moment.She looked down causing a peice of hair to fall in her eye.Felix tenderly tucked it behind her ear.Izzy looked up into his eyes and with a trembling hand reached out to his face.She began to stroke it lightly.A familiarity began to grace them.Both were scared and a little unsure what to do next.A million things came to both their minds.Izzy then got a feeling of guilt.She felt guilty that she was so unforgiving.That it almost cost her the love of her life.She started to cry,only this time they were tears of shame and guilt versus ones of joy.She rested her head on Felix's shoulder.He placed his gently on top of her head and wrapped his arms around her.They cried together for awhile.Felix out of happiness,Izzy out of guilt.
Meanwhile it was begining to get dark.Clive and Muriel were starting to worry about Izzy's whereabouts.They weren't exactly sure were she had gone.Janet was worried herself.She thought Felix would be back before dark.She didn't like him walking around alone when it was dark out.Ever scince he turned up M.I.A. awhile back she felt even more protective of Felix.
"Janet,he is not a little boy anymore,he's fine."
"Yes,but Alec..."
"Janet,really...the man has just returned from battle,leave him alone awhile."Cecily sat there
"Not to mention how meloncholoy he's been without Izzy."
"Oh,Cecily dear,I'm sure he'll be alright with Izzy.These things happen."She said afraid Cecily was right.Janet liked Izzy,but didn't want Felix so invloved with someone who was bound to break his heart.Janet was sure Izzy would.
"I'm sure the friendship will be just fine in time."She finnished.
"I don't think it's the friendship thats bothering him...I think it's the courtship." Janet looked at Cecily.
"Well I wouldn't worry.I'm sure he will be fine."
"Your mothers right.Now lets not think about it to much.Your brother can handle his own affairs."
It began to get darker,and was now very late.
"Muriel where do you suppose she is?"
"I don't know Clive.I'm sure she is fine."
"How do you know that,hmm?We ought to go look for her."
Clive,she is an adult,she probaly has alot on her mind that she wants to sort out."
"Well she can sort them out here,with her family where she should be."
"Clive,really,calm down."
"Calm down...Muriel,she is out there all by herself.And you know how odd she has been acting,how sad she's been."
"Are you sure she is all by herself?"Arthur asked.
"What do you mean?"Clive inquired.
"Well,earlier when I went to show Mallory around I saw Felix King waliking.He didn't see me so I didn't get a chance to talk to him,but maybe Izzy is with him." Clive looked over to Muriel.
"I thought you said he wouldn't be here."

"Well I knew Cecily said he was let go on honorable discharge,but I thought he she said it would be awhile before he got home.Clive,you're acting like it's crime he's with her.Afterall he does live in Avonlea for Heavens sake."
"Yes,but my Izzy out with that Kingboy,why I have a mind to..."
"Clive Pettibone you're acting like an old foolish,over protective father when there may not be anything to be protective about."
"Besides,I didn't say she WAS out with Felix.I said she COULD be with him.You were worried she was alone...and who knows,she might not be." Clive looked at Arthur with annoyance.Arthur stopped.
"It's late.I'm going looking for her."
"You'll do no such thing.If you do catch them together you're liable to kill him for no good reason."Muriel told.
"Tell you what.I'll go."Arthur said.
"Fine."Clive said.
"You do that." Muriel told him.
Arthur left to find Izzy.
Meanwhile Sara went to find Felix.She hadn't seen him much and was looking foward to catch up with him.Plus Janet was pacing the kitchen floor.Sara took off searching. Meanwhile Felix and Izzy noticed the time.
"Come on I'll walk you home."Felix told her.
"Okay."She repled.
"Let's go this way.I know a shortcut."Felix explained.
They walked along hand in hand down the dirt path. They would every so often exchange glances at eachother.Izzy even kissed Felix's hand as she held it.And he then did the same.They were so happy to be in eachother's embrace once again.